on humans

my friends are mostly ducks.  just because i came from this sick twisted culture doesn’t mean i want it to continue.  neither do any of my friends.

it’s not only the males, and it’s not only the whites, and it’s not only the obidient, and it’s not only the physically large, and it’s not only the loud, and it’s not only the haters, and it’s not only the obfuscators, and it’s not only the path-blockers, and it’s not only the sex shamers, and it’s not only the carnivores, and it’s not only the conservatives, and it’s not only the war sympathizers, and it’s not only the troop supporters, and it’s not only the cops who write the training programming, and it’s not only the farmers who artificially inject plants artificially injected with genetically modifying genetic material from other species into the soil, and it’s not only the canning companies that sully water both for sale in plastic, glass, and metals, and it’s not only the consumers who purchase these substances, who are vile, dispicable humans.  every last one of us bears the responsibility of the collective action of this diverse and powerful species.

5:29.  oi.  spazzing to the oldies.

cleaning the phone 6:22 pm

next day, 7:23 pm.  tweeting up a storm.  listening to hell rn.

the library free cart had an audio cassette education series by fred pryor called “how to work with people.” it’s from 1983, and it is pretty much the standard modern corporate “nice boss” routine.  BURN IT.

i don’t have any faith left in humanity.  literally none.  people are conditioned to be the worst possible way, and to be staunch in their resistance to change.  we have a kill-or-be-killed society, a conception of business completely devoid of ethics, and heirarchies and other information-restricting infrastructures which demolish any hope of reform.  we have to start from scratch.  we have to focus on the people capable of being different.  not expressing a desire to think/act/speak differently, but leaders capable of training others to be literally cooperative, quiet, efficient, and included.  executive level information to the newest participant.  the ability to fork any process.  bug reporting that is followed up on.  personal accountability to decent interaction that remains with the cloud, or in the archive, indefinitely.  we need to be able to drill down relevant histories quickly and, well, nearly effortlessly.  why not?  any attempt to throttle information must be a personal decision, or a collective decision.  WHY WOULD AN ORGANISM WANT TO WITHHOLD DATA FROM A FUNCTIONAL OPERATIVE?  aye, that’s it.  what do you do with the dysfunctional ones.  capitalism promotes them.  that their dysfunctional mindset may infect as many as possible.  do you not see the primacy of money over logic, hours, or any other consideration, as a problem?  clearly you don’t, or you wouldn’t consider yourself a capitalist.

the internal position of the cooperative, in regards to the state, is as follows:  we consider our survival and the clean, efficient use of natural resources to be of higher importance than the humans employed by the state.  we aim to encompass a larger proportion of land/humans, and to manage them more humanely, more gently, and more inclusively, than any state has done up to this point.  we consider the organisms we harvest for food to be voting members in our organization.  we consider our interaction within the cooperative as prior to religion, to employment, and to state loyalty.  indeed, the state has never had concern for our shelter and feeding other than creating and enforcing statutes which entrench fuel/energy/manufacturing monopolies to the detriment of health, and to the exclusion of far too great a percentage of the human population.  if medical techniques exist, they ought be available to anyone who needs it.  capitalism is strangulation to the point of barely surviving.  the silken noose required at the bankers’ hours institutions mocks state executions, and we only interact with organizations which fail our collective audit inasmuch as we must.  the ultimate goal is full absorption of infrastructure.  decentralization of energy, elimination of the internal combustion monopoly on transportation.

more later 7:48 pm.

5:34 pm. next day (thursday, 1-22-2015)

he said most of it. how can demands for volatility not be hate speech? pentagong poorductions. the meaty machine has always done these things. gently, reminder. i enjoy silent typing. this entire library can hear my entire body. scratch. tug. beat. inhale. exhale.

i suspect the current president follows the tradition of past presidents. so yeah very little hope. we’re probably going to develop some elaborate detention system to keep them from continuing to hurt people. i feel like im alone on a crowded death star, ripping through walls trying to make it stop. people in the blast radii know. we dance together regularly. i school their littles in human rights. they continue loving football. we avoid each other willingly. lol. war without fire. thoughtforms only, woorded educatively. hatey, mean, threateny words if u want b sold.er rich. all i want is company, right to block. space to exist. the right to contractually attach my own actions to the survival of others. why local? only because transport isn’t free yet. once it is? we can rotate auditors (moles, trojans, scouts) through the farms, we can ensure not only human rights, but all the free open source tools we are collecting/building/sharing. the survival publishing will be public.

i feel like as long as capitalism exists, banishment will be relatively common. the collective will make public all evidence & make executive decisions. you the decider. y’all ready for this?

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2015-01-20 (Tuesday).

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