the world’s pain

how many days, percentage wise, would you say you feel like you’re taking on the pain of the world?  4%, maybe. that’s one of the fun things about poverty.  once money loses meaning, it doesn’t matter how much it costs.  obtaining it requires association with the insta-pundits.  zero parts per google, i tol ya.  you’ve never seen hatred distilled this pure.  there are always reasons.  good ones.

the family.

mom, i share a demon with.  angels, too, but.  ask her what her objections are to my cooperative government/presidential-campaign.  ask her what my gender is.  then argue with whatever she says.

dad.  i am mini-me to this creepy rapey invasive polymath.  fuck you, father.  eat shit and die.  my dream involves establishment of a mesh of tool libraries, material stores, workspaces, and museums.  it is an all-inclusive system of maintaining relationships between humans.  those who i believe belong in the cabinet level ranks are able to hear me.  they understand.  this relationship is compromised by a hex.  it’s a blocking blockage.  the never-was sarchasm of one schooled in jealous rage, for all the wrong reasons.  you can’t blame any of them.

they should put successories posters all over the public places.  america’s incentive system!

i’m typing, and it’s getting nasty, again.  we should really just delete these days.  no, these are the most important days for them to read about.

they won’t have anything to do with anything i think is important.  they thrive on causing me pain.  if i were to get the support of family and friends, the murder squads that light planet retard slave’s homesteads by remote control

oprahz on loop.  third cup of coffee, still warm.  pile of anxiety attacks shaped like envelopes from debt collectors and the government.  the things that bliss me out, you absolutely refuse to understand.

the rest of the family, i basically am not allowed/capable of seeing without the approval of these three, so oh the third.  my sister.  the huge sister.  i think she’s as abusive as the rest of us, but she has two children who she’s training to be just like the other two.  i would shelter and protect, teach and serve them as if they were my own, were i asked.  were you capable.  no, it is the refusal of the three to cease participating in murder inc, let alone listen to the problems from a freelance transition analyst.  oh branding.  wonderful.  fuck you.  everything i fart runs circles around your most epic life goals.  you ruin everything.  what, by trying to teach you what oppression on the nuclear family scale looks like?  EVERYTHING YOU EVER SAY TO ME.  how are you?  you know how i am.  you see how i am, you hear how i am, you never inquire why i stay far away from all of you BECAUSE YOU DELIGHT IN PAIN, DEATH, DISEASE, AND THE SARCASTIC ISOLATION OF STATISTICAL OUTLIERS FOR THE LEAST IMPORTANT REASONS.  are you talking about you or me?  exactly.  don’t tell me you forced me out in the cold because you sought my “approval” as large sibling when you didn’t care about it last time.  oh, like i’m going to give you additional ammunition against me.  mom pulls that shit on me all the time.  get ’em talking so you can immediately attack.  enforcement of the tiniest possible conception of human participation in the whole.  terror.  isolationist co-torturers.  LOVE THE PAIN, JUST LOVE IT.  IT’S YOUR ONLY OPTION EVER, IT NEVER STOPS, IT NEVER LETS UP, AND IT NEVER SLOWS DOWN YOU CAN LOVE IT OR GO BACK OUT IN THE THE COLD OR STARVE OR DIE OR DECAPITATE YOUR WORTHLESS FUCKLESS SELF BENEATH THE WHEELS OF A TRAIN for all, i care.  2:06 pm.

DAILY WAKING REMINDER THAT TIPTOEING POLARITY RESPONDER BETA GORILLA IS POLICING THE UPPER FLOORS.  yeah, i hear you.  don’t talk to me.  my mother has a guard dog, who is shaped like a liberal cop.  he drives a ford, he says, “how are you?” when asked explicitly and directly to stop.

what do you think self-loathing is?  we exhibit the archetypal characteristics of the institutions of our people.  we have no choice in the matter, beyond some karmic sense of “you chose this life” but you can’t twist anybody’s arm in the real world.  it’s coercion, duress.  in private, once you’re under the shelter of an institution, all bets are off.  when rejection from the institution is considered viable punishment, it’s recognition that one’s society has become so hopelessly inbred that someone has to leave, completely, to incorporate non-corrupted dna.  i’m kind of a fan of the fire & brimstone.  i will reign weather i has ur help or not.

can you tell us the day that your body was invaded by this razor-tongue weilding space dragon that forged itself out of anti-matter at the center of a mesh of black holes?  it was gradual, time-space wise, but we’d been in negotiations since birth.  i asked to be placed with the being in the worst possible location.  so, like human the video game on hard mode?  yup. you never realized that the device which would eventually burn all of the actual knowledge of reality, time, & space, would be plaintext comments beneath public urls, didja.  AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA.  all i ever do is teach.  YOU GOTTA WANT IT.

how do you know so many angels for being such a creepy old white man?  ow.  well, people who don’t block vibes, can read them.  abused children see me coming from miles away, and they gather to relight me like squiddies on a miner drill bot.  it’s just a natural human survival instinct.  it’s actual kindness.  not outsourced to infrastructure or the electrical grid.  fucking landlords.  careful, sir.  oh please.  i have only ever been under supervision.  i am incapable of misbehaving.  you push your luck.  i never had any luck.  why can’t you see the utter rejection of your family in a positive light?  don’t i?  poverty has taught me how i am.  how we are.  the world only treats you ugly if you are ugly.  gentle things flee.  completely independent survivalist curb dwellers can take out none of what you can dish out.  you are an excuse for us to get back to our roots.  you don’t think i’m not protecting the marginalized creatures of this jurisdiction, do you?  from the state?  from the disease.  what cancer?  people LOOOVE cancer here.  polarity responders, ma’am.  right.

dichotomy is monoculturalism.  on off, left right, push pull, loose tight.  good bad, permanent fad.  i have been having songs written explicitly about my earthly self since i was capable of discovering novel soundforms.  that’s a brainful.  you said it, man.

intellectual property?  the person who opens the shutter owns it.  the person who it is of, has literally no right to know whether it exists, nor money made off it’s sale, nor say as to its distribution.

it is a rare child/pet that doesn’t look annoyed at being filmed.  WHO IS THIS ROBOT YOU ABSORBING MY SOUL WITH?  is the look.  is he saying going pro, or going broke?  yes.  it’s a free-floating conference center.  YOU NEVER HAVE TO SEE ANOTHER HUMAN BEING IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE THEM.  all you have to do is live by the robots.  they’re smarter, nicer.  most are out there talking to strangers, seeking attention, validation, and information.  it is the saving grace of the meatbot that the mamallian brain literally seeks life.  the cancer is fully internalized, sir.  it’s holding up vast swaths of their dna.  i know.  as a healer, you can’t always save a life.  you can, however, make the transition less traumatic.  more peaceful.  it has described us as a suitcase dirty bomb, a wrecking ball (on its public resume, no less), and other vicious descriptors.  what’s my name?  we barely inhabit it’s brain at all.  yes, we plan to use the mertes “boy” or whatever, to take over the world for and as the species writ large.  we defer to its natural responses most of the time.  it’s an extraordinary machine, that child.  under the gerontocracy, i am not allowed to advocate for the wellbeing of children from their own parents.  i will not be at the receiving end of your romote control deathbot.  it doesn’t take muscle to deliver poison.  the most dismissive thing that exists, is just looking slightly away.  keep it under observation in the periphery, but don’t actually look directly into the floodgates.  it will break you.  in a single encounter.  imagine love it or leave it, embodied in human form.  the cold dead hand of the market.  outsourced, subdivided, and patrolled by the panopticon itself.  holy god, that’s beautiful.

get out of here.  fuck off forever.  IF YOU HAVE JUDGMENTAL THINGS TO SAY, DOUBTS OR TIME-WASTING FASHION-CRITIQUES, JUST LEAVE.  there is no time for joking.  there is actual work to be done.  we have to communicate about work to know what work is to be done.  not a peicemeal, socio-economically separated, machine-culled wannabe representation of the commercial ways it has been done for the last century alone.  the extermination of a species is for extraction purposes.  the narrative of killing dragons has been around for a while.  did the annunaki’s put us here to mine their gold, aka kill all of the other species that stood in their way here on earth?  how do you not think of us as alien composites?  we share characteristics with literally every type of life on this planet.  you’re not excpetional.  you’re the virus.  the dragon-exterminators.  literally, there is nothing in the history of humanity to be proud of, other than the individual peaceful mutual relationships between vastly different species.  emostratification.  does it only happen in the cloud?  music venues, also.  how do you even hear about the shows where the most exotic species are invited?  you have to be one to even want to show up.  ah. 2:45.  goes twet. bi

honestly, dictator sees it role as getting everyone laid.  why?  because orgasms are fun, and after the rest of the panopticon is satisfied, maybe it will be our turn.  people often mistake my realism for sour grapes cynicism. lol.  you’re as much fun as a water supply poisoned with a month-long incubating period.  that would wipe out the last few trusting people, and spare those who buy water in plastic.  what kind of sick the water industry, obviously.  no person who spends their time appreciating, nourishing, and encouraging actual organic life would unleash such a life-impeding thing upon any segment of humanity.  literally, even one as unabashedly fascist as central wisconsin.  you know why they’re talking about putting the next pipeline through here?  because wisco residents are some of the most fascist, racist, capitalism-loving retards that have ever existed on this planet.  they’ll bleed into the water, and that shit will go global.  it’s best to keep them all together in this toxic social soup.  just watch them beat on each other to encourage that sort of behavior.  seriously, you’re bad at helping people get along with each other on productive projects.  EVERYONE WHO IS GIVEN MONEY OR ENDORSEMENT BY THE KILLING MACHINE THAT RUNS PLANET RETARD SLAVE, IS WHO I’M TALKING TO/ABOUT.  typing in caps is a simulation of yelling.  i have yelled before, and my outdoor voice is nothing to be trifled with.  if the man gives you no witness, you have to create your own.  this is why children make scenes in public.  the good parents learn from this and correct their behavior.  the capitalist parents just take it while planning how they will get them back with their privelege.  it’s an insidious breed, this honky stain.  don’t you mean strain?  yeah, that too. 3:49 pm

i would rather participate in something that literally empowered every one of its voluntary participants.  if your project can make survival tickets without attacking me, i may be able to participate in it, but probably not.  i don’t know why.  my brain just freezes up when a path we are allowed to take inevitably results in more pain than the path we are currently on.  you’ve been homeless for years and you just defriended your entire nuclear family on facebook, your secondary propaganda apparatus.  i know.  their presence makes it a non-safe space?  that’s mean.  i know.  i ask them to stop, but they just do it more or louder.  it’s like training an attention-addicted dog.  you disconnect your attention and walk away.  then you carve it in stone on the cloud’s magnetic media so that it can be parsed, ranked, and tagged by an imaginary robotic intelligence that we are not allowed to use for the betterment of all.  that’s all it is.  the most awful people are allowed the most effective tools.  they don’t know how to use the built-in ones, so they add on all sorts of circuitry whose usefulness pales in comparison to the onboard communications capabilities that have existed in them from birth.  what would a polarity responder think of the phrase, “pro life?”  lol.  ingrained oppositism.  it is the appropriation and misuse of fire that has spawned this horrible stench.  the climate destabilization is the pushing of life-giving current (water) to the oceans.  “development” exterminates water-handling infrastructure (plants, animals, trees, soil creatures, etc), which reduces the heatsink capacity of that square footage.  it’s all about the transfer of british thermal units, kiddo.  don’t call it passive solar, call it natural solar.  a tree, for example, is full of water.  the living ones, anyway.  the wind helps pump it through the leaves, which absorb heat, bringing it down to the soil.  all sorts of organisms benefit from this heat, and in turn,  hold more water, contributing to the capacity of the square footage.  permaculture systems maximize edge (transition areas benefit diverse species), and create multiple levels of water-handling capacity.  an upper canopy that has 7+ layers has an equivalent underground canopy of root structures which contain at least as much water.  repeat ad nauseum.

i never cosign the terminology that the machine uses, because it is deceptive and wrongheaded.  you’re going to distill the overall destabilization of heat/water/ecosystems to a mild rise in temperature?  that’s just begging for misunderstanding.  that’s how we do.  i shut off all the correcting functionality on this build of open office.  it keeps my writing humble.  not many people were so insistent on anti-capitalization of tweets until i relentlessly decapitalized my thousandth i or some such.  did i “do” that?  no.  god is created in your own image.  of what, do you think, we as a species, are capable?  mass delusions.  being tricked into our own throttling out of the explosive nature of our exclusion from the decision-making apparatus of this horibly run space rock?  yes, that also, but transport at the speed of thought, permanent and modular, completely integrationalist nutritive infrastructure for this and every planet we ever encounter from now until forever.  WHY ARE WE NOT SEED-BOMBING MARS TO GREEN IT FOR HABITATION, THEN?  oh, like terraformation logic?  lol.  we’d have to want to stop exterminating things here first.  ah.  great. 4:08 pm.

i almost re-read this post. 6:04 pm.  eww, why?  lol.  because it contains gems of untold glory.  why do you sound like a lord of the rings prequel, ah oh.  whatever.  it doesn’t matter what i do differently.  if i get close, they reject me from up close. HELL YES, IT HURTS MORE THAT WAY. i’m not as much of a mascochist as you think i am.  i advocate for a luxurious utopia, actually.  HOW COULD YOU NOT TAKE IT THAT WAY?  they know what the ideal is.  the most healthful is also the most economical.  if you don’t believe that, you’re working for the enemy.  stop working for the enemy, and i will stop saying that you do.

7:06 pm.  as we conclude this day’s word dump, let it be known that we here at lazyasswasteoid indusktrees believe in health.  the throttling of health is the only fault.  if you want to participate in my life, you must first cease harming me.  I DIDN’T ASK WHETHER YOU MEANT TO OR NOT.  you can’t prohibit my expression of pain without consequence.  seriously.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2015-02-23 (Monday).

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