pi o’clock on president’s day

school’s out.  time to go to work.  ah yes.  the old “this time-wasting twitter-surfing property-amalgamating dream is a legitimate thing to spend your time at” ruse.  uh huh.

return letter.  edit as necessary until no pain is felt. (dead prez – “they” schools)

dear tyler,
i have been thinking a lot about all of your online proposals.  part of me wishes i could go 100% in every category, but i’m going to delay that at least until some of the permacultural infrastructure take root onsite, including medical/dental/mechanic services.  if it takes off, it shouldn’t take long.

that being said, we will rotate permaculture designs into the non-irrigated farmland first, with space for onsite housing in code compliant tree & underground housing.  earthships & whatnot.  as long as the land trust tracks & staffs the maintenance & construction, and as long as we, as a familial entity, maintain the right of block, of plans, process, or people.  i like that this letter will be timestamped and included in the trust database, forever associated with these property segments that their participants may know the history of the capitalist enterprises which ultimately freed them.

as far as the homestead itself, we’d like to keep the main house the paternal/maternal couple & guests for sleep occupation for now, but daylight permaculture operations in the outbuildings could extend to the main homestead, pending ala carte approval. The 3-person tiny house, retractable floor for concert venue balcony, & tracked wind-driven transport shuttle designs all seem feasible and appropriate for the secondary residence.    let us know when the specs and computer simulations have completed, and put us in the project plan as potential skilled laborers.  i like the idea of decibel & light sensors to protect our precious sleeping weather during events we do not attend, and i like the open invite to these events as well.  i understand that any mc duties are subject to consensus, but we all plan to integrate ourselves into the crews/circuits, not only as oversight, but to learn and expand our own capabilities.

projects we’d like to see realized:
· perimiter bike/ski loop trail
· stationary wind-driven flywheels & gravity batteries
· hillside minimalist wooded earthships
· rainwater collection/routing
· electric/pedal farm vehicles
◦ mule/multipurpose utility
◦ tractor/grader/water-tank
◦ motorcycle/e-bike with trailer

we will continue our operations in parallel with off-the-grid installations/procedures/endeavors, but we are intrigued by the idea of our “industrial wastes” or the excesses of our operations, being used to equip vehicle electrification projects, and the onsite electric motor/battery/capacitor lab can only assist our operations, regardless of future direction.  same for biogas.  we already have the fork trucks that run on compressed fuels, as you well know.  we all like the idea that our old equipment be used to house/shape, or serve as the foundation for new tech.  as the space capacity of our properties are nearly limitless, or at the very least, more dependent on future participant interest than space, we suspect our land could develop into a fully functional society, independent of established jurisdictions, or it could become the breadbasket/ourpost of food ninjas from nearby municipalities.

i appreciate the time and thought you have put into these designs, and we look forward to sharing our time and space with you and other participants in this full consensus operation.


well, isn’t that quaint.  no.  that’s the first property we got fullscale designs for.  why didn’t we go to engineering school?  architecture at least?  we didn’t know, or, more specifically, we did this.  we are only one person.  lol.  are we.  at the moment.  look, i don’t have dependents, because i am incapable of capitalistic enslavement of myself.  that’s really why you set this whole thing up, right?  partially.  i mean, while true that non-supervised project/group work will allow me to gain local credits i may exchange for my own quiet place to eat, sleep and shit, the main reason for this thing is to find partners.  how does that work again?  participant 1 has submitted an accompaniment request.  it is nonspecific, open-ended, and does not expire.  would you care to hear suggested shared activities?  ok.  contact of typ…ok, what else.  cooking/food projects.  shared circuits, bike or pedestrian.  co-work, on projects initiated by you, me, or anyone else.  will be verified/approved by as many of your karass as requested before first contact, if desired.  ok.  i think i get it.  it’s all very systematic.  it’s gentle and honest, too.  dictator needs to know that regardless of population density, that it can complete circuits without vocal interruption.  seriously?  absolutely.  the human tradition/requirement of verbal check-ins as a matter of course is how the patriarchal cage industry keeps abuse everpresent.  you are serious.  these practices can heal us.  i have seen them work.  i have also seen them collapse.  you know nothing of human interactions.  i know more about human interaction than co-prohibitionists do.  i have more patience with enslaved drama addicts than, well, anyone i have ever met.  that doesn’t narrow it down much.  fair enough.  did you consider me an intelligent, capable person when we interacted regularly?  of course.  well, i am much more so now.  i merely have higher standards of interaction, and i value my time, safety, and the time and safety of those around me to a degree i could not have predicted when i was set on the path of capitalist exploitation.  well.  it is.  i am.  6:42 pm.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2015-02-16 (Monday).

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