why do we keep opening the database in text form?

open office.  open safe quiet sleeps.  the infrastructure is modular/easy.  being dictator is the most democracy than anybody could have possibly predicted: all of it.

it will be a floating ubernetwork of user-defined regions of representation, as decided by any one of them at any time.  all calendars rolling, I WANT EVERYONE ON THE RECORD AT ALL TIMES they already facedthat.  uh huh.  only those with thirst look.  boya shukk.

cuzaino such thingas half-way there. diminishing returns, fractal patterns.  tight spirals.  YOUR INSISTENCE UPON ROOK MOTION IS DISRUPTIVE OF ACTUAL LITERAL UNBOUND LIFE. who are you even yelling at?  yourself.  people only ever talk to themselves.  these wordy thoughtforms are my argument for my aura, they are not my aura itself.  pure love must look terrifying to deathcult.  it is the antithesis of your deeds.  i miss sleeping with the birds.  i swear my hemmeroids flare worst within the blast radius of my family.  our.  family.

hi, my name is tyler, i stopped here because i like your car and i would like to make it a part of the shared/cooperative/common fleet.  it doesn’t run.  that’s fine, we have options from old school repair to open source upgrading, and a network of engineers doctors farmers workers managers food ninjas lawyers accountants typists healers doctors dentists companions midwives doulas librarians florists & naturalist foodies to create a reimagination of your current vehicle/living/working-spaces into off-the-grid permaculture factories to make the wasted scraps of capitalism and its discontents into a fullerene utopia.  the bloodful coup.  we drain only the ego.

nobody should have a boss.  i am constantly on the clock for hundreds of simultaneous tasks.  i do one task every three days that it takes the average person an average morning to accomplish thricefold.  THAT DOESN’T MAKE YOU DISABLED.  no, your face does.  the word poops that spew out of it, more precisely.  sir, kindness to other meatbots, please.  our ego loves being called. sir.  please stop inflating my worst possible qualities.  everyone complains about those constantly.  now whose exaggerating?  essen el.  y u so mean of degs?  u use that word mean a lot.  *cleans keyboard*

yes, the new labtep keyed bored.  sans pointer nub.  yep, the techy hid invented by that ibm engineer then outed to the world without legal protection?  i would need to google it.  any innovation worth its salt ought want to be free.  “legislation” would set the credit-pacing algorithm.  the post/table/entry/archive would be tagged “this old thing not really worth referring to stuff by/as any more” in favor of “transaction” or some such.  TIMESTAMP EVENT.  yep.  oh, we overgeneralize, & the relevant tags will show us where we sort.  cosign by character.  improper use of a penalty call INTENTIONAL GROUNDING i am so happy the packers lost.  i don’t think i could survive a direct hit superbowl fervor at ground zero.  crimeny.  yalls mundane daily lives traumatize me to the corps.  you really are a sissy crybaby, aren’t you.  the most sissiest crybaby you ever met in your extrordinarily boring life.  it’s great, being emo-hulk.  super fun.  *that scene warez it look all rampagey*  variable mass by will.  i would enjoy the weight of stars in my fingertips, but that gift is only granted to gods able to weild such weight without crushing societies wholesale.  AT COST EVERYTHING TO THE INITIATED.  stop having conversations in the library.  it’s highly disruptive.

this laptop is giving me lawschool flashbacks.  what a waste of time.  NOBODY BELIEVES ANY OF IT UNLESS THEY’RE GETTING PAID THAT MUCH.  i only has to understand as complicated as the news makes it, because they have to tell BOTH sides of the story.  DICHOTOMIZING.  recommend immediate execution.  sir, nobody’s going to block that.  we are the only execution aparatus.  yes, meatbot one blocks executive orders by default.  no, you’re paying too much to the actions of this one in the context of the whole.  THE ACTIONS OF THIS ONE ARE INDICATIVE OF THE WHOLE. it’s all fractal.  to speak truth to power on the nanoscale is to speak truth to power on the macro-scale.  the same algorithms are invoked, top to bottom.  FASCIST IS, AS FASCIST DOES, as forest wood sae.  DO YOU WANT TO HELP ME MAKE FLYING FLOATING ART STUDIO KITCHENS OR DO YOU WANT TO KEEP TELLING ME THAT IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO DO ANYTHING USEFUL SO YOU CAN GET BACK TO WATCHING ONE OF THE MACHINES EVER-EXPANDING CATALOGUE OF MIND-NUMBING ASSHOLISHNESS-REINFORCING PROPAGANDA STREAM?  don’t answer that, you know what pigeon hole you left me in.  i don’t have to put up with anyone’s abuse, regardless of title, fame, popularity, or speed.  those things are tracked for other purposes.

dictator is a nerve-wracking freak capable of uniting any room any where any size in collective love.  WHAT DO YOU CARE ABOUT?  WHAT IS THE CRITERIA FOR BEING ALLOWED SPACE TO EXIST AS WE ARE VERSUS HOW THE FIGHTY AWFUL PEOPLE ARE?  good question.  all i can do is set the standards for the rooms i am allowed control.  i think you need to be under constant threat of death for being an awful person, and know that your shortsighted exclusionary violence is the only thing keeping you from places where people don’t perfectly match your industrially-programmed preconceptions about how people act around each other.  once we hit critical mass, the conversions will be of phi progression.  is critical mass the addition of even one additional human?  at this point, probably.  how many zip codes could you canvass in a week?  WE HAVE THE GLOBALIZED COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORM tweeting on the daily. PERSONAL COMMERCIALS GREETED STALELY.  ah, beng kweller.  WHY DOES EVERY POP SONG HAVE TO CHUCK IN THE SEX SHAMING um, hello?  captain obvious, are you alright?  what have i been teaching you about deathcult’s anti-sex deflationism?  if you can find a safe one, i will give you props.  it may have started as industrial programming, but it’s universally customizable personal-hating now.  followers are dropping like flies.  ah, good.  so everything from a collapsible tent on wheels to a class a bus converted to a conference center on wheels.  pop pop pop pop.  yeah, so if you want tasks without a boss, without deadline or profit, for and with people you will be introduced to in supervised daylight, and with whom only your personal preference will limit who you spend time with.  think of it as being good practice, where the internationally recognized human rights standards are performed locally, as over-sustainably as we are capable.

i appreciate your work.  i apologize for not purchasing any of it.  i’m not ready to commit that kind of square footage.  may i return when and if i reach a critical mass of members?  so, if you get ten people, right.  then i can return and tell you what actual benefits of inclusion in this region will be.  dinner circuit loop with the bus-driver we got cuz she wanted to drive farm boiz in their sweaty dirtys.  we don’t judge.  we don’t allow harm, but we encourage love.  dictator is staunch feminist, it says.  dictator likes those it wishes were it friend.  the rest of you, we want to work with you, teach you how to practically live amongst one another.  sir, you’re the only one that has a problem with any of these things.  obviously.  no one else would have the need to write a reimagination of the state itself in any hope of living a satisfied life.  keep writing until it sticks.  get those theses under 140.

5 pm. jacking in.

5:23 pm.  listening to doop & reading an article about wwi “vomiting gas” used as pesticide.  link it on the other device.  so, you type with your laptop keyboard, then upload it on your phone because that gets a better internet connection and keeps the bugs off of your delicate windows build.  EVERY BIT OF HARDWARE HERE IS LIKE A FRAIL GRANNY, YOU HAVE TO BE GENTLE AT ALL TIMES.  seriously.  dictator collects typing music.  you don’t get distracted when grindcore is blaring in your ears nonstop.  people don’t dare interrupt us.  dictator is the most terrifying amalgamation of characteristics you could possibly imagine.  he stands up for everyone.  you can’t hate around him.  he breaks everything.  HAVE YOU FELT AN EMO-NUKE BEFORE?  nobody will act any differently to me or my work after i die, is the nightmare.  stop calling this work.  i am programming the international standards of utopian interaction.  we are.  me and my sources.  if they’re not doing that, why would we listen to them.  because other people run these shows right now.  other, profit-motivated individuals set these standards.  that’s why we need to take them back.  you may allow that phrase to resonate with you despite not wanting to cosign the entirity of acts of any particular person whom you choose has written that particular phrase better than you were capable of before they said it.  WHICH IS NOT TO SAY THAT YOU ARE NOT FREE TO SAY IT AGAIN, ADD TO IT, TWEAK IT, it’s language.  give it density, or take it in a new direction.  it always wants people to go to the next logical step, and everybody’s all, “logical steps?  those aren’t legal.” lol.

canvassing crew.  kitchen scout.  garage scout.  garden scout.  car scout.  you’re all quality control.  you’re all food ninjas, pending test battery/training.  dictator has preapproved some candidates.  an open source housing cooperative has never been a presidential campaign before?  no kidding.  every aspect of the construction must be done collectively, and every aspect is in constant flux.  no living thing is unchanging.  even rocks can change shape or location in time.  the inner orbit of building will be maintenance & expansion.  the greening and silencing of internal combustion in favor of livestock friendly human driven & ridiculously fast electric & kinetic transport.  burn your need to burn fuels to achieve speed.  have your need to make noise quelled in the root cause rather the symptom.

love the lovable, & let the lovable love.  the reverence of calorie hoarding seems like victim blaming to me.  who really terrified?  also why, and of what?  we are firewood, rocket stove.  electrical conversions, self-driving conversions, & living space additions.  boatification, floatification, BALLOON & DRONE LIFTABLE.  expanding sphere recovery stoppage bouncing.  movie scenes incoming.  randomized catapult test phase.  battle-training exercises.  sometimes i wish, momentarily, that my brain worked in profitable ways.  then i reorient my perspective to the planet i’m saving & realize how few can do any of this.  that’s ok.  we can make up tasks for everyone to participate in the cleansing of the food infrastructure and the counter-democratic behemoth what birthed it.  unconnected drivel.  fractalline truths.  if only other humans wanted inclusive infrastructures.  lol.  the fightiness training precludes it, sir.  are we turning back into a boy WE NEVER STOPPED KNOWING HOW TO MALE nobody ever really does.  how does it reference?  those are deal-breakers, sir.  the acknowledgement of the third kinda kills the dichotomous buzz.  that’s the idea.  yeah, well, then we are at an impasse.  we have been here for some time now.  touche. 5:55 pm

the beard is getting braidabler.  uh huh.  nobody considers us survival-worthy, let alone reproduction-worthy.  i know.  it’s ok.  it’s not ok.  i know.  does it hurt any more than usual?  yes.  i know.  reporting pain, under the cooperative, will permanently affect ones living arrangements.  or, having pain reported of one, will affect ones living arrangements.  keep the mean anythings away from me.  just because you’re invited to live under my roof doesn’t mean i have to listen to your abusive choice in media.  but sir, you prefer some of the most abusive media.  ok, a) hardly, and b) then we shall be the trigger-happy drunkhouse of last resort.  ill repuke.  whatever.  I KNOW NOBODY LIKES ANYTHING ABOUT ME, THEY’RE NOT ALLOWED TO.  by whom?  by society, by programming, but most relevantly, by me.  why.?  dictator has it reasons.  don’t always tell me.  probably because these effort not completed to they logical conclusion.  and how.

entities wishing absorption will be ranked by collectiveness.  maximization of ethical if not spartan housing is the goal of every property conceivable by an efficiency-maximizing machine.  this household wastes a lot of space, to the detriment of their constitution.  not the document, your personality.  how you are to be around for other living things.  i hear that pupy complaining, relaying your displeasure at my face.  why does dictator still allocate us four beers per night?  he thinks it helps us sleep.  it helps with the pain, too.  constant pain is a lifestyle.  it is white supremacy, the devaluation of the afeminate, & eternal wars.  literal, figurative, big & small.  we can train one another how to be decent human beings capable of coexisting in incredibly small spaces.  my goal is to live forever, and to facilitate that, i need a world worth living in.  help me adopt the highest standards of all of you, and leverage the collective horsepower, of ALL OF YOU.  my voice is facilitator.  we set agendas.  all the alpha [ed note: new name for house db?] ought to allow discussion.  robo-facilitator.  elevate discussion to whoever has the most pressing/relevant issues about which to write.  what is there to say?  on occasion, one will discover us.  once we reach critical mass, we will turn vast swaths of capitalist wasteland into communally protected permacultural food forests surrounded & filled with high-tech nanohomes.  mod pod squad, disassemble.  6:12 pm

lol.  i love you, twitter.  you are an important aspect of global awakening.  you elevate relevance as any collective ratings-collecting/amalgamating thing should.  to-the-point.  the executive summary of the evolution.  it’s all dna programming, children.  if you’re not changing your world-view with every new bit of information you acquire, you’re atrophied, and will die.  if you wish to learn to grow, in as many ways as one can grow, this is the place to do that.  if you want to dominate others, stay out in the dystopian hell you maintain on the daily.  you have nothing we want, but someone that is we, can use whatever you have to offer.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2015-01-19 (Monday).

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