happy february

4:52 pm, superbowl sunday

the truck stop is as dead as i hoped.  new waitress, old friend’s shift.  hey buddeh.

i can only flirt with multiple people at once.  if there’s only one i get all squirmy.  local safety gang warned against contact, lest hands go where they’re not supposed to.  fascists put it in issue, then punish you publicly for responding.  complaining about fascism is boring, and it makes the fascists pissed and meaner than they were.  you wouldn’t think it’s possible, but it always is.  double down.  entrench.  starting blocks set GO

so i want to bring all my shit together and have other people bring stuff they’d rather have money or other things they need/want for, and have a good internet connection so people with laptops & phones can do online work while the physical work is done.  i say work like including food preparation, plasma cutting, welding, code writing, legal research, any of the open source project labs, animal grooming & training, etc.

kingsman.  there’s a tv in here, on some sitcom. the game is visible over my right shoulder.  i’m in the boss booth office chair.  amongst the population, any of the inmates can take you out at any point, if they have reason to.  i never give reason to do anything but peaceable, healthful contact.  the game is on this tv now, too. 5:11 pm.

what are you trying to do?  create the habit of replicable housecleaning that permanently upgrades the landscape and the houses of participants.  in other words, since i do this as often as possible, nonstop, without pay, partnership, or interruption, really, of any other capitalist processes around me, that we should do my house first.  because, primarily, i don’t have one.  i did ok in my mobile tiny house.  under another’s roof, all the old problems have returned.  anxious as hell.  are people here worse now?  no, you’re more sensitive to it.  well, yeah.

our parents’ generation’s teeny music was racist & rapey.  90’s kids will remember whiny grungy emo goth countered commercially by hyperaggro. every old person applies profitable-medicine driven title to younger generation’s more particular documented, and personalized requests for respect.  THE WARS MUST GO ON.  BECAUSE THE CHILDREN WILL TAKE OVER OTHERWISE, AND THEN WHAT?  um, unprecedented peace & elimination of the concept of prosperity?  oh, right.  universal free green silent transport for anyone.

8 pm. working in puppy, booting from a usb drive with all the puppy system files neatly contained in a folder called SYSLINUX.  i have been trying to figure out how to do this for years.  literally, years.  you can use  to install linux to a usb drive right from windows. i still want to figure out how to put the puppy install in a folder with a different name, because i want multiple builds available from which to select when i boot from the usb drive.  as it is now, i can only boot from the build in the syslinux folder.  it makes for a neat thumbdrive root directory, if you dont mind all caps.

next day, 4:49 pm.  absorbing alan watts because it’s pure genius.  child as candidate for humanity, from society is a hoax.  i was mashing it with azelia banks, swarrrm, and nekropheliac. subhuman.  indeed (6:27 pm. 2nd pass)

people take turns verbally beating on each other around me in order to make me leave so they won’t ever have to hear the questions i have for them that will align their stated intentions for the future with their actual survival needs and the survival needs of as many other people as want to participate.  if you vote for me, it’ll just be the inclusive, funded form.  not a single one of you want anything anywhere near this, do you.  oh, you’re one of the ones who doesn’t thrive on heirarchy, huh?  perpetual frustration is capialism’s bread and butter.  literally, it’s how it strong-arms compliance from the herd.  oh, you’re not a domesticated animal, huh?  nah, neither am i.  feral af.  doesn’t do well in cage of any size.

windows can’t connect to the network on this hardware, but puppy can.  it’s wonky, though.  unstable.  and abi write won’t let me select words with control-alt-arrow keys.  these things put themselves in my path and i test them.  twice, upon installing open office in puppy, it crashed.  hard crash, blank screen. no clue how to, nor desire to dig through logs to diagnose.  it’s all in ram, so nothing was actually written to disk anyway.  i’ll just go back to an earlier version of the software that has a combination of networking, sound, and word processing that work with this hardware.  you have pretty high standards.  i know, right?  other things have always worked.  browsers, media players.  haven’t really tested those long term or with big files.  i use some of the same software on windows, so i imagine relative stability.  this is my circuit.  i test software.  i break systems.  the monuments of maintenance.  can you even imagine an automated grown structure?  not if you don’t want to.  oh please.  like i am responsible for preserving this imagination.  nobody else thinks it’s important.  self-preservation of this unique consciousness is our top priority.  that salsa was bad news.  i know.  unrefrigerated dollar store salsa & easy mac.  stop those.  and beer.  we have to stop taking in a majority of our calories from beer.  uh huh.  we have to sell what we make.  we make words.  make words people like.  people only seem to like violence & competition, even in their words.  i can’t work with that.  this is a dead end.  aren’t we all.

my sister said hello to me.  she ran & hid after, but she actually said hi, gently, without feigned excitement & enthusiasm.  she impresses me.  all of them impress me, WHEN THEY’RE NOT BEING COMPLETE SHITHEADS.  cripes.  help me get out from under my family.  i don’t want another boss, ever.  i am unable.  dear god.  i almost don’t care what you say about me, because i am only that which i do and that which i say.  outside interpretations, although a sick appropriationistic feature of capitalism, authority, & obfuscation mischeifness.  mischeiviety.  miscreantiss.  my writing looks much less yelly with the spell & grammar check turnt off.  no, i want you to see the nail slips, the freudian slips, and the plink slips.  don’t call my phoneticism typo.  shortened abbreviated asshole words for banishment.  excommunication of verbalized exclusivity.

so, you know how you’re supposed to do things to become comfortable doing things.  yeah.  we have been running for president for a long time.  sorta.  are you still convinced that you’re the top candidate for the jobs?  absolutely.  i wouldn’t be here if i wasn’t.  you’ve never heard of a katriarch who puts executive power in the will of such tiny androgenous critters.  rang dumbized. tweetage.  there was more to these thought patterns.  i like twitter because it cuts out all the extra words.  these longform diatribes provoke my ire.  how is it you still have ire to provoke? how couldn’t i?  i still live here.  i still have to walk to this spot to do this thing that i do.  why do i have to speculate on who might enjoy it, benefit from it, or attach to it?  i can’t narrow my scope, that’s the very system this open-sourcing seeks to trump.  aha.  inclusionist heirarchy?  no.  it isn’t going to take generations to exterminate competitive idiocy.  i’ll give it a week.  what about the trolls and sabateurs and infiltrating fuckstains who run shits now?  their creature comforts and whatnot ought be provided for as much as everyone’s, so why would they want to disrupt their own survival?  WHO KNOWS?  WHY DO THEY NOW?  because they’re denied executive level data and design input.  if they had that, what, exactly would they rebel against?  the rights of others?  we will collectively exterminate them for documented and witnessed acts.  pyramidic inversion.  5:25 pm.

we have imagined infiltration procedures for schools, municipalities, families, industrial businesses, foodservice businesses, farms, building contractors, permaculture designers.  we are the crop mob flex force.  we are the humans union.  we are the cure to the disrespect that the gerontocracy forces upon us.  kneel & bow if you want to ruin your knees.  i have no interest in dying.  this is the health.  talking through the keyboard, tweeting hyperdense gems.  greeting kind dispersed grins.  entish birbspaek, alpha node pens.  i know nothing.  pay me to stop.


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