anti-dystopia: the parallel realities of earths alpha, beta, gamma, and delta.

once upon a time, right at this very moment, there was a parallel reality. it was similar to earth in that it had been terraformed by a diversity of intelligent beings from around the universe, but at a crucial point in its development, specifically the planetary realignment, a butterfly that would otherwise have been eaten, not for sustenance, but out of panic, was allowed to live. not only, in fact, allowed to live, but sheltered, and befriended. the tiny reptile, whose ancestors would become the salamanders and lizards with which we are familiar today, instead of devouring the beautiful winged creature as it emerged from its cocoon, as the havoc of the planet-sized asteroid turned the rainforest planet’s path from the single-file incubator of life into the helixing trailer of the sun with which we are familiar on planet earth today, the reptile decided that if any of them were to survive this massive destabilizing deluge, it would behoove them to assist one another. so it sat, and watched, as the landscape it had known was tossed about like a sandbox. the butterfly, as it turned out, was an amazingly insightful and stunningly beautiful creature, who also happened to be quite brave. so, as what earthlings would describe as apocalyptical hellfire rained down on the planet, the butterfly ventured out into the chaos. it invited as many living creatures as it could find back to the cave which sheltered it, and the reptile. some were injured, some brought stores of food, some brought what we would describe as tools, or vehicles even, but mostly, they came alone and without expectation, having quite recently lost everything they had previously known. in our reality, all of these creatures who were inspired to follow the butterfly back to shelter, had perished in the hail of planetary fragments, lava, and in the cold which accompanied the filling of the atmosphere with ash and dust, as the planet resettled. for the huge disturbance had upset the entire solar system. the visible heavens changed drastically. for our neighboring inner planets had rotated gently about the sun, lit only by the reflection off of our home, or in the case of mercury, around and within our line of sight of the sun itself, its shade a constant eclipse. the outer planets, lit by the reflection of the sun, illuminated the darkness through which we had passed, if one’s vantage point was the southern hemisphere. within mercury’s encircling eclipse had been the great civilization of atlantis. it sat near the northern pole of the planet, its light interrupted only by mercury’s shadow. between the vast organic production of the forest jungles which surrounded it, and the heating and cooling dynamic of the surrounding planet, atlantis was a continental oasis, an enlightened society which managed planet earth as an inclusive and robust ecosystem. atlantean culture had created transport circuits which brought natural elements, all sustainably harvested, from all points about the sphere. people moved freely, and cultures developed and interwove amongst the various climates and ecosystems of this highly contrasting planet.

at the advent of the mass cataclysm which flipped earth’s magnetic poles, broke apart her great continents, and turned her down a fractured set of paths, the inhabitants of one of these planets, the descendents of the butterfly and lizard which had cooperated during what they would call something that translates roughly as “the realignment”, progressed much more quickly. through the spirit of cooperation and inclusion inspired by both the lizard’s foregoing of an easy meal, and the butterfly’s venturing out into what would have been called “dangerous” by earth’s present-day inhabitants, that planet’s entire society quickly rediscovered the utopia which had been established by the atlanteans, and with the earth’s new axis tilt and elliptical helix following the sun, they developed what english-speaking earthlings would call “sciences” and “technologies” and “spirituality” that would surpass our present-day levels in less than a decade. that was thousands of years ago. it was in fact they who discovered they were not alone in the fractured multiverses of space and time. hierarchy and ego not being what they are in our reality, they gave them names which reflected their development as cooperative or oppressive societies. our reality, being the most heirarchical, confrontational, fearful, and restrictive, they called “earth alpha”. at the time that these realities were discovered, they found two distinct intermediary societies, which the names they gave them would translate roughly to, “earth beta” and “earth gamma”. their own reality, then, within the context of this split, would be known, in our language, as “earth delta”.

the inhabitants of earth delta, being an inclusive and cooperative society which both honored and incorporated new knowledge and teachings into their practices and society, were somewhat distressed at the discovery of the other incarnations of their beloved planet. through their interplanetary communications system, word and descriptions of the other realities of earth spread almost instantly. solutions were requested of anyone and everyone, as they were with all difficulties or friction that arose on earth delta, and a consensus was reached that they would attempt to reach out to these other realities, in the spirit of including and sharing with them the advances that their advanced society benefited from. given that these alternate realities contained conscious entities which were, in fact, them, a variety of means of transmitting data, feelings, and experiences between realities were proposed, and eventually put into practice. the process, to our earth alpha understanding, would have seemed something a combination between something like time travel, space travel, and the possession of a body with a consciousness that was not its own. indeed, nearly all of our concepts of science fiction and the supernatural are offshoots, or side effects, of the entities of earth delta attempting to assist us here on earth alpha. exploratory missions were established to each of the other three known realities. volunteers stepped forward to shift their experience from an awareness of earth delta, to that of the other earths. through a stroke of luck or providence, or because their realities were already more similar, the “mission to earth gamma,” as it were, was considered an immediate success. lines of communications were established, kinships were formed, and within a relatively short span of time, around a thousand years, full consensus was reached among the inhabitants of earth gamma. nobody at the time had predicted, nor had any imagined that such an event could take place, but upon reaching full consensus, a 100% shift in the mentality, or mindset, or capacity to love, depending on your translation, the realities of earth gamma and earth delta merged. now, when i say they “merged”, i don’t suspect most inhabitants of earth alpha and speakers of english, specifically, will quite understand what happened. these two realities became each other. earth delta, already having essentially committed itself to both a sharing of everything it had, and an acceptance of everything offered by other consciousnesses and entities on the planet, from animals to plants, to the crystalline structure of minerals themselves, had already experienced global inclusion. even they were humbled, and shaken, by the merging of these two realities. to those who had parallel entities on earth gamma, memories emerged of one another’s histories. technological advances that were known to the living mass of connected consciousness that was earth delta, merged into the collective consciousness of both planets. the level of understanding of the nature of reality increased, simultaneously, for every single being on the planet, so drastically, that there was a global moment of silence. earth felt itself, in a way that the inhabitants of earth gamma had never known, and that the inhabitants of earth delta had not realized. for the first time in the history of earth delta, there existed among the collective consciousness, a faint memory of fear. it was mild, relatively speaking; contact between the two realities having preceded the ultimate merger by some twenty generations, but it awakened them to the doubt, the exclusion, and the resistance which must have existed on the other two realities with which they did not have this kinship, love, and understanding. something resembling pity, or mercy, swept through the now singular planet.

what was discovered, upon the moment of the merger of consenting realities, was that the inhabitants of earth delta had always had, and had used as a matter of course, a sort of time travel. they could look at their present realities, and the choices or options that had presented themselves to them, and sort of travel, simultaneously, into the future, and into the past. in “imagining” the future they could see which choice would result in the greatest good, the most biodiversity, and ultimately the most happiness overall. in “remembering” the past, they could teach their old selves the expertise of their present state. in doing so, they had no doubts, no “lack of confidence,” and nothing resembling what we would call “regret.” they had done this as a matter of course, as naturally as breathing. upon merging back with the reality of earth delta, they all realized the point at which earth gamma had forked off of planet delta’s trajectory through space-time. it was a subtle shift, but one that had magnified, and they had all realized, been corrected. earth gamma’s progress had not so much diverged from that of earth delta, but run parallel, and slightly behind it. it was at the point of the merger that the explorers of the other two realities of earth finally understood something much deeper about the realities of earth beta, and earth alpha.

the merger of earths delta and gamma taught consenting earthlings about the fracture which had separated them. it had been relatively mild, and was the result of events which the collective consciousness of earth gamma had seen as “beyond their control.” they had not had a choice in the matter. earth gamma had remained relatively unified in progress and inclusiveness, but the rediscovery of atlantean data stores had not occurred. there was a sort of sense of where they had come from, but they had not able to rediscover it. at the time, they did not know where the paths of earth alpha and beta had diverged, but the knowledge and understanding gained by the merger stoked their collective curiosity.

while the exploratory missions to earth gamma had been relatively straightforward, the difficulties initially encountered by visitors to earths beta and alpha were downright baffling. while the explorers sent to earth gamma had been asked to provide data which backed up their stories, once the communications barriers had been bridged, the visitors to earths beta and alpha were viewed with harsh skepticism by most, if not attacked. at first it was proposed that the translations were not sufficient to convey earth delta’s knowledge of history, technology, and the attitude which had allowed them to progress to the point of mastering inter-dimensional travel, or communications. those who had gone knew that this was not the case. unfortunately, they didn’t know much else.

the teams that were sent to earth’s alternate realities tended to bring back not only information about the progress that the society had made over the divergent generations, but also the attitudes that were embedded in the dna of its inhabitants. personality traits, situational reactions, means of learning, and willingness to believe or incorporate information which was outside of what they knew as “reality”, tended to seep into the explorers upon their return to earth delta. little was known about the cultures on those first missions, and before the merger, even less was known about how to interpret the data which explorers had obtained. even more disturbingly, almost none of the explorers to earth beta survived long past their return, and of those tiny few who had managed to make contact on that first trip to earth alpha, only one returned alive, and died almost immediately.

the difficulty, lack of progress, and what seemed like completely pointless deaths of explorers to earths beta and alpha, halted the exploratory missions there. people thought that these places were too divergent for us to have any meaningful impact, or that they didn’t want help. none of the proposed explanations seemed adequate, but almost no volunteers emerged to return to a reality whose visit meant certain death, and from the video thoughtform records in the planetary archives, a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort. it was only after a particularly brave and curious entity, began to research just what had taken so long in the intervening years between earth gamma’s consensus, and the merger. there was more going on in the planetary consciousness of billions of humans than they had been aware.

it began as a statistical analysis of emotional phenomenon, and quickly grew to include linguistic data as well. then, differences in biodiversity expansion rates between earths delta and gamma prompted a more holistic approach. by the time statistical correlations were uncovered linking earth gamma’s lifespan shortfall and her average nutritional descriptor vocabulary (the translations are atrocious, i sincerely apologize), half of the population of earth was either providing imaginative theoretical assistance or writing statistical analysis queries that would accurately model the experiences that the initial explorations to earths alpha and beta had uncovered. it wasn’t long after the merging of earths delta and gamma that attitudes shifted towards seeing the benefits in going back.

out of self-preservation, the consensus was reached on the return trip to go more gradually into the realities of earths alpha and beta. information gathering, if it could occur, would be preferable to direct communication. the suggestions ranged from the types of people that explorers would focus on, and as usual, each suggestion was tried. ultimately, as had more often-than-not turned out to be the case during global brainstorming sessions on earth delta, the least suggested turned out to be the most successful.

while the first exploratory missions had been undertaken with what you might consider a rather naive zeal, these return trips were undergone with considerably more caution. the inhabitants of earth delta valued life, and while they were on a whole, rather brave and outgoing, the complete loss of both mission trips left them baffled as to what benefit would be gained upon the return.

earth delta employed a communication method that we here on earth alpha would call extra-sensory perception. it did not involve vibrating the air molecules of the surrounding atmosphere, but rather a subtler manipulation of what has been called tachyon energy. their initial exploratory missions to the other earths had relied almost exclusively on this esp to communicate with humans. most of the volunteers to the initial mission had been quite skilled in both the speed and volume with which they could transmit data through this etheric connection between entities. they weren’t chosen that way, those just happened to be the ones who had volunteered. earth delta didn’t create a hierarchy of abilities, but they were aware of what we would call “statistics” about each other. the few survivors of the first mission trips had taught earth delta about hierarchy, about verbal language, and about fear. this was the revelation that prompted the suggestion that a slower subset might have more success communicating with the forked earths. upon running correlative data with the first exploratory missions, it was indeed discovered that the least capable deltian had been best able to communicate and interact with the alphas and betas, in that, they didn’t kill it immediately.

upon return to earth beta, two things had been discovered. first, that the technology, science, and history imparted to contacts on beta had been received, and to a lesser extent, a rudimentary version of communications & transport had been implemented in the time that had passed. the ethics of inclusion, however, had prompted a global war between those who would participate in global consensus and thereby the path that realities delta and gamma were now on, and those who wished to remain fearful, oppressive, and heirarchical, more like earth alpha.

earth alpha, it was also found, albeit much later, had also retained a small portion of the communications and transportation technology which had been passed along on the initial mission from earth delta. their implementation, being even less true-to-form than that of earth beta, was what we would now call telephones, television, cellular telephones, and the internet. rather than being implemented as an inclusive tool, with which to communicate ideas from the entire sphere for the benefit of all, earth alpha seemed to use these things to further separate themselves along what earth deltas saw as arbitrary lines of differentiation. it was not inclusive, much of the data transmitted was incorrect, if not cruel, and anyone attempting to relay anything of actual substance was singled out and excommunicated. upon learning how their advances had been implemented on earth alpha, one poet made reference to it using the medical terminology which they had discovered, in this odd, crass, subject-object communications method called “english”, named for perhaps the most oppressive and invasive people who had ever existed on earth alpha. the name, planet retard slave, although crass and disrespectful by our standards, was both poetic and accurate. like many unfortunate nicknames throughout the history of earth alpha, it stuck.

time and space themselves were different between the realities of earth. it was theorized that this is what had forked them. regardless, scientists of earth delta had learned how to change all manner of aspects between their home planet, and the rest of the solar system. her tilt, the length of a year, and thereby the seasons, and even her interaction with the moon. these variables were optimized to create a balance between weather that was most comfortable, and means of collecting usable energy from the natural cycles of gravity, water, and temperature. there was never anything that we would call a “natural disaster” on earth delta. the variables were understood, in both depth and subtlety, and they were changed at will, by the planetary consciousness as a whole. at the time of the first mission, earth delta had not mastered this capability, so by adjusting the frequency location of the travelers, they had simply merged into the other realities of earth. now, having shifted where they were in the planetary alignment, the means by which they had hopped realities no longer worked. they did not know where earths alpha and beta were.

as advanced as the society of earth delta was, the technique used to send that first wave of inter-dimensional ambassadors was new when it was first undertaken. some of the side effects had been anticipated, but the scientists of earth delta hadn’t known what they would encounter. the predictions which they had asked the planet for had mostly turned out to be less drastic than even what earth gamma turned out to be. for all their inclusiveness, earth delta had settled into its own sort of groupthink, where they, for the most part, couldn’t conceive of a version of earth that was too drastically different than their own. the catastrophic failure of the first missions to earths alpha and beta awakened them to the possibility that they didn’t know just how far astray a planet could go. the merger with earth gamma further expanded their conceptions of realities, and shed a great deal of light on the evidence returned by the alpha and beta missions. for once, they began to understand just how far away (both in development and physical location) one traveling on divergent path could be.

the merger with earth delta, besides creating new memories and instantly altering the genetic code of those with parallel selves, gave the inhabitants of both worlds a means of shifting back and forth between the dimensions which had separated them. it was a subtle shift, but shifting was not something they could practice before the merger. after the merger, those with parallel selves sometimes switched back and forth between realities, almost without conscious volition. others would see how many times they could trade back and forth between realities, in effect warping themselves from location to location. this capability had not existed prior to the merger. people hadn’t been able to disappear and reappear before, or so it was thought. after the merger, even the attitudes of the open-minded and brave deltians were shaken to their core.

earth delta

the difficulty encountered by the missionary trips to the hierarchical realities were due not only to the communications differences, but to the way that deltians treated one another. and, when i say, “one another,” i mean every living creature, regardless of size, shape, color, or preference. at the same time, they were not a “tolerant” people. they were completely respectful and open-minded, but when one of them veered from this respect, which was quite rare, almost no one hesitated to do something about it. actions which would be deemed “cruel” or “hurtful” were all but eliminated from the deltian mindset, but fearful manifestations of “jealousy” or “bitterness” occasionally sprung up. when you have a global society of inclusive consensus, the participants need to almost completely give up any egotistical conception of “self” in order to find the solution that is best for all. it’s much easier, obviously, when the variables of survival are entirely socialized. no deltian had wanted for food, nor housing, nor health, in generations. sexual relations were not shunned or restricted in any way, so jealousy was almost never an issue. ownership had never existed, so theft was nearly impossible. people were aware of the differences between themselves, but were neither chastised nor shamed for differing abilities. some people accomplished necessary tasks more quickly than others, but nobody was forced to work any more than they wanted to. roles were intentionally shifted, regularly, not only to keep bottlenecks from occurring, but also to keep people’s minds occupied. deltians lived varied, exciting, and stimulating lives. their diets would be considered worldly and gourmet by earth alpha standards, and their lifespans were amazingly long, only cut short by accidents, executions, and disease, all of which were extremely rare. accidents had been all but eliminated by cooperative ecological patience. of course the deltians had things like bridges and other large construction projects, but like the rest of deltian life, they were not rushed. life, not only of human participants, but of all living creatures, from animals to trees and smaller plants, to even micro-organisms were taken into consideration for large-scale projects. anyone having objection to a method or alteration of the existing environment was both heard and respected, so the design process was highly collaborative and inclusive. there wasn’t really any bureaucracy, so much as there were individual preferences that one could set, so that their interaction with others, and with the whole, matched their own abilities, sensitivities, and tastes.

the legal system, if you could call it that, was integrated into the global communications and work/resource allocation system for the planet. personal slights, when and if they did occur, were handled swiftly, delicately, and out in the open. you must understand: most inhabitants of earth alpha would be completely unable to navigate this system. their reactionary jealousy, personal attacks, and violent behaviors would have them executed almost immediately. anyone justifying the violence of others would also be culled from the planet, without afterthought or mourning for their passing. competitiveness was viewed as a cancer, and was simply not tolerated. differing theories resulted in forked projects, so that efficiency of method could be tested, and so that back-ups were available if unforeseen catastrophe or incompatibility prevented a project from moving forward. these things were not rare, and people worked on different stages of various tasks without egotistical attachment to the outcomes. this is what happens when a society encourages and practices that which it claims to idealize.

as life was valued on earth delta, any block of life process was taken quite seriously. indeed, nearly every participant would be simultaneously notified of something so dire. it had been generations since an execution had taken place, and the last time it had, one of the volunteer enforcers had stopped, literally mid-strike, to block an execution of one who had blocked their own death. he had seen, or otherwise sensed, a change in the condemned. another of the volunteer executioners, had not stopped at the time of this late block. the entire planet witnessed this event, both in systemic timeline, and audio/video, which took less than a minute. when the system, which is composed only of your fellow beings, says stop, you stop. if you fail to stop when your sibling requests that you stop, your life is also potentially forfeit. this event, which ultimately resulted in the nearly immediate execution of one of the executioners, was considered a great learning experience for the planet as a whole. the standards, or skills required to be allowed to take part in systemic enforcement were refined as a result of the event, and computer simulations were used in addition to brain activity and aura scans afterwards. no weapons were used. everyone on earth delta was trained in the most advanced forms of both life-preservation and life-ending. those who could not handle the responsibility were not offered the task. those who took on the burden were held to the utmost scrutiny and oversight. there was no differentiation in worth between those who chose different tasks, or those who had different capabilities, as every role was valued as was every life. in this way, the support network for every participant of earth delta was both broad and deep. they were only placed with people whose methods or personalities differed from or conflicted with their own in highly controlled and supervised settings intended to promote understanding and love, and this method had worked beautifully for generations. conflict itself had been eliminated from the very minds of the inhabitants of earth delta, and, as the systemic reports soon taught them, the merger had finally occurred when the last angry, or jealous, or fearful participant of earth gamma had finally died. it hadn’t manifested as physical violence, but one of the most remote settlements of earth gamma still had a system in place which merely kept “philosophically combative” participants off of the communications and management system, in a sort of quarantine status. the benefit gained by the merger, universally and through both realities of earth, had been prevented for years, by one consciousness that was not even allowed to interrupt life-essential processes either systemically or in kinetic reality. no one had wanted to live with this person, but they were not denied the benefits of society. this death, which was studied more than any other, was theorized to have been caused by mutual incompatibility with the system. upon examination of the relevant time-lines and medical data, all of the residual automatic blocks of execution were removed by participants. the planetary consciousness heaved, and swelled, trusting its most sensitive even more.

the term “merger-preventing-consciousness ” or m-p-c was the most popular coined, in reference to what this person had been. “consciousness preventing merger” or c.p.m. was a close second, for a while. as the system accommodated various preferences among an entire planet full of participants, no one could be a stickler for grammatical differences for anyone but themselves. in an instance such as this, when the referent was one agreed-upon person, the term which described them was just another variable that you could set within the preferences. most people did not have preferences such as this, so they saw the most widely used term, highlighted as they chose with alternate descriptors readily available. this system eliminated pettiness quite effectively, and revealed to everyone both the importance of differences of opinion and multiple perspectives, and the fact that this multiplicity was, collectively, a great strength of our consciousness. languages were considered, both systemically and philosophically, forks of the global communications system. some worked more efficiently than others for particular tasks, but every one of them was respected. to speak, or write, in a particular language, was to think in a different way. languages of planet delta tended to grow and overlap, as did many other cultural traditions, from food to exercise to building techniques. best practices were always being voted on, down to individual characters within texts. earth delta was self-governed through the use of a large database which bore many similarities to the websites called “wikis” on earth alpha. people, and many animals, interacted with the whole as they preferred, some through representatives, but mostly, by reading and writing and promoting and editing. all types of systemic participation and interaction were systemically rewarded, or credited, and some people gained the majority of their livelihoods merely by interacting with the system. one would rarely opt out of food harvest & preparation, and maintenance and cleaning tasks were so evenly distributed that no firm requirements needed be set to ensure universal participation. people did what needed to be done because it needed to be done. if one received a creative urge, be it musical, textual, or graphical, they tended to share it. time spent on artistic works was compensated just like other tasks which brought life and beauty to the society as a whole. there were no oppressive institutions for arts to “disrespect”, so any sort of “censorship” was unheard of. viewers or listeners could associate works with “tags” or “ratings” or assign similarities to other works, so that if one gained particular popularity, its originator was proportionally compensated for their input as well. the artistic output of earth delta was diverse and prolific, to a scale, it was later discovered, which mirrored the diversity of natural species that arose from such a life-affirming and creativity-respecting society. in much the same way that earth alpha had been losing species, earth delta had been gaining them. 9/9/15, 5:16 am.

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