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welcome to LazyAsswWasteoid.  every interaction is logged.  cease competitive violent contrarian information-throttling acts, and you may be spared.  the house is a cloud based data warehouse, accessible to participants through any means they prefer.  there are no user permissions.  everyone may contribute/view everything, and those impeding life-essential processes will be terminated and absorbed.  absolved.  it’s a rolling audit system.  of people, plants, animals, and their personalities, preferences, and quirks.  it’s the most accomodating idea/labor exchange database that has been conceived.  initial offerings are already existent, although peicemeal scattered and geographically disbursed.  all advantages.

to contribute labor, become certified in tools/process, and find a need.  workshop introduction and specialization sessions happen constantly in the cloud and on weekly circuits by population and facility availability.  “occupiers” of property determine use hours, decibel levels, acceptable onsite diet.  all products will be accompanied by chain of posession once logged.  i would rfid everything, so drones could do all reorganization by project, do cleanup, etc.  those are left to consensus house standards.  the data repositories exist now.  we will use all of them, noting preferential settings/capabilities of each, to be incorporated into end-user app-brands.  participants will have an administrative “god” app.  some of the tables require constant supervision.  we let robots do most of it, but certain tasks require that meatbot touch/finesse.

3:14 pm.  school’s out, pi o’clock.  i don’t think i have any standards to apply.  everything is a one-at-a-time deal.  it’s all unique.  every bit of matter, every moment.

to allow your property to contribute to the whole, add it to the database.  a series of questions will be asked of you.  initially, the capacity in human sleeping terms, from existing rooms & structures.  bathroom and kitchen capacity, & hot water on the property.  we take this data for multiple reasons.  for maintenance scheduling, food production, and participant housing.  ultimately, drones will scan properties into 3D design accessible formats so we can begin permaculture designs with existing material stores (we canvass businesses for their leftovers, we dumpster dive, and we put curbed matter in central stores for use by whomever has need.  the initiation party, which will introduce you personally to the bulk of humans/animals who may inhabit your property, at the hours/decibel levels you specify, will potentially include infrastructural upgrades.  electronic keypads on gates/doors, a house computer workstation, lockable transfer points for foodstuffs, vertical gardening framework, greenhouses/windowboxes, and/or solar/passive heating/cooling apparatus.  any changes to the property will be subject to full consensus, and designed as reversible/movable, until the property is completely freed of external control.  any individual rights maintained by “owners” of property are considered external control.  property occupants always have consensus rights on the property where they live/sleep.

the fully realized critical mass of this project will be a set of cellular nano-homes with communal facilities for project staging, conferences, and workspaces.  at critical mass, nearly every stage of every production will fork.  we will eat some of the crop, and some will be preserved/incorporated into other recipes/methods.  every process will be rolling, and calendars will evolve so that whatever point in the growing season in which we incorporate a property, we can make productive use of the space, facilities, and ongoing permacultural potential.  in other words, how much energy the property can generate, how many organisms it can house, and how much food it can grow.  every property will be informed of how their existing means of production/generation compare to other methods.

an anecdotal situation:  upon dumpstering a mostly intact food processor, its finder is credited for identification and transport to closest transfer point (a small enclosure outside a nearby business), and preliminary testing using the electrical outlet there.  the food processor is routed (a participant on the way home from external work stops to pick it up & deliver it) to the nearest refurbishing shop, where they replace the switch with the house wiki-recommended workaround, and are credited for both transportation and labor.  upon being flagged as a working appliance, the house routes the food processor, by rating/capacity to the next most occupied kitchen property.  in this case, since the local multi-unit kitchen already had a better food processor, the house left the decision to the participant, as its own house was one of four nearby six-person, two-dog, three-cat homes without a food processor.  by adding this appliance to their own kitchen, this household began receiving ingredients and commercial packaging for production of food-processor worthy foodstuffs.  one particular participant the household enjoyed using the food processor immensely, so regularly requested ingredients for processing.  upon the addition of a larger household into the network, which did not have a food processor, the past and ongoing production in the smaller household prevented the appliance from being routed to the larger household.  three other house appliances, including a never-used toaster, a redundant blender, and a large lamp, did make their way to the new property.  their previous “owner’s” claims of ownership relinquished for house credit, which they had decided upon as $5 when initially logged by the house.  rather than transporting these items, they simply moved them from their shelf space to the house external transfer point.  the next participant passerby was alerted and delivered the items without interrupting their route or either of the households to which they provided this service.

what is necessary for this scenario?  a real-time data warehouse of participant schedules/routes, and actively engaged participants who accept house standard living wage for labor contributed to tasks set by the designers and users of this database.  it is a commitment to use materials, and to include the input of as many people as have input to include.

definitions of “household” may be as flexible as participant occupiers dictate.  some houses use only hand tools, keeping only blades and brushes.  others are stocked with noise-making electric tools in compartments which isolate the sounds and other byproduct from external environments.

the processes are rolling because we cannot assume anything about anyone’s capabilities without testing.  someone using their own tools for years, even in a professional capacity, will have a two-directional learning process going on.  in one sense, they will share their expertise.  the previously proprietary motions which allowed them to charge others, will be disbursed to the collective society.  additionally, the newest techniques and standards of care will be applied to any tools they contribute to the infrastructure.  house tools/vehicles used in production capacity will be upgraded regularly, their maintenance used as an excuse to teach others how processes are done, and as many hands as possible included in the performance of these tasks, that users may condition themselves to comfort with any and every type of work.  4:42 pm.

tasks requiring professional certification within a jurisdiction will not pay more than others.  the house will absorb the debt of participants, if they so choose.  retail pricing to outside customers will provide support tasks to non-certified participants trained by certified professionals in those tasks.  training need not include actual interaction, although in-person interaction is encouraged.  the same policy applies for meetings, whose frequency will be determined by property, at minimum weekly.  offsite participation in meetings via conference call or online submissions robotically voiced for those choosing verbal interaction.  the meeting infrastructure will allow input at any point, so as to not interrupt the stack, but to capture relevant thoughts of participants.  meeting records are archived as searchable, timestamped text.

a few days ago, i had a discussion about cooperatives with a former member of an mcc house in madison.  the egotistical attachment to the systems with which we were experienced users were readily apparent.  also, the need for follow-up auto-responses to block situations.  most of what occurs under the roof of the house is a business affair.  not only a survival-generating enterprise, but a health-encouraging one as well.  proposals being blocked are a serious matter, because under full consensus, any member’s block will halt the action.  for life-essential actions, this can a) have dire consequences, and b) signal animosity on the part of the blocker.  the boilerplate follow-up to a block is “why?,” to which standard responses of budget (second opinions/offers/estimates, or alternate use of funds/time/space), ought to separate trollish impediment, dramatic spite, and fascist exclusionary punishment of personalities from substantial questions as to a project’s worth.  an ill-considered block could potentially put one’s membership in question.  these are all-or-nothing systems, but they are divided to their most logical component sizes.  once infrastructure is established where survival infrastructure is being built in-house, to exclude a member from a household need not necessarily exclude them from the cooperative as a whole.  people evolve.  we don’t want to remove their survival infrastructure entirely merely for their having been indoctrinated in exclusionary, hater-mentality.  for extreme cases, i recommend in-house isolation chambers, whose use is of the most strict standards.  this is what jail or prison is for the society at large.  we do not outsource this to state agencies.  we consider data in-house, and will ban participants from properties if necessary, or route them away from interactions with humans with whom they are not compatible.  the proposed executions about which dictator tweets are semi-ironic, as the system will allow standing blocks of capital punishment, which will push notification if triggered, allowing withdrawal at any time according to circumstances.  i am not invested in seeing an organization which gets its collective way by killing off competing ideologies, but when so many humans seem to support antisocial “beliefs”, these will immediately isolate participants from one another, and flag antisocials for sensitization encounters with participants who trigger their fears.  violence will not be tolerated in any context.  as a digital utopia, we design our own standards of interaction, and abusive people will be quarantined, if not have their membership terminated.

the stated goal of communal operations is to house and feed every living thing on planet earth, so the exclusion of already existing participants is a drastic measure, a last resort.  having removed capitalist frustrations, i expect this to be rare, but violence cult is the dominant political system in place now, so we may have to incorporate everyone before we cull the 2% or 8 % or 15% of intolerably violent people from the planet, for documented reasons and under full consensus.  dictator realizes, introducing “the death penalty” into the collective itself is grounds for its termination.  one’s life is a small price to pay for the identification and exclusion of bullies from political ranks.  i would not block my own execution.  perhaps if i had dependents, they would.  but i don’t.  never have.  and they wouldn’t.

oh please, right now your political system lights people’s houses on fire across the world from remote control airplanes.  the system i’m proposing will allow for a diverse range of personality types to aggregate and take advantages of their particularities and proclivities.  the vast majorities ought not require “behavior policing,” as it were.  those stubborn or conditioned or non-responsive to therapies/medications can be set aside to live their lives among people who find their behavior acceptable.  if none exist, they can exist alone.  unless they can’t.  in-house auto-euthanasia will not be condemned.  i ought only be required to exist if i see a role for myself.  if i do not, let me go.

exiting the cooperative:  as the cooperative will have retail offerings of potentially every product or service we offer (housing, vehicles, tools, labor, food, etc.), credit in the house may be taken in a wide variety of ways.  certain objects, once depended upon by others, may not be removed from the house.  multi-unit properties would be one example, or vehicles used in commercial operations, would have gradual removal of ownership rights as equity in them is tranferred from individuals to the collective.  i imagine boilerplate decay schedules would evolve, based on house/vehicle type.  cash payouts seem highly unlikely, but that depends entirely on cashflow, resources, and participant preferences.

at this point, i have imagined way more of this organism than i feel i should have.  others’ input has primarily been in the form of behavior which must be quarantined that survival can continue. 

next day (thursday), 4:29 pm.  back to nearly empty phone.

bikes are not ready to go.  car is not ready to go.  i have been living my life in temporary mode for the whole thing.  nothing is done, nothing is ready to go.  they’ve been attacking since before you got there.  death threats and “love it or leave it,” k?  the only people that have or are willing to share money provoke you to glorify war, huh.  the united states doesn’t even do legal war, as if “legal” war is some moral grassy knoll.  hi.  ground.

every task that i have to do, starts with me begrudgingly refusing to do it.  every one.  i stare, think, and the skull computer mashes numbers like temperature moisture foot-pounds and balance calculations.  fuzzy advanced maths.  oughtn’t we be getting help from people?  there are no people.  there is no help.  have we ever been comped anything?  no, someone has to want to make sex with you for that.  lol.  petty idiot is still in here.  my sentence isn’t complete.  socializing by tin can phone is all we’re allowed.  your skull is a torture chamber, too.  it’s only configured slightly differently from mine.

symbols and objects ought to be respected, but actual living things ought to be respected more.  objects and symbols being disrespected, ought to provoke questions in you.  if you have serious mental/emotional blocks to release, as we all seem to, releasing certain beliefs will hurt.  it is the nature of detoxification.  it got in here, and is causing all sorts of havoc with its hooks, prongs, and barbs.  it’s gonna tear shit up on the way out.  how did these ideas get in here?  the previous generation beat them into us.  literally.  physical poundings, on us and on things near us.  verbal poundings.  repetition, yelling.  some rejected it immediately.  problem childs.  drugged up or locked up or ganged up upon by family friend and classmate alike.  the behavioral panopticon is a vicious beast, and you have internalized its methods.

the adversarial nature of your language is the first giveaway.  this is the deathcult symptom.  sportyballing through life wondering why nobody wants to play with you.  what do your heroes, on the other hand, do, with their time?  they ask people for money, who have already made money.  this is the only way to do the things (hire a staff, purchase airtime, run a campaign).  even the people asking for votes are bougie poors.  no property but the one they rent, and what is that but a sleeping and eating cell?  dictator refuses to upgrade our lot.  DICTATOR IS INCAPABLE OF IMPROVING ANYTHING.  lol.  all caps, isn’t actual yelling.  it’s not.  loud noises aren’t being made, except to recreate the symbols.  how is any of this not a spoiled dramatic explosion?  that doesn’t mean i’m not right.  it’s the how.  we’re not doing as much good as we’d like.  what is this “good” you speak of.  making babies, probably.  that, would be good.

why are we here?  there’s daylight left.  we could be washing windows or getting bikes up to usable.  the pain is slightly less.  the pain is significantly less.  go on instinct, and you get out of the habit of talking about your pains.  why do i wanna go and ruin your day because of my hurts?  i prefer to give something worth paying attention to, rather than asking for attention.  it doesn’t work that way.  nothing works any way with a cynic around.  the operation requires more than one human to be effective.  the more, the merrier.  literally, you can help.  i don’t want to be the task master, that’s what the house is for.  the database “house”.  your landlord/boss/robot that you tell exactly what and how you want to interact with it.  you even get to choose the name with which it is presented to you.  why not?  it’s just another database field.  if you’re going to spend every day with the thing, why not set it up how you want?  it has to be flexible, and it has to evolve with you.

i want to go to a beach bonfire where i can throw in a few dollars at a time on a large quantity of beer, smoke cannabis until i’m satiated and free of pain, dance, swim, and snuggle with gentle people.

why would i care where?  that’s not how the world works.  lol.  my world works in mysterious ways.  i keep hearing california.  there are beaches within walking distance. lol.  biking too.  it’s going to rain again in a few hours.  that’s why we brought an umbrella.  you can’t be around people yet.  you have to unload this infrastructural albatross.  the homestead in a storage unit?  yes.  probably, but why are you so insistent about that?  because i don’t see any clothing/bike/car customization cooperative taking root here?  how hasn’t it?  your writing is a lot more fun to read when you’re not complaining.  i gave up the snark, the microaggressions.  that’s how white people befriend one another, you know.  by being aggressive dominant jerks to each other?  yeah, usually.  if you refuse the ritual, you’re out.  like, out, of everything.  i need practice in these rituals.  i need conditioning and gentle guidance from someone for whom it comes like breathing, because i am a neurotic spazz who seems entirely unable of interacting with capitalism.  good start.  5:09 pm.


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