pleasantly sedated

its a fine line between underdosed and economy. a fine line indeed.  the mouse doesnt disappear.  were in puppy now.  5.2  save point 3:47 pm

the only way theyll get near you is with prepared speeches delivered by other people.  the only way to represent a people, or a whole, is to have their best interests as your primary objective.  universally.  i think the sun hitting me right now is helping a lot.  its already gone.  that might have been it for the day.  dont call it captain sunshine.  dictator skipped from private past general. rent. striker.  now a live-action cosplay mash is flooding my brain.  my brain amuses me.

blade brush fire& wash

ah, more sun. :D.  time for music.   3:55 pm

ghostliness is a speed thing.  you can dodge glances.  you can catch glances.  sun. ahh.  the metafunctioning is the macrofunctioning.  thats what fracto-holographism tells us.    that kid was in that high school stoner movie, wasn’t he?  i am a professional wet blanket.  everything becomes unnecessarily sludgy and nobody knows why everything is different when it around, but they either like it or leave.  or they work here.  sorry to those people.  no, captive audience.  most public figure, with more information about the people of this town than anyone.  yeah, i think discussions across the library are inappropriate.  use im.  everyone here is either working, doing schoolwork, networking, or checking out the compacted tree mash which require us to speak to you.  we respect your time, so we mainly don’t speak.

nobody can get through it.  whoever can could edit.  wikify it.  do you realize how many hundred types of wikis there are?  super minimalist-coded, to high security data trails.  how do we not have a sneakernet station wagon network.  oh, we do.  you just havent given yourself high enough clearance yet.  its a matter of asking your higher self.  are you yourself trustworthy of following?  in what sense?  ideas, the construction of, the cooperative of everything nondestructive.  selling poison to children is destructive.  anyone who has written evidence from reliable sources which say so.  how legalese do we have to get?  entirely, sir.  theyve been lied to for their entire lives by the existing power structure.  tis the nature of hierarchy.  partition and fragment, that no one person may have the entire plan.  who is the production designer of this monstrocity?  monstre sitty.  i only work here. 4:10 pm

now im typing on a grey page and control k still doesnt add links.  open office has a way to change keyboard shortcuts.  abi office, apparently, does not.  that toolbar changer method is cool, though.  how do you know what a program does unless you look through its setting to see how you can make it act differently.  stop capitalizing my shit.  done.  takes once changing and it never does that any more.  my father, bless his tiny black heart, used this as a thing to complain to me about.  i wrote about, and studied, the most relevant things i could find, or others took the ideas i raised, and ran with them.  just say:  i have a billion slaves, way better than you, and i will go.  mostly you dont though.  just scale it to every logical size, send them out into the wild to be tested, and standardize the most efficient scales.  there is one meta-instruction. 4:44 pm.

the numerologist told me it was men who would help me.  that isnt quite it.  did he say we should seek them out?  not exactly.  what was it then?  that was two boy shaped humans talking in a basement overlooking a field, without reference to sportball, though he did say my car was going to last me a long time.  that could be our first priority.  shes dying.  its time to electrify her.  the original plan is to use old refurbished (rewrapped, maybe even) motors from local farms, so that theyll learn how to electrify up people cars when it makes sense to do that.  what if it could still pick up the gasoline drivetrain to transport it, either to set it as generator, or to get it to fuel sources.  i thought we were going to use biogas and woodgas and propane?  we are.  but solar and wind and human and animal are abundant and run on more diverse fuels, so can use what is available.  conversion of calories to kinetic motion.  blade brush & keystroke.  you are such a whore.  and how.  ok, new test.  take every cop that thinks weed should be legal and who protects whores sluts and teases with their very lives, never stealing services from them or anyone else.  those ones get to live.  they have to have performed both of those for at least a year before even being considered for our survivalist ostracism program.  i thought it was a fully inclusive society.  it will work best that way, but it is voluntary.  dictator aint going to assume youre a part of anything.  you have to make an affirmative statement to those ends.  i think thats how youre broken.  it may very well be.  put me back together with your gold then.  STOP STAMPING ON MY SHARDS YOURE ONLY MAKING IT HARDER FOR EVERYONE.  anyone who considers utopia improbable defines themselves as the enemy.  impossibilities are the only people that source ever puts me in contact with.  i guess thats how im convinced of my invincibility.  the world was like this when i got here.  i just looked around, and listened closely.

its funny, to me anyway, as anti-military industrial complex as i am, that i would consider integrating its infrastructure into our own.  we have to stop exclusionary thinking.  we bought these things.  if your business gets federal money, we own it.  we the people, anyone who ever put a dollar in.  the best ideas about what to do with it should be what we let ourselves do on it.  we can solve literally every problem for every person, family, and nation has ever had, in a weekend, trailing out to a week, month, and year in every direction.  at any point on earth, there would be near infinite human capacity.  an influx would only provide more cropmobbing task force.  new to a place?  go where the new people go to be sorted and distributed.  the house is just the database which connects you to those you wish to be connected with.  we consider ourselves a transitory community, espousing the best values of every tradition whose people we contain, the best cloudsourced teaching/instruction/technique for useful constructive and growth skills, interaction training, and health: personal, collective, and systematic.  the pronoun you have chosen makes me uncomfortable, so i would rather use a different one.  its genderfuck, son.  the anti-man.  anything but.  thats stupid, youre stupid.  clearly.  give me a dollar.  no, seriously, im gonna spend it on beer, but im trying to get the government to categorize me as crazy because nobody wants me to be president of the united states.  lol.  much better.  they refuse to demote you from dictator of planet retard slave.  steer the rock better IM TRYING dewars donuts, yodah. 

are we going to try logging into wordpress?  i dont remember the password.  you are perhaps the most luddite n00b techie i have ever encountered.  perhaps.  can we ditch this ridiculous notion of including all these people in this project and build our house/car?  theyre the ones with the expertise and experience.  but weve been building first drafts in our head for our whole lives.  nobody can see you.  what did i tell you about invisibility.  that its just dodging glances.  any impact should charge the kinetics.  did you know the military industrial complex just exists to keep poor people grounded and to prevent them from moving or mixing physically with other types of humans?  yeah, its an inbreeding factory.  hello, monoculture?  lol.  5:16 pm.

money cant buy all airwaves?  money owns all airwaves, it owns all the transmission lines, all the proprietary modes of communication, and the technology sending waves through our supposedly public space itself.  it seems to be the style of activism to state the opposite of reality as we have been sold it to be, as idealized, lied to us.  the spoon-fed, lip service idealism that bear no relation to reality.  i feel trapped.  i feel trapped by the people around me.  i feel trapped by the businesses, by the ways that these entities communicate.  capitalism, nay crapitulatism.  because it sells u crap and forces your compliance, is a trap.  its a cage.  there is no escape.  it is a series of systematic infinite loops from which there is no escape.  dear matrix: let me go.

the lack of beer isnt giving us panic attacks as much as physical pain.  old injuries and the persistent damage of having to live in a car town.  your meatbot can feel the reverberations of literally every heartbeat on the planet.  YOU THINK IT DOESNT CRY AT THE VIBRATION OF AUTOMOBILES, never mind the industrial trucks shaped like pickup that the most vicious thieves can afford.  when we all go back to zero, there will be nothing left to complain about.  it will be people walking around, working on permaculture projects together, eating together, living together peacefully, because peaceful interaction ought to be encouraged, not demonized. 

i am switching operating systems to post this.  k.  thank fore pain of tension ;p


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2015-03-3 (Tuesday).

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