best corporate spyware they got

of course we use the most compatible format two shares amongst the hardwarez we got.

i dare u to not flip out into agent smith mode when i walk bi.

thanks for the birthday reminder, mom. random unexpected/undemanded love is so different from your other-threatening distancers.  you attack me, here & now with these actual words.  you mock pain & nothing, i got nothing. dammit, we were raging. stop. sorry. contract/constitution building, ma’am?  when ur personal entourage of, umm, personal computers refer to you consistently with the same gender irregularity. they have receiver mechanisms, devices.  yes, dissecting the meatbot to consume does create bloodlusting retards.  people whom so full of toxins, their thought processes are slowed, waaay dowwwnnn. ree-tar-dead is a medical term. it is also an apt descriptor of what literally occurs when you fill the air with plastic.

hey ma, don’t call me dude or man or sir or you or expect me to reward you with my priceless presence whilst you threaten me. does your boss/father hover over you? you might need a safe house.

it is, primarily, first and foremost, a safe house.  personal abuse will result in banishment or execution. death threats like impeding food sources or threatening revocation of habeus corpus are lame evil tv scripts.  we can shut these few down, only after we build the survival infrastructure as we turn our backs to the , again, nothing.  another rant interrupted. fracking hoyles. deck. ur right, om sorry.

8:39 pm moms basement/tv/laptop. dads keyboard. wondering how to add softness to these keys so my nails don’t slide around.  sexist hid? bust my buttons & gooniss grayshiss grate blobs of fiar.

the entire chain of command is the military leaders’ human shield. SLAVETARDS, STOP WARRING. no yellling at 70 wpm. lol. she’s more her than jarvis.  all scarlett tho. hmm.

a safe house is a rest & relaxation where you have all the sex and drugs that you need to feel safe/stable/happy & nobody says fucking shit at you every time they see you. your friendly attack drones of the machine. it always barks at me like that. it’s barely broken & getting more frustrated. keep it leashed please, until it respects boundaries & other sentient lifeforms.

the standard american household is a torture chamber.  financially frustrated tv-drama competitive sales pitch that looks fantabulous.  in stills.

alcohol carried by boxer lager, 5% nation.

oi oi oi

do you see/hear ent babies screaming every time you see/hear lawnmowers? no. abortions of other species are pruning, so you direct them to do how you want/say.  them to taste. GRRRRR quit offering me meat of my bretheren as overcooked babyfood.  your diet reeks of your militarism.

hoo ah

so any institution you ascribe to participate with should act as intermediary/translator/equalizer of opinion & survival, both individual & collective.  the police state model imposes the same rigid shortsighted fear/hate/demonization as the kierarchy is fractal as well.

as long as you demand battle must continue you forfeit your life. AS LONG AS YOU CONTINUE TO FORFEIT MY LIFE, YOU DEMAND THAT THIS BATTLE CONTINUE.

“war is what he wants, son” -Stoick the Vast.

present imagined project i would wish to be participating in is a child-centric re-imagination of how to train your dragon that included everything about this presumed extinct species without the domestic abuse.  you can do that?  oh, the vile shit going to be edited out or wiki’d up before any public showing under my blocking powers, believe you me.  the media database can withstain nondestructive editing and calmly reasoned discussion of edits.  online abuse is legally no different than in-person abuse.  if the state is to perform any function at all, it ought to be alleviation of these unfortunate side effects of late tv aged capitalism.  WHOEVER BIN DOIN IT THE LONGEST CLEARLY DOES IT THE SAME AS IT EVER WAS.  i would like to apologize, both individually & collectively for the vile shit that was programmed into me.  survival instinct takes over. i think i coulda taken that dog. the risk there is WHAT, PUPPY, YOU WANT ME TO SAY HELLO?  MAYBE YELLING THREATENING GESTURES ISN’T THE BEST WAY TO INITIATE CONTACT WITH OBVIOUSLY SENSITIVE THINGS.  tyler’s voice echoes in my head: “they go limp, the fight is over.” if only the state drones respected even their own rules.  these are truly final days. empire death-gasps, we welcome you with open arms.

ridicullous readefinder, inc.

nobody lets me not name things, & none of the usage is reflected in my bank account so level it all. your worth is level, any income over that amount you receive as participation with competitive slave manipulation poisoning goes to the house.  the commons.  your contribution will be tracked, & equity ought to be credited towards “purchase” of housing/food/services. we should use a better word for that. hey their, typy mutt, the scraping algorithm isn’t parsing constitution from fourth wall dust yet.  they get it. do they, sir?  they may ask.  they are so terrified of you.  that’s the opposite of love & respect, honestly.  to be feared is to be an enemy of life.  the projection of that thoughtform nothing.  mom’s changing out the dryer.  hi mom.  don’t talk to me.  yes, i know i’ll die if i have to sleep outside alone in this temperature.  i keep wanting to give you open chance to change your deathwish against me.  i don’t think i deserve death.  nor do i think you do.  stop warping to overpopulation at any disruption of your beloved suspension of disbelief.  don’t unhook giant babby sugar tube or you.  will. hear. about it.

i’m kind. of uhh big.  deal.

hi zoo, hope ur swamped in orgasms.

i wish orgasms for all humans, tbh.  orgasms feel super.

they’re not so much as subservient species as they are fillers in the powervoid.  the spinevoid.  the complete and utter absence of any ability to calm one’s mind and carefully consider in-depth discussion of whichever topics are most presently ruining people’s lives.  if you inflict my ability to function by projecting death-fear upon it, we have unfinished business.  whether ducks or dogs or cats or cows or chickens or snakes or horses.  the masses can only do what the alphas allow/require of them.  upon threat of death.  or, worse, constant reminder.  IT’S AN OPEN-AIR PRISON COUNTRY

here, too.  i’m sorry, france.  you do need to stop the pedestalizing ragers inn ur borders to be better humans.  it’s the same permacultural solution to every problem.  it will be fun, literally for everyone, once the free flow of information occurs.  user-definable querys/tags.  functionality is scattered.  i want to automate all of this.  we ought spend most of our time feeding each other.  caressing one another, without judgment or posessive prohibition, for that space to be considered safe.  well, 99% of businesses, as i see them, fall under fascist maintainer.  hey, the database programmer just gives me the error messages, that’s what the ap says my script is.  lol.  busking canvasser.  organism optimization union school health farm. cooperative exploratory.

i’m from france, canada, croatia, & germany.  how do you think i know how to be racist so good.  to identify racism so good.  it makes sense, tommy boiii

based.  how loki’n u go

deathed rows

waddle brother nodes.

won sa gem, brack is the incredibles. rhymes aminalz, inevitable dee public anenome numb burr numb. ok, cloudchaser appropriation scene is over.  seriousy, tho.  i’ll play stoick, and i’ll make him a more respectable “father” figure than capitalism would ever allow kopimism of.  the simplest, easiest way is the most healthy & probably fastest way, honestly.  contra-survivalists, surrender.

9:47 pm.

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2015-01-7 (Wednesday).

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