its knot just teh day

it’s every.  day.

all days, mostly, are everyday.  we feel like the what we are.  let’s go with the least jarring.  let’s not have this discussion.  it doesn’t matter.  unattached slave bot.  different standards for every individual.  i don’t know that i want to be conditioned to be around people more regularly.  yes, that we definitely do.  who are they.  where?  don’t limit it.  we are bottoming out here.  full of trash and not a cosign on the block.  what do we need a cosign to redesign voluntary government for.  people don’t see how being actually free & valued would be better than, well, how it is now.  why do plebes even know these meta-statistics?  it’s easy.  so monkey fracking easy.  have your car turned solar electric at the post office garage.  training & electrical refurbishing techniques being taught daily or as required at the library sunup to sundown.  start whenever you want, stay for as long as you want.  secured sound isolated (or not) sleep areas are available as soon as you get your lazy butts to work and go build them in the old warehouses and hillsides which DON’T CLEAR CUT THAT.  KEEP AS MANY OF THOSE TREES AS POSSIBLE.  DIVERSIFY THE UNDER-CANOPIES WITH ok, you go talk to one of the permaculture people on staff.  dictator’s not qualified to speak on that.  sweet.  on-the-fly blocked by the house herself.  that’s beautiful, ma’am.  thanks, house. house will translate.  threeps.  if i had it to do again, i’d change it all.  doesn’t work that way, champ.  it does, some places.  we’re still cleaning out the residue of our indoctrination.  no, we just know how bad we are.  sorry.  doing this in public because, but we’re not.  we are.  there’s a pile of government mail, staring me down.  5:41 pm.

i don’t know how to talk to me either, if it’s any consolation.  you could try in public, but dictator’s usually just going to bite your head off or rip your spine out with his dragon tongue.  flick.  *mentally googles something that would have been funny*  love that.  word stubs.  you are good at writing yourself into corners.  so i’ve heard.  i’m good at dance-talking to feral deers too, but you don’t hear me crying about it.  yes, we do actually.  it’s ok.  lol.  5:48 pm.

are we going to do this.  we have a few days, chill.  did we get frostbite on the tip of our toe?  maybe.  ptsd is way more fun than the liberal media will have you believe.  as long as you can find music to sing along with those voices.  or is it decoding that within.  isn’t the root grokhealth?  couldn’t we fork it into the light. DON’T YOU GET IT.  EVERYONE IS REQUIRED TO HATE YOU FOREVER.  IT’S LIKE AN UNWRITTEN RULE.  i don’t accept that.  enough have begun to nullify your assertions that violence is natural.  that living almost entirely outside isn’t natural.  the berzerkers have to live in the super-cold areas, orr, mother gaia feels how desolate and isolated they are, seeing as they overheat so easily.  you overclock that thing permanently, and you ain’t stretching it’s capabilities any more, you’re crushing them.

the pressure trigger directs warm fluid through the occupied seats.  the modular food container infrastructure is self-cleaning and expandable to serve as many as common interoperable participants could hitch their wagons together.  meta-floor-it cull e-sleeping.  i feel like napping.  i feel like asking the humane society if they’ll take me in as a stray.  we keep thinking about high temperature resilient putties for the stove(s)?  six flywheels now. corner posts for savonius intake, toroidally wrapped braking/acceleration coils.  primary gyro drive.  central, low, gimbled water-adjustable flywheel.  perhaps mechanical input, but definitely an electric motor.  it’s a spaceship shaped like a 1983 toyota huntsman.  what?  are we really going to have the cabin pressurized to high altitude flight.  we might have to.  no, turn the structure into a wing bank with louvered panels.  put on a space suit.  we need the aluminum crimper to scan us to build that, too.  seriously iron man suits?  no, any animal you want suits, that can turn into camoflaged homes silently.  so diy into the wild.  yeah no.  i am easily disturbed.  i wasn’t properly conditioned as an anything.  it didn’t take.  dictator won’t get out of our head.  nobody else is putting it our of their head, so it must be supposed to be here.  now.  for now.  do you have an offer to help me?  i don’t just want money, and i really don’t want to have to work for you.  are you getting picky now?  when have i not been picky.  i have omnivision.  doesn’t really matter how you sheild it when we can see through lead.  we have every super power.  you can manipulate metal.  it’s called a pliers.  why didn’t we get that.  we never get anything.  you sure use a lot of definitive statements for someone who doesn’t believe in difinitive statements.  “i wasn’t there,” it’s all, and i am pretty sure i saw you there.  you’re a beautiful machine, and my work life balance could use some cash. i’d like to be able to afford a vehicle i can sleep in.  not land?  oh please.  on what planet could someone in my position ever hope to own, control, or have the right to step foot on privately owned land.  why don’t we just write the app.  it would take all of a weekend.  the legalese is going to be the hard part.  no, because the documentation has to be good, and more importantly, it has to be a collaborative process.  we can port suggestions from anywhere to the rules, and the rules of interaction can be individual.  unique.  to each their own.  dictator puts in a brief socialization request on each new property.  we have orientation dinners every night somewhere.  they rotate, oscillate, and retain their own unique character despite cycling one another through circuits that keep them all consciously aware of each other.  can i bolt, is always my question.  i always only ever bolt.  RUN AWAY.  i sit and listen a lot.  i visit the big water.  it tells me to build robotic solar/wind houseboat racecars for my friends.  need-based priority, full sliding scales.  it’s going to be an elastic suspension of varying hardness and density, pathways can add themselves if they see fit, if the house has a use.  defaults will invite nearby participants to reap benefits on productive energy days.  so the walls themselves are robotic sous vide compartments that can tilt sideways and turn into a bank of wings to provide lift?  or to fill the emergency water tanks, or the hot tub.  lol.  it can disguise itself as a variety of years/models, stored on playerpianoesque reels if you like.  that’s ridiculous.  i’m sure someone will want to do that.  one of them is grown.  we weave saplings in a pan around the framed-in doors, windows, and ducts.  sturdy root systems hold the entire structure together.  it has solar desalinization and distillation for seafaring adventures.  get enough lift, and she’ll fly.  wing banks, drones & balloons.  it’s like a robotic kite.  it’s like a reverse engineered transformer hack.  we were thinking about rolling segments.  it’s going to squat unoccupied, right?  lock-down, don’t block the pedestrian view of traffic, put-it-in-the-garage mode.  so are the walls going to collapse up like as rolling segments, or multi-folded?  different sections could do both, yes.  depending on need.  send up the solar wall, house.  whirr.  fanks buddeh.  woof!  good house. *butt wiggle*

she could have a tail.  why not?  car is quickly going toothless.  smaug is pretty, but about as dimensional as the rest of the characters.  it’s fancy d&d, i suppose.  i don’t know anything about d&d.  it was always one of those things someone could teach me about if they love it enough, or something someone else and i could try for the first time with.  what is it with your primacy obsession?  least resources.  YOU DON’T KNOW THAT.  you don’t want to live in a pop-up.  if it’s done well enough, why not?  collapsible walls of bubble wrap foil, tyvek, and wool blankets, redwood paneling.  it’s a sweatlodge with removable heat pod.  can you imagine that?  she seals up with a shell and takes off her coat, which becomes a dome around a campfire that is the rocket stove.  are we still having her capable of doing the ground prep and seed incubation?  yes.  she is a rolling tree greenhouse.  tender loving care.  yeah right.  FLY RIGHT OR YOU’RE COMPOST that’s how the farmer does it.  yes, she can build in-ground subtle water-handling infrastructure to deliver large loads.  like if we became friends with storage units and collected rainwater for nearby gardens?  you keep thinking about water trailers for bikes and semi tractor-trailers and everything in-between.  why not just channel that water to swales that feed to growing beds.  those mowers and other internal combustion can run the house generator or line-shop.  you know how open source ecology does power pods?  like that.  they’re so boxy.  those things should look like spider horses.  this is the fork, sir.  how is it a fork when we just steal their ideas and integrate their best ones into our own.  your universe is only as diverse as you make it, and if you’re charging money and accepting people’s labor, they better be walking away with some skills and open source attitudes, i’ll tell ya what.  sensitivity training by need.  was that ving rhames?  where is my dvd collection.  i’m missing some old movies.  i interact with multiple operating systems now.  they are locked to scripting to the uninitiated.  it’s all online.  6:50 pm.

7:40 pm are we about done here.  probably.  these are big paragraphs.  ah ha.  thanks.  yup, you too.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2015-02-24 (Tuesday).

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