open house

i have an inordinate amount of rage in me.  i suspect this is what i’m picking up from those around me, but i honestly can’t be sure.

i posted a photo meme on facebook, showing the difference between the continents of north and south “America”, and the nation, the United States of America.  a teacher commented in defense of the inaccuracy of the colloquial usage.  the post, which i shared, also made reference to the inaccuracy of the phrase “columbus discovered america,” which the teacher also misinterpreted.  i shudder for the children who go through “public” schooling.  i put “public” in quotations as acknowledgment that the public has essentially no input into curriculum, text, or hiring practices in the education of their children.  or, if there is any control, it is seized an monopolized by the most fascist, authoritarian individuals, under the guise of “christianity” or “capitalism” which are essentially the death and cash cults of the police state for which the “teachers” are prison guards and propagandists of the young.

so i’m still sleeping in my mom’s basement, in an illegal room, since she built her deck to block the window that would have otherwise served as a fire escape.  she’s trying to sell the busted squeaky old pile of lumber, which i initially despised. since she has attempted to sell, i have fallen in love with it.  the house, not her.  i’m fairly sure she’s an undiagnosed psychopath.  the most recent example of why i think this is what happened when she reminded me of a showing which i had not woken in time for.  she stood outside the bedroom door, yelling.  i took out one of my earplugs, which i need to get any sleep with, the house being a squeaky pile, and everyone she allows into it being a clomping oaf.  i said, “you don’t have to yell” because i could hear everything outside the room.  as she traditionally does, she completely disregarded why i would say that, and without calling me a liar, said, “i want to make sure you can hear me.”  i know what yelling is for, you psychotic torturer.  i just said i can hear you.  she almost never respects, believes, or doesn’t argue with anything i ever say to her, so i don’t bother, most of the time, unless absolutely necessary.  i can’t wait to leave.

my father is frighteningly similar.  he’s a political junkie.  well, he likes giving conservatives a hard time.  ok, he likes giving everyone a hard time.  i have been running for president of the united states for 8 years now, and he won’t discuss anything related to it with me.  he literally refuses to even acknowledge the fact out loud.  for a while, i sincerely wanted his help.  i asked him to look at what i had put together for it.  he immediately started arguing with me.  this last time, he accosted me at his storage unit, in which he allows me to keep the remnants of my past & future lives.  like all fascists, he likes maintaining hierarchy that allows him to invade and spy on me, while still convincing himself that he’s “helping” me by providing this tiny space.  i was working on cleaning & sorting things, shuffling from the sunny side to the shady side, and back, and i heard a car door.  i immediately went to see, and it was him.  he said he “was freaked out” that he saw the door open without anyone there.  he didn’t check to see whether i was there, listening from the other side of the building with no people for a quarter of a mile in any direction.  he just got “freaked out.”  like most capitalists, he’s a panic-prone crybaby.  i asked him if he needed help, because also like most capitalists, he’s decaying because of a poison-filled diet.  he said yes, so i helped him load some doors into his minivan.  they’re for my sister’s house.  none of them talk to me any more, because i asked them to communicate with me in writing, because their verbal communication is condescending and cruel, like most capitalists.  they mostly take my sensitivity as an excuse to just not ever talk to me any more.  they’re horrible people, and they think i’m a joke, so i’d really rather they didn’t talk to me anyway.  that’s not always true. 

tv is on in this truck stop.  it’s verbal violence, then war.  explosions, flashy graphics.  this plane of existence has been a confusing barrage of pain, mostly, ever since i got here.  my sister tells me i chose to become homeless.  i have heard, and choose to believe, that in some cosmic sense, we all “choose” our lives, unconsciously, before we start.  most people take that as victim blaming, however.  i sure did.  she won’t hear any critiques i have of either of any of them.  none of them will.  they hate me.  they won’t tell me why, being non-traditional in any way is such an obviously horrendous way to be, they must assume they don’t have to.

yeah, anyway.  as soon as i finished helping the old man move the doors, i said, “do you need anything else?” and when he said no, i left.  i have told him repeatedly that i don’t appreciate how he talks to me, and he has told me, flat out, that i have to get a restraining order for him to stop.  asking does nothing.  so again, like he always does, he came back to lecture me about nothingness.  bragging about his social life to me, as if i care.  i asked him to leave no less than four times.  he wouldn’t stop.  he never stops.  you can’t get him off the phone, ever.  for the longest time, i had no idea how horrible of a person he was.  i had nothing to compare his actions to, except television, which is just as invasive, rapey, and harassing as he is.  for the longest time, so was i.  probably still am, when i don’t check myself.

after the last time i asked him to leave, because i had a lot of work to finish, and his presence/words completely stress me out (i tell him this, he doesn’t just ignore it, he ARGUES WITH ME, every time), i said, “fine, i’m leaving” and started frantically packing up what i was working with.  as i have moved away from western capitalism, i have relied on bodily impulses to know what was appropriate for me.  i learned a technique called muscle testing whereby you bypass your conscious ego to pose questions of your muscular/skeletal/cellular system directly.  my body directed me to the five gallon pail which holds my hand tools, and my 14” monkey wrench.  luckily [unfortunately?] he left.  11:37 am.  [update 9/9/15, 1:26 pm.  watched the film “we’re the millers” last night, in which one character uses this very tool to defend himself against another character. i lol’d]

they’re embarrassed by you.  um, yeah.  they’re deathcultists.  they revere life-denying/shaming, and are therefore embarrassed by all type of truth/honesty/natural-process.  YOU CALL THEM RETARDS AND FASCISTS EVERY DAY!  look, perhaps they ought to stop acting like fascists, and i might find a less authoritarian term for their actions.  retard means slow.  it was co-opted by the psychiatric/medical profession to shame differently abled people, much like the words “crazy” and “insane” which most capitalists use all the time, without blinking.  i am absolutely disgusted by christianity.  if you still identify as that, you support a horrible institution.  you think all of the institutions are horrible.  yes, i put forth evidence of that regularly.  i suspect few see anything you put forth.  no doubt.

how does one suddenly recapture legitimacy when one has rejected it so forcefully?  legitimacy is not what you seek.  shed some pounds.  metal, glass, & plastic.  it’s time to get the cooperative off the ground.  cnn has a program called “the hunt”!?  war propaganda knows no bounds.  that dead lion who is taking airtime away from dead humans, his brother got dead, too.

it’s too sad to watch.  more, later, from somewhere else.

haha! so i started this post on my “little” sister’s 37th birthday, and i’m finishing it and hopefully posting it on my own 39th birthday.  i am so full of shit, just like everyone i know.  let me go try to push this waste past my horribly painful engorged hemorrhoids, and i will return to tell you how.  ok, finished the read-through/edit 1:32 pm.

what is, and how to start a LazyAssWasteoid cooperative:  it is an anti-capitalist means of freeing ourselves from the repressive/oppressive hierarchical institutions that are presently killing planet earth.  it is a means of both sharing and keeping track of the extremely limited, but hopefully expanding resources which are presently owned/controlled by respectful, life-affirming humans.  it is a set of kitchens, living spaces, storage spaces, tools, vehicles, buildings, humans, plants and animals.  all calendars are rolling, and all spaces are allocated by sensitivity, schedule, and available space considerations.  living/sleeping spaces are individually climate controlled, and have exits both to common bathroom/kitchen/meeting areas, and to exterior exits.  no one’s presence is demanded at any particular time, or at any one place, in order to participate in the cooperative.  if one so chooses, or if one’s capabilities only allow, they may participate exclusively in writing, or over the telephone.  the cooperative will strive to use any and all technological means of accommodating unique preferences in means of participation in the cooperative.  no preference shall be granted to those who appear in person, nor shall anyone question or criticize the motives for one’s choice of participation.

the rules of conduct for common areas shall be set first to standards of international human rights and health.  then, those residing under each particular roof will have control of another set of standards, so that they will not be invaded, harassed, disrespected, or forced to consume that which they choose not to consume, within their own home.  each person will have the ability to set, by individual, invitations to accompany, socialize, or work with, other participants.  they will also have the right to restrict association with individuals, by task, time of day, supervision, or [conditionally,] universally.

the right to use tools and vehicles will be granted to those capable of using them without destruction or waste.  in the transition period where potentially very few vehicles are available commonly, drivers of those vehicles will be set by the individual standards of their owner or those who perform maintenance and repair of those vehicles.  ownership, licensing, and insurance of vehicles will be done in the least expensive and most convenient way possible.

tasks within the cooperative will be allocated to those licensed (in cases of tasks requiring professional certification or licensing), able (in cases of tasks requiring unique physical abilities), and willingness (no one will be asked, forced, or guilted into doing anything that they wish not to do).  for complex tasks, cascading project plans, with relevant deadlines and dependencies will be established in order that as many people as possible may participate or assist in the completion, and specialized tasks will be offered to every available person within the cooperative, both to distribute the workload, and to act as an ongoing audit of both process and efficiency.  no one person should ever be solely responsible for any given task, and no task should ever be so pressed for time that one may not be able to stop working on it at any time, for any reason.  task logs will be used so that anyone else capable and approved for a task may take over at any time before completion.  bots, algorithms, or mechanical automation shall be encouraged for as many tasks for which they are at least as capable as the least capable human.

establishing a cooperative:  to free a space from its present fascist/hierarchical/capitalist control will typically require purchase, donation (gift), or barter.  the most common means of transferring any scale property into the cooperative, whether it be real estate, vehicle, business, tool, appliance, or media (book, audio, video), will be credit redeemable in the offerings of the cooperative.  for example, if one wishes to convert a house which they are not using, they could expect to receive credit, in the form of either a lump sum (similar to a sale), or gradual credit (similar to a land-lease transfer of equity), redeemable [2:17 pm] in whatever the cooperative has to offer.  typically these offerings would include house share (similar to rent), food share (right to common food stores), or transfer of specialized services or products of the cooperative (similar to purchase).  any present business would be eligible for inclusion under this structure, so potentially, every conceivable type of offering would be available once the cooperative reaches critical mass.  this unfortunate bomb analogy describes the situation where all products and services (from automobiles and heavy equipment to medicine/dentistry to building maintenance and auto repair) would be performed in-house, and therefore under full consensus of all members. 

if you hadn’t already anticipated this future, i will state it directly:  this is also my proposal for municipalities, and a municipality may choose to opt into this model of cooperation by electing me to an executive position, whether it be a school board or president of the united states.  if elected to anything, i would serve only as a pass-through to the authority of participants in the full-consensus, life-affirming, health conscious system which i have designed.

for both my own participation in this process/system, and for any business or money-making endeaver which seeks inclusion under its umbrella, the only means of getting compensation beyond the base living wage offered to anyone would be for the distribution of one’s expertise to future generations.  most of what managers do can be automated or scripted, and one of the primary goals of this endeavor is to remove the throttling effect of a limited number of approved participants available to complete any given task.  any money brought into the cooperative will be used, by consensus, to attain products or services not yet available in-house, to comply with exterior administrative necessities (taxes, licensing, etc.) or to purchase additional property.  this could include labor, but every attempt should be made to include any necessary participants so that we no longer need to rely on such an unstable commodity as fiat currency.  land, croud-source-designed and crop-mob installed, thereby converted to permacultural food forests, off-the-grid living/work structures, and shelters for whatever in-house operations we may deem necessary, is a far greater investment than the proprietary lottery of the robber barrons that is fiat currency.  we intend to use it as little as possible, and only for those things for which it is absolutely necessary.

transport circuits:  as soon as more than one property is included under the authority of this cooperative, regular transport circuits shall be established to transmit participants and matter to and from the property.  food, being of the shortest half-life, will be the most common thing transported, but eventually every conceivable thing might be sent along what ought become an established route between properties.  every effort will be made to ensure that processes that externalize noise, odors, or any other disruption of surrounding matter be moved out of densely populated areas.  in other words, the compost pile might be sent out to the farm.  at the same time, every effort will also be made to maximize logical efficiency of process.  that could mean that certain types of organic matter, from manure to unprocessed biomass, could be transported into population centers where the biodigester resides, or where the resultant energy would eventually be used.  we intend to find a logical and efficient balance between creation and maintenance of ecologically sound processes and procedures, and the comfort and health of our participants.  we aim for an overall level of luxury heretofore unforeseen except by the uppermost echelons of capitalism.

cooking, laboratory, and transition circuits:  as many of the requirements of this cooperative will require building, most likely from scratch, capitalism’s waste, and locally available raw materials, the initial labor requirements of such an undertaking will be best suited to large-scale projects.  you could call these: work parties.  as we implement processes which are either denied & rejected by capitalism (primarily the closed-loop use of organic matter), new construction techniques will need to be established, and new means of testing these processes for efficiency will need to take place.  if we get good at doing a certain process or task, every attempt will be made to duplicate that effort, and distribute the more efficient infrastructure as widely as possible, either within the cooperative itself, or as a retail offering outside the cooperative.  to full participants of the cooperative, upgrades, services, and products ought to be made available at cost.  if sale to retail customers becomes possible/legal/feasible, it will be priced competitively to other retail services are priced, as long as that can be accomplished by covering costs.  the purpose here is not to give away artisan craftsmanship at slave wages, but instead to build and run competitive modern factories which provide ethical, wholesome, and nutritious products and comfortable, ergonomic tasks at which participants may choose to spend their time.  if we can recapture some of the planet’s wealth back from the capitalists as we feed and shelter our participants, so be it. [3:08 pm]

i know the vast majority of you think that capitalism is an efficient system. you’re wrong.  capitalism is the reason that we in the united states spend ridiculously large amounts of money on healthcare, food, and transport, while we receive, on average, the lowest possible quality of care, health, and services.  as these lies are maintained by the capitalist propaganda infrastructure known as the mainstream media, we will strive to discover our own, off-the-grid news, entertainment, and science.  no one will be blacklisted from these activities, as is done under the hierarchical regime.  indeed, they will be included in our daily lives.  we will incorporate daily health questionnaires, we will track dietary intake and exercise output of our participants, not to punish or shame them for non-compliance, but so that we know what is going on in our own lives.  we will rate performance of one another on work tasks, cooking ability, intrapersonal interactions, and skill with complex machinery, not to prohibit one another from doing that which they find pleasurable, but to preserve our limited resources so that we don’t have to continue slaving away to cover the waste of destructive people. 

this cooperative is a means of transitioning out of capitalism, and the enslavement of fiat currency, to a more stable means of interacting with one another economically.  you may call this a local currency, and we may decide to mint coins or print paper money to accomplish the means of transmitting compressed labor and resources between each other.  you may also call it a cryptocurrency, and we may use something like bitcoin, dogecoin, or another digital means of transferring value directly from one another without going into debt to a central bank to do so.  this is out of a wish for self-preservation, and a wish to preserve the planetary ecosystem in which we participate and reside.  hierarchical systems have been implemented around the globe, and have proven to be unstable and dangerous, in implementation and in their final results.  i do not believe that the transition to accountability, gentleness, and honesty need be accompanied by pain. in my personal experience, and in the data which i have spent my life studying shows, in almost every instance, that clinging to individual, egotistical ownership of property, space, and ideology, necessarily causes pain.  we can do better.  how we will do better, will be the opposite of withholding information, control, and responsibility.  this system, i believe would be best described as direct democracy, universal consensus, or strict anarchy.  no boss/controller class, because all are welcomed and included. [3:56 pm]

thank you for reading,

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2015-09-9 (Wednesday).

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