safe cell

truck stop saturday

thanks to the humane society for the cash to do this.  drank vodka last night for the first time in a long time.  hehehehehe.  french quarter free drinks.  in my worst nightmares, i’ve been given medications against my will.  i seriously don’t believe anything can kill me, but i feel like no one person, anywhere, knows what has happened to me.

i thought we were doing a manual.

we are.  like with like.  love first, forego questions entirely.  that.. yeah. 

windows update 21%. 4:16 pm.

when i left, mom’s beau was watching loud violent television.  mom was on her knees scrubbing the kitchen floor.  HOW CAN I LEAVE WHEN YOU WON’T LET ME IN. settle.  we found the quiet spot.  the din of truck stop conversations.  people that can do public restaurants in conversation impress me.  i am an eventual drama explosion, every time i open my mouth.  i try to not open my mouth for this reason.  it makes looking like a citizen difficult.

we have given up on any semblance of pretending to think you can be rehabilitated.  we refuse to allow you to have a say when your life history is one of dysfunction and cruelty.  is accidental cruelty a thing?  this is pretty intentional.  isn’t everything?  not to liars.  touché.

orangish red – magic carpet ride was just followed by  outkast – hey ya.  i tend to agree.

agreeing to disagree is how you enable violence.  you can’t engage it, you have to walk away.  HOW DID ANY OF YOU GET THE IMPRESSION THAT THIS WAS AN ACCEPTABLE WAY TO TREAT ANYONE EVER, LET ALONE EVERYONE ALL THE TIME.  dictator’s sometimes nice to the ones who make him horny, for a little while.  then it gets pissed.  you are terrifying.  YES I KNOW, THANK YOU.  I THINK THAT’S THE ONLY THING ANYONE ACTUALLY APPRECIATES ABOUT ME.  it’s maddening.  lol.  the world is a clown show.  goood thing i’m scared of clowns.

should we tweet for a while?  no.  we have to get these out.

which super hero costume?  we are in vagrant stoner gear right now.  HOMEBUM RETARD. yes thanks, i am more than you would believe, and less than i will allow myself to be entitled.  we’re not done torturing this thing yet.  who, your neighbors, or yourself?  yeah, probably.  hurry up and die.  HURRY.  THE FUCK UP.  AND.  DIE. if that’s what you’re invested in, i’m sick of watching you decimate this planet with your wasteful hatefulness.  in the name of mother gaia, i delete your abusiveness & banish it to infancy under the care of gently attached communal parentage.

one of christianity’s greatest shortcomings, imo, is the attempt to suppress sex, which is either the precursur to, or the result of the torturous, gluttonous lust.  it’s sadistic.  trying to convince poor people that their most basic enjoyment is an affront to the creator of that very drive is a mindfuck and a half.  so is the uncovering of the fact that government warmongers (military people) are just as abusive to children as the clergy.  big surprise there.  no, this is so shocking to people as to be completely outside of their willingness to even consider.  how can you claim to care about science if you refuse possibilities in favor of war-society-driven glorification of violence?  speaking of rhetorical questions.  you are the most awful snide fuck, NOT TO MENTION YOU DON’T ACTUALLY POSESS ANY USEFUL SKILLS AT ALL. i can type.  lol.  i can see the inner workings of human machines.  amalgamations of meatbots ought be considered cellular organisms.  they are.  whatever the number.  family, household, table, car, busload, sportball stadium.  every hobby you have is rage-provoking.  everything you think is funny is racist, sexist, sophomoric hate.  stop.  i weild these noises in self defense.  apologies for leveling these mewling hoardes of worthless humans.  MY ONLY REGRET IS THAT I DIDN’T START SOONER AND GO DIRECTLY TO COLLECTIVE PERMACULTURAL CONSTRUCTION, rather than anti-cancer?

· auntie vemumm
· carob ooh
· rampant disestablishmentarianism
· numbing agent
· snakebite dragonburn
· snakebike piggimpaler
· skulljoust repurposing
· flyweight tiny spa homes
· popof – serenity
· steeltrussing functiondensity
· hackmob homework
· task duplication
· keystroke minimization
· pitfighter mortality
· thank babbys names.  you rock my tiny brain cage.  4:55 pm

what i have:  car.  storage unit full of tools & materials for the following types of cooperatives:  auto electrification & tiny house conversion/construction, food, music, office, woodwork, bike, farm.

what i want:  tiny house.  space to work.  people to work with.  nutritious live raw clean food.  control of the sounds that i hear.  control of the people who are allowed to be near me, which is essentially to not be forced to live with violence, the reminder, the replication, or the threat of violence.

how i spend my time:  farming, building, writing, eating, GETTING DRUNK WHILE GRINDING BEAUTIFUL THINGS OUT OF THE REMAINDER OF DECIMATIONS OF ACTUAL HUMANS AROUND THE GLOBE.  i am not a big one for talking, but if you amplify me in front of a crowd, i will probably make them cry, cheer, laugh, and think about fucking.

we need to talk more about the gerontocracy. why?  read what it is.  commit to a system where the voting age is desire to participate.  you don’t know how great it will be to let the actually more capable humans set the parameters and scripts by which we live.  I KNOW YOU GET SOME FUCKED UP NOSTALGIC KICK OUT OF DOING IT THE RETARDED ASSHOLE WAY BECAUSE WE’VE ALWAYS DONE IT THAT WAY.  WE’RE DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT NOW BECAUSE IT’S NICER, SMARTER, FASTER, MORE EFFICIENT, AND INCLUSIVE.  inclusive will require universal participation.  what?  no.  it will require absorption of the municipality aspect of the state.  the coup will be bloodless if the state employees decide to adopt this virus.  it’s getting crowded.  i should probably go. 

5:20 fuck that, get us some french fries.  yes, it’s time.  afgrund – corpatocracy now.  brutal.  yep.  brutally gentle.  gentile brutality.  something. 


do it the way that’s tired & cruel, because that’s the only thing that’s been allowed to work in the generations under thes rule.  this concept sums up the rule of the punishers.  the slow, mean, bored & spiteful who run every for-profit organism that exists in the power structure known as heirarchy.  this is use prevention, or death only use.  IF IT’S NOT VIOLENCE, IT’S CRAP.  well put, mikey.  5:32 pm


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2015-01-24 (Saturday).

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