how could your business not be guns when you steal your own very lifeblood?

waupaca public library.  4:08 pm.  went to the bathroom to wash the smell of resin off my fingers and fill my water bottle which is a 16?oz gatorade bottle that i found in the trash can of the “men’s room” and on the way out, noticed an issue of “guns & ammo” in the spot labeled for “business insider” and it made me laugh.  this is impossible.

i thought you were some posi-spouting, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, it’s all, but then now this, and you know, the actual reality of your life.  great.  what now?  we’ve become completely disconnected from our own stream of consciousness.  who is even talking?  it’s always dictator.  it never lets anyone else drive.  oh.

so what

if we don’t

get it

again this time

lol.  that just means get some permanent ink starting with my face & hands, & get to work on our rap album.  lol.  seriously, a rap album.  i may even spit a few barres myself.  god help us.  lol.  is this one of those uber-social guessed dee jays everything’s, or froo frighters bobbin mcfaerie SOLO DON’T @ ME projex.  both.  i don’t know.  i can only time travel through the past, and my skills in that are even waning lately.  we have skills?  shut up.  stop silencing her.  great.  you do have affeminite aspects, actually.  they’re not allowed out up here.  like, latitude or this neighborhood of the BMI range?  ugh, both obviously.  i’m a prettier boy rn, so i pass as male rn.  pass as male?  yuh huh.  yeah, you have.  i can only assume nobody wants to ask or i don’t have the script that explains it any shorter than thes entire [micro]bloggy sub-urls.  jesus fuck nobody knows what you mean at all.  everyone who wants to know, knows exactly what i mean, every time i mean something.  of this i am, quite sure. 4:18 pm.

eddy grant – electric avenue

the links don’t transfer to the phone, and i haven’t taken the time to find a file format that moves as easily between platforms.  yesterday, i worked without internet on the keyboard bot.  it’s my typewriter. no ocr necessary.  and again, limited connectivity.  the wifi card on this dell latitude d600 is all wonky.  i keep her on a strict no frills xp build, occasionally booted from usb on whatever version of puppy linux i can install on a whim.  i like keeping those parts of our brain stretched, kinda.  uh huh.  sorta like how we do yoga?  just enough to make us not feel completely atrophied again, and then back to stationary meditation.  are you judging me?  what is worth judging, if not you?  you’re the worst leach i’ve ever seen!  thanks.  do you not see any worth in any of this?  what does it matter whether i do?  nobody pays for it, so it is inherently worthless.  BY DEFINITION.  i am going to get an editing bot to compile tweet books and whatnot.  i think your future drive is seriously busted.  my internal time traveler?  lol.  you don’t have a jarvis.  there is no personal operating system that is capable of that which you want it to perform.  are you kidding?  each of my circuitry partners is entirely capable of any of these things.  we could script this stuff in pretty much any language.  they’re just project forks for the cooperative.  expound on that.  limb it, the self-publication service, which prepares participants as specimens in a sort of museum/library.  electronic access to the entire archive.  controlled by us.  how do you know what information about you is shared unless you build the tools by which it is shared?  every house will have a central server, whether brick & mortar or car-based nano-camper.  if you’re in the sovreign realm of the commons, you have access.  literally, when you give every citizen the right to rewrite the constitution daily, the real-time citizens line-item-veto?  yes.  you do pay attention some times, don’t you.  sometimes your rambling connects to actual things.  sorta thanks, i suppose.

· sorta thanks
· anti-same
· me url
· i fell alsleep like dis
· mumu

lol.  nobody else is laughing at those.  who cares?  literally, my life is meaningless.  everyone says so.  i’m not allowed to have an impact on anyone’s life, because then they’d have to think of the government as their family/employer/responsibility/home/boss/survival, and everyone needs to not think that way for their own personally legitimate reasons.  you jump around a lot.  i’m a regular badger student section, aren’t i.  eat shit.  fuck you.  lol.  ask an alum 4:41 pm.

electric avenue has been on repeat.  the lyrics are poignant.  7:17 pm.  listened to a lot of eddy grant.  lots of politically relevant lyrics.

things my twitter feed should be parsed into, if possible:

· playlist of current sounds as youtube, bandcamp, soundcloud, or other links
· political ranting
· responses
· wikipedia entries
· emoji, symbols, art
· pictures
· aphorisms

i don’t know what else you could want in a twitter account.  HOW ABOUT AN INCOME?  yeah, we have to do that for someone else.  some entity that makes money.  we don’t have that gene.  blame me for my upbringing, do you?  YOU WERE RAISED BY COMPETITIVE CISGENDER CAPITALISTS WHO INSULTED YOUR oh, right.  i see.  i don’t know that you do.  mistrust my account/vision, do you?  does it have foundations?  quite.

i have been thinking recently about speech, and what are acceptable opinions to have.  acceptable opinions?  yeah, like if you think a different type of person is “bad” and should either a) not be how they are or b) die, go away, or be silent, that your opinion is essentially forfeit, if not your life.  how’s that?  if you threaten someone’s life, they can kill you in self defense.  it’s not murder, it’s preservation of their life.  what if your “political beliefs” amount to removing the difficult and tenuous source of survival that a person does have?  does nobody care about economies of scale?  lol.  nobody with access to them uses them for anything but speedier, more efficient genocide.  it’s an insidious beast, the cisgender gerontocracy.  it will threaten you with death with every single thing it does, then claim it has the right to threaten you.  unfortunately, it does.  rights are a strange heirarchical, time/space-sensitive/dependent myth pushed by the same people who say that anything like “equality” exists between consciousnesses, some of which are confined to single rooms, and some of whom have been jetsetters since birth.  what equality do you have when you’re prohibited from most places people go, by the simple fact that you must exchange whatever currency the present political monopoly states is the allowable means of exchanging debt?  is it debt, or equity?  yes.  stop forcing things into an either-or binary.  that’s fascism.  YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE AND THEN YOUR MONEY.  yeah, how is a person raised in fascist hell going to not be fascist?  i have no idea, but i am here.  still.  i am alive, not exactly thriving, but alive alert aware & … no not that. 7:35 pm.

as an undergraduate, i took a course entitled “enthusiasm and mental excess” in which we read philosohpical accounts of, what, some sort of posi-bezerkerism.  something.  cressida cowell recounts old norse myths in her “how to train your dragon” series.  ten books so far, but in them there is a race(?) of humans who are called the bezerks.  when agitated sufficiently, they exhibit a state of superhuman strength, perhaps an emotive rage, which is revered by the warring clans.  i think i have some of that in my blood, is all.  that was the point.  like hulk, but perhaps less so.  who knows.

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