the persistent delusion of tyranny

oh what a tangled web wee weave.

beev cleav & the greive bleed

now children, please open the class wiki and who would like to vocalize today?  yes, go.  today’s lesson is advanced physics.  we start with the advanced physics because recent advances in advanced physics haven’t been echoed in elementary physics, and having encountered these data/phenomenon, we must share it with others that we may lead more healthful lives.

next day: 2:18 pm, bank said 2:12 when i got to my workstation.  i thought you carried your workstation on your back?  yeah well we plant it in a few spots along this wall.  back in the library, huh?  yes.  i harass a lot fewer baristas when i work on the city/county juice.  who pays for this heat anyway?  TAXPAYERS DO.  THE WORKING POOR DO.  shouldn’t government buildings use passive solar?  THEN THE PLEBES WOULD LEARN HOW TO LIVE FREE. or die.  someone just gets harassed to death, forced out of their home, or just literally executed in public, any time someone “speaks freely” in the united states.  such is the case of free speech.  holy jesus fuck. TEXAS CHRISTIANS, WHY DO YOU SUPPORT THE PROHIBITION OF HEALTH?  to send the gentles off-grid.  you’re just prolonging your own agony, with all of this.  what else can we do.  we have a history to attend to.

i had an ah-ha moment on my walk to work.  in a military society, you have to sexually repress the children so that they’re ready to kill by the time they turn 18.  who else would do the killing?  it’s practically all superhuman weaponized drones, now.  you can’t see the deforestation BECAUSE YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN A TREE THAT’S GROWN EVEN 5% OF IT’S POTENTIAL LIFETIME.  fucking extinctionists.  you are like an alien parasite, INVADE HOARDE DECIMATE.  you can see what you’re doing, can you not?  you’re thriving on other people’s pain.  YOU’RE LITERALLY KILLING CHILDREN AND LAUGHING ABOUT IT.  it’s the way of the world.  dystopian hell is for those who can read fast enough and remember most clearly the most painful, traumatic events.  hoo rah!  stop saying that.  stop repeating anything.  any phrase, just quit it.  ARE YOU TRYING TO ESTABLISH YOUR KARASS IN CASE OF SOME RAW ORGANIC TIME-TRAVELING IDENTITY VERIFICATION SCHEME?  this is real-time, children.  one footed gravers.  aand every alphabet nomenclatured generation.  it’s funny, in an information-withholding, lie-thriving society, the oldest people seem much less likely than i would imagine a natural-law-surviving elder, to be agile, capable, in mind body and spirit.  everything goes when it must, but some of these plastified oilfield dwellers understand maintenance of the global hatersphere is a full-time job.  all your beer is elsinor, & all your heroes hollow.  say goodbye, don’t follow.  apologies for having given you the impression i had potential and thanks for ensuring my expectations of failure are met, 100% despite years of crying.  into a keyboard.

every time you complain to the upward, in a standard, dysfunctional, profit-driven environment, life gets restricted as a consequence.  it’s as if the middle manager says:  i know these conditions are inhumane.  why do you think i got this job?  so your life is ruined under anyone’s control, any chance of happiness or connection with others depends on the approval of LITERALLY EVERY OTHER PERSON YOU WALK PAST ON THE STREET, or it’s just, disapproval.  stinkface.  jealous giggle.  some outcast people i’ve met seem to hate people as much as me, but most of the job havers view the most vicious psychopaths as comedians.  get ’em going so they kill a bunch of people.  what is there to hope for under crapitulatism but living within the blast radius of a major industrial disaster that levels your insured property?  um, finding a partner, having a pet, cooking healthy food for a really huge family every day for the rest of my life, farming, building, moving freely about this beautiful planet without having to ask for permission.  what is your deal with asking for permission?  i don’t know.  i had it drilled into me that “begging” was bad.  i have a difficult enough time living on food stamps.  asking people for gas or cash?  i’d just break down crying.  children would stomp me to death for being such a weakling.  anyone with a gun would just roll their eyes and execute me so that my brain would drain into the gutter.  CURB STOMP RIOT.  those are my, i just got an image of how to write my autobiography.  as if you weren’t you?  yup.  capable of initiating contact, communication, or kindness.  ahahahhaha.  that would be a page turner.  we could use that stage-dive scene and animate a bunch of models for open source transport conversions we haven’t built yet.  what if lazyasswasteoid had been born a success?  you were on course.  yeah the capitalist course.  wait, how am i not still on course?  oh, i dunno.  cash, respect, A PLACE TO LOCK YOUR BODY WHILE YOU SLEEP.  calm, we can easily word our entire lifestyle as luxurious.  oh, here we go.

this is what the omnicoop will do, for all of us.  it will give the least of us, in any given category of pleasurable life, what the best of us, those with the best possible situation, have now.  right of communication, right of transport, right of health, right of existence, right of housing, anywhere and at all times.  all the “bad” activity resides in the nooks and crannies of these really poor divisions.  did you realize capitalist oligarchic districting promotes war?  not war within the halls of congress, the senate, or whatever your governing “body” happens to be called, but WAR AT HOME AMONGST AND BETWEEN NEIGHBORS.  those whom you drink the same water NO WE DON’T, eat the same food YEAH RIGHT, and occupy the same spaces ROADS, MAYBE.  the divisions are staggering.  the difference in living space, what is that, a personal preference thing?  you’re allowed as much space as you have friends willing to finance your life by participating in it economically.  if you aren’t capable of interacting with people financially, you are allowed to climb into the stores of bureaucracy and hope that they don’t decide to lock you in a cage or a padded room for being smarter than the average domesticated, dehumanized slave.  is a book a hail mary?  i’ve been writing for a long time.  is a collection of my twitter haiku a hail mary?  THOSE PROCESSOR CYCLES ARE DEDICATED TO PURE UNADULTERATED TRUTH.  hehe.  they are.  human rights, renter’s rights, taxpayer’s rights, citizen’s rights, the right to go amongst those who are snap judging skintone/god disapprovers who believe their rights include misplaced anger.  THE POOR AND DOWNTRODDEN MAKE EVERY SOCIETY.  WE CAN MAXIMIZE RESOURCES ON MINIMAL EFFORT IF WE CARE.  to love is to learn, to practice is to do, to participate is to share time for a common goal.  if you redistribute any potential windfall, rather than isolating it, YOU WOULDN’T BE SO GODDAMN PARANOID ABOUT YOUR NEIGHBOR.  global, local, alien or other.

what was talking about speciesism?  dystopia, was it?  checking the phone.  3:01 pm.  it was phobia.  their 2014 album, grind core.  it’s good. i’m listening again.

now listening to napalm death/insect warfare split from 2013.  it’s 5:32 pm, and i have a sideache, a stitch, from sitting and tweeting kinda hunched over.  my health is awful. internal support is difficult without external support.  my external support all comes from people i’ve never met.  ok, a few of the people i’ve met contribute to my health/happiness, sort of.  this is boring, huh.  rough draft, brain dump, stream of consciousness.  how do i perform a sql query of my tweets?  umm, open up the archive & script a parsing pattern to assemble it in excel.  then export it to access.  i don’t know what the source code of the archive looks like, but it’s proprietary, and it doesn’t open on android.  proprietary software is intentionally difficult to work with.  restriction culture.  you have to pay more if you want the whole truth.  there has to be an easier way.  no kidding.  do we have any clever programmers on our side?  we don’t have any people at all on our side, sir.  all allies are animals.  mostly birds, lot of cats, dogs still capable of discerning human threats beyond their fearful handlers.  most of the handlers are fearful.  it’s the united states of america.  great war exporter to the planet.  why wouldn’t they be scared, or rather, how?  have you seen their “entertainment” or “news” choices lately?  no, i avoid those like the plague/men.  well, they’re awful.  i know.  i can’t protect anyone from something that they refulse to protect themselves from, and i can’t absorb every last drop of vitriol until your persistent delusion of tyranny is satisfied.  or rather, i won’t.

all i have are ideas.  i put them here, and it satiates my desire to have a voice.  it validates my claim that i “work” without pay, or “write” without being published on mashed bleached shredded tree guts.  you really have something agsinst paper, don’t you.  as long as it’s used to hold temporary words so inefficiently, yeah.  i have problems with everything.  look, i haven’t had a “real” job since what, 2002?  i’m incapable of playing a starving teenager.  oh please, what other words even describe your sophomoric horniness & existential whining?  lol.  touche.  or, a lifetime of closely examined behavior, programming, and photography in preparation of the planetary transition from hateful exclusion to loving embrace of range/diversity/everything.  that’s a little better.  i am unique.  i make no claims to be anything other than not alike another.  i have sources, and they are the minority reports, “crazy”, beautiful & genius.  WHY WOULD YOU INTERPRET A GENIUS?  there is no need of re-explanation if words are intended to provide truth to all as fast as it is needed and as completely as possible.  in an open-source consent society, the only people who would complain would be those used to getting away with abuse/harm/enslavement of others.  i don’t think we will end up using their old methods of quarantine/impede/terminate.  integration?  positive conditioning.  look, it’s a big world.  it’s going to have to include a lot of unsavory characters.  sweet.  yeah, but as we put them together on tasks, or in homes, i expect two things to happen: 1) the karass will self-select, and find peace or 2) crass, intentionally disruptive behavior/words will cease to be a draw, and will make literally the vast majority of humans perfectly compatible with one another for daily interaction, sharing, reproduction, and other types of creation.

best of the best of the best of the best of the best, sir.  for everyone.

globetrotting beggars on a scouting mission.  permaculturing properties & consciousness addition.

what do you see your role as?  cog in the war machine, or CRUSHER OF THE JUGGERNAUT IN FAVOR OF ORGANISMS AND LIFE ITSELF?  now who’s being dichotomous?  lol.  I AM THE DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD.  i am the triangular bayonet.  i am general rent stryker, i am the helical net.

good got 2 inches short of free pages!  it is thursday.  what does that have to do with anything?  i dunno.  something about thor.  mjölnir.  thor’s variable-mass warhammer-shaped satellite?  there’s something otherworldly going on with his stabilizing arm.  yeah, he’s a god.  but that leather strap holds the spinning mass of the thing without snapping.  it’s gotta be some sort of nano-material.  lol.  comical physics.  we should be designing the corrugation roller.  the sheet connector.  those are lab projects.  we need to do more testing.  the solar crimper?  look, we’re not even sure that we’re not going to melt and reforge all this aluminum.  i am not attached to scales.  they might be amazing, but they might not be feasible.  they’re going to be a lot more complex than i have planned thus far.  false, occam.  they will be done in the most function-inclusive technique possible.  like where people download the jigs off the internet, 3d print them at home, and bring the finished components together for near-immediate assembly?  yeah.  of course the assembly should be unattended.  completely manual.  dictator takes both forks in the road and goes straight, simultaneously.  i love the inevitability of logical impossibilities.  it’s a symptom of having been raised by christians. 6:02 pm.

are we nearly done here?  maybe.

did we even finish that classroom scenario?  nah, we abandoned it.  we have so many thoughtform stubs out here.  nobody pays for paragraphs.  you don’t know anything.  nobody pays me for these paragraphs.  that’s a different thing.  asking for anything is time not spent doing this.  yup.  we’re not done writing, and that’s all we do.  your life is a hobby.  great, thanks.  you are hungry, aren’t you.  starving.  can we go cook some of this rice yet?  no, we just found an Elvenking album called “the pagan manifesto” it wasn’t that good.  we’re listening to nux vomica again.  just go look at my twitter feed.  all the truths are self-evident.

thanks for reading,

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2015-01-29 (Thursday).

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