it may come back to me

did ya ever just kill processes in windows to see if you could crash the os, and realize they’re pretty much all adware, backdoors, spyware, and tracking processes.  what do you expect, it’s proprietary software.  those programmers signed non-compete contracts, and if they wanted to eat, they had to fulfill the fiduciary duties of the shareholders, you know.  monies the master.  that’s capitalism. for you. 5:31 pm, february 19, 2015.  happy lamb lambkin cosset ewe dam sheep kid goat ram buck flock fold herd year.

so i was dropping off close to six months worth of trash in the fire station dumpster.  i thought of it as the pigtard dumpster at the time, and still do actually, but i thought it was ironically hilarious, like, well like most every ridiculous part of my puny little existence.  you mean the all-encompassing global denomination camp pain?  something.  i am poised to represent gaia.  not just one geometric segment, socio-economic cross-section, mind you.  the entire floaty spaced rock.  we need to get the honesty to be the default.  no more tolerating horrible behavior and completely innocuous/unrelated characteristics.  we recognize potential in everything, and take it as it is.  if it is destructive, it is quarantined, put with its like/opposite, and is either healed or culled.  celebrated regardless, honestly.  HOW COULD THERE BE ANYTHING BUT A GLORIOUS DEATH?  it means your time here is complete.  that’s cause for celebration, no matter how you slice it.

parsing your work as/to demographics, in the competitive ownership paradigm, tells your audience, specifically, which of them are “allowed” to enjoy your brand/content/project.  this is a limitation, is it not?  because people are looking for specific things, aren’t they?  not necessarily.  why do you corrall and group people like that.  you’re just begging for mistrust & fightiness ah.  that’s why.  the profit drive has to be reinforced constantly, because it doesn’t naturally exist.

· dubious consent
· subtrigger networth
· fare use
· non-traditional skewdent
· speeder kindlea
· squeaker kimchedea
· porklamedea

6:28 pm.  you don’t have to draw the same sort of appreciation from an artist’s entire career.  there are no rules with what you’re drawn to.  my technique is to drop things as and where they are, and perhaps return to them when my mind is in another state.  it also allows me to say, “i haven’t seen it” and hyper-insistent tv fanatics with whom i want to share some silent co-existence can have our reality tunnels emotively flung about by for-profit television in conveniently sized chunks so that our fear of each other is either reaffirmed dimished, or entirely eliminated.  i can’t spend my life watching/listening to violence fetishists.  i can’t abide haters.  I WILL NOT BE CONSTANTLY INTERRUPTED BY DERAILING DOUBTERS WHO DO NOT LOG AND PUT THEIR COMMENTS UP ON THE CLOUDS FOR JUDGMENT BY THE GREAT ALL.  god?  no, users.  participants.  those who have non-violent opinions and who are willing to share them.  what about those with violent opinions?  do not they have rights?  they believe, by definition of their violent/restrictive opinions, that violence/restriction need be done to them.  but they saythey think it should be done to others. yes.  exactly.  that is how you know.  know what?  that they are the disease.  there’s no arguing with a reever. debate is the realm of fightiness for the sake of fightiness, and power tripping robots that will resort to a sock in the jaw do not respect anything short of their own medicine.  it’s just physics.  am i spoouting new aged political philosophy, or am i teaching physics?  i don’t see it as advanced.  it’s some of the most reality-based stuff there is.  space itself.  what does the brain-dead consumerist herd know of politics anyway?  OR SCIENCE, FOR THAT MATTER.  when the only truth is contained in the minority reports, defending the maim streams becomes itself the problem, not a viable “position” to take.

before the internet, slavery existed.  for a long time, it was called that.  but some people started to take the non-subjugation language that actually makes sense, and started to apply it to things to which it had been previously, not applied.  they had to change the name.  the same things kept happening, but now only a few people heard about them.  gatekeepers.  the information nodes.  the aware ones.  the fearless tend to be executed publicly, still, as examples.  the most intelligent are drien underground, because the gatekeepers believe them a) not to actually exist because if they did, nothing they do is ethical and b) dangerous.  danger is a relative thing, though.  those teeth are protective measures.  survival measures

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2015-02-19 (Thursday).

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