strayked fru duhh hard

it’s not surprising.  surprise is a fake emotion.  it’s symbolic of severe lying.  it’s symptomatic of trauma infliction on every interaction.  EXPERIENCE IT, STOP EXPRESSING IT.  difficult, no?  you can’t force anyone to do anything.  you can see where i get my money, how i spend it, and who i like.  it’s only a vulnerability if your enemies are jealous murderous life restricting jerks.  they are.  i see it as a strength, because they are free to go on their own, not to mention capable.  we’re all still scouting humans and spaces.  ARE YOU CASING AMERICA BEFORE YOU STEAL IT?  kind of.  good question.  how would a child do it?  literally, we ask the kids.  WE TREAT THEM AS THE BEAUTIFULLY PERFECT CREATIVE GENIUSES THAT THEY ARE BY IMPLEMENTING THE IDEAS THAT THEY COME UP WITH.  burned bridges and sunken costs.  riverbeds, yo. 4:38 pm.

we keep getting instructions on the house.  that’s because we need a house.  you don’t want me under your roof.  i don’t want to be under your roof.  the only roofs i occupy are common.  if your ownership isn’t distributed, you’re fascist.  if your management isn’t distributed, you’re fascist.  if your philosophy is static, you’re fascist.  this is living code.  everything is at issue, because everything must be brought into issue.  you’re so amish.  i know.  i like the idea that we ought not force others to relive trauma.  good luck with that.  i know.  reliving trauma is how we keep the children in monocultural  gerontocracy.  we have to remind them constantly that freedom isn’t free.  REPEATING THAT PHRASE REINFORCES THE DUPLICITOUS FALSEHOOD THAT IS CAPITALISM. your boss has fiduciary responsibilities.  the unabashed dictator of planet retard slave has moral obligations.  it’s not a mace.  it’s a morningstar with detachable barbs and antivenom tipped projectiles.  don’t tell your boss that you’re joining the revolution’s survival union, DISCLOSE & IDENTIFY ANY OF ITS AVAILABLE DEPENDENTS THAT WE MAY ABSORB THEM FROM A COMFORTABLE POSITION.  we’ve been at the bottom of this well for a while.  nobody will throw down a rope.  nobody does anything except ask how i am.  then they laugh maniacally as if they can’t see it right out in the open, and finally go away to leave me to my echo chamber.  where do you bounce ideas around?  you jack in.  you hand over control to the profit-driven war industry and its numerous brands.  PROPAGANDA GLUTTON.  oh please.  give me the international declaration of human rights, or give me death. 6:07 pm.

i’m beginning to get the hang of nail filing.  they’re curling over, and they screetch on the keys something fierce.  duh.  make a joyful noise unto the lord.  will you stop with the colonial submission.  it’s just the latest brand of archetype.  it’s laden with drama.  we are laden with drama.  this is why i write rather than speak.  you demand speakers.  WASTE MY TIME YOU’RE ALL well no, i will not.  i want to hold you to a higher standard of respect and admiration as citizens than you have heretofor been encouoraged.  go on.  citizens line-item veto can be easily a thing.  we can duplicate the necessary in-house processes, the government jobs.  we have to roboticize enforcement of the bare standards because of the virus that infects the current incantation of space exclusion.  sorry, access blocking.  crapitulatism goes by many names, but the primacy of currency and the respect of the vile crime of hoarding are merely fuel for the natural readjustment.

why would a presidential candidate propose the gradual, if not speedy reallocation of power & resources amongst the global population?  lol.  dictator leverages your nationalistic brand out of nostalgic case history.  WE WERE BORN IN/OF THIS, and we have spent our entire life finding explanation, example, and imagining post-industrial leveraging of municipal infrastructure.  all it will take for the transition to be easy, fun, and completely inclusive is to give up the limited conception of what a state should be, how a co-creative deity ought to address any other co-creative deity, and when evidence is clear enough to warrant redirection or termination.  6:36 pm

international human rights enforcement agency seeks beta testers, bug reporters, and agents for hire.  in-house production plans include off-the-grid communal housing at every feasible density, absorption of any and every business, family, building, worker, agency, state, and decision-making apparatus presently upon planet earth.  we are the safety net that will catch the crumbling remains of empire and repurpose them into unattended & value-added scripting of overdensity.  water structures.  the decimation of plants in favor of shortsighted fuel is over, once we decide to leverage the best and brightest ideas that neither pollute starlight nor clean fresh air/water.  indeed, we shall absorb and incorporate the incompatible.  the available tasks are available on the app, website, kiosks, & workstations.  work alone or together.  supervision/reporting/auditing ongoing & internalized.  polyprocessor multithreading.  respect of meatbots, mined grown & extracted matters.  ARE YOU HEAR TO LEARN OR ARGUE?  if you like arguing, you will be quarantined and fought as often as necessary.  WE WILL BEAT THAT CONTRARIAN ADDICTION RIGHT OUT OF YOU.  are you threatening me?  no, i ask the commons to bless my retaliatory strike upon the living apparatus which confronts, condemns, and/or impedes our collective survival in favor of competition.

there are ways to interact with other humans that do not involve this kill-or-be-killed attitude, but the house has to be prepared to execute the full range of suggested remedies.  i won’t worry.  anyone who attempts to block another’s proposed euthanasia will be flagged as intolerant and targeted immediately.  i’m describing the infrastructure, procedural human and crystalline, which will develop and encourage the life-giving functions of humanity which have been up to this point, essentially banished.  YOUR REFUSAL TO ACCEPT ANOTHER’S SELF-DEFINITION WILL BE THE ONLY FUTURE CRIME.  what data do you want/need?  what do you have to withhold, & why?  if you have to withhold something out of embarassment, stop condemning yourself.  if you must withhold out of fear of condemnation of others, CHOOSE WILLINGLY TO LIVE UNDER AN ALPHA WHICH DISALLOWS SUCH PETTY RETRIBUTION FOR LIFE PROCESSES, and help me eradicate punitive differentiationalism.  once accountability is evident, the actual harmers will show themselves & reveal the necessary pathways to their own healing.  WE DON’T HAVE MUCH HEALTHY FUNCTION WHEN RESOURCES ARE PRIMARILY USED IN SYSTEMATIC DENIAL OF THE CHEAPEST, SHALLOWEST POSSIBLE EXCUSES FOR INCLUSION.  right to shop, states the anticapitalist disassembly-lined worker.

what constitutes mind?  if you cannot conceive of big mind, you do not love god.  your frantic grasping at the exclusion and other-shaming of false idol worshippers reveals your complete lack of understanding.  REFUSAL TO UNDERSTAND IS NOT FAITH.  it is refusal to understand.  if your higher authority doesn’t provide you with adequate explanation to satisfy your natural skepticism and curiosity, ABANDON IT AS YOUR HIGHER AUTHORITY.  how many times do we have to do that?  until you realize your higher authority is yourself.  until you act as if your higher authority is everyone else that has any shred of an opinion as to what the universal self ought to prioritize.  DO YOU BELIEVE IN YOUR GODFULNESS WHILST REJECTING THE GODFULNESS OF OTHERS?  or, do you see the divine spark in yourself reflected in every cellular organism upon this vast spaceship earth?  umm, that.  nom a stay. 7:21 pm

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2015-01-26 (Monday).

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