feral animal coexistence for crapitulatist violents

good name.  thanks.

implication being, furries don’t require correction.  at all.  until nobody ever claims ironic gendrified biology shaming, there can be no wrongdoing in the oppressed.  none

don’t hand out blank checks.  why?  then people can decide how much they need.  your primary infrastructure focus is war delivery plant suppression.  we will unfight you to the last.

be silent & still
love them intensely
move gently, preen liberally

conserve fear for dictator’s retribution.  you can’t fault the animals for being afraid.  they dedicate their lives to finding new things to be afraid of.  the world is wildin’, yo.  soften your heart to the situation.

the movements are fractalline.  they’re self-preservationist, physically stable, defense-respectable.  any nonhuman that finds you threatening has the right to protect itself from you.  your anger in response to the fact that you did not obtain consent for your actions puts you in the category of actors which require quarantine.  i know, if we cleaned up your food supply and shortened the chain of command to one, nobody could strong-arm another and claim legality.  CONSENT OF THE COEXISTANTS. calm, you.

the tools i use for cats are brush, sturdy wand toy, & water.  well, and hands.  all have different functions, but require the same gentle care and constant attention.  if you detain a cat, it must be for their protection or transport, and only for duration that consent to.  if the claws come out, they are withdrawing consent.  switch to the wand to play and/or defend yourself.  ask the cat which they prefer.  they will tell you, usually by touching their nose to the tool they prefer.  cats do not meow to one another, i have heard.  they can hear locally projected thoughtforms as well as any non-programmed meatbot.  when you whistle to birds, they will appreciate your perfect pitch/echo, but you may communicate to them directly mind to mind if rapport is established.  never fault the type of communications that meatbots choose to send information.  you’re not very good at that.  i know.  the alphas protection is elevation of the most sensitive’s protection needs.  give up the smash grab lie hoarde mentalities, & you may begin to realize the tiny voices are compressed lovebombs.  we’re all miracles, ma.  some of us just realize it more hours of the day.

services rendered.

animal escort.  will accompany to consentual ends.  payment in kind hourly, first hour due after first hour.  workspace provider compensation percentage or time based, preferably free.

whose relationship are we working on, here?  i am a living, breathing cat spa, but i don’t think that’s why you’ve asked me to communicate with your short furry housemate.  now we’re listening to robotic dystopian war epics on our headphones.

the decepticons dreamt of tyranny.  lol.  i love how i fell in love with transformers when i was a kid.  you can’t shake your childhood love, no matter how it is.

we have time to go to the library.  we have healing curriculum to work on.  oh, yes.
healing curriculum programming
health is a mindset.  the technique of love is one of finding something to love.  contradiction of capability is refusal.  we must examine your fears.  we must dissect your fears.  we must exhume your fears, perform an autopsy on them, then dehydrate and burn them for heat.  we drained the organic water-handling capability out of all this square mileage in the name of prohibiting poor people from surviving without oversight.  STOP CONFLATING CURRICULA.  it’s all one learning, son.  one astrology, daughter.

i have a smartphone, two laptops, a desktop on a wheeled shelf, a rolling office chair, two tents, lots of blankets.  i will give all of my worldly possessions to the commons if their maintenance & scheduling is maximized by the cloud.  this means the default space allocation is growing.  things are to be planted as densely as feasible.  do we respect the fascist architecture which stretches from sea to shining sea, or do we consider it a sunken cost & repurpose it to useful biological meshes?  we need to see if the library has any anarchist authors like buckminster fuller.  touche.

5:59 pm, three squares restaurant.  waupaca wi.  “the truck stop.”

remember that time we were talking with the birds
and we whistled a car alarm after they did a chirp that ran circles of complexity around our abilities
and remember how they echoed with a short set of various car alarms which made me and a bunch of ducks a block away laugh simultaneously.
i love being friend with birbs.
me too.

speaky birb nerly eezy ayes spaekitty.  so fast, so light, so delicate.  wot else u got for me, wonder boi?

late eighties era individual livestock transport.  buick.


so if a thing has the capability to be copied, that is sharing the love.  copying a thing does not change the original, and the monopoly on reproduction is the most fascist of controls.  breed on, breeders.  the carrying capacity of starship earth is a question of will, not economics.  ascribing to deathcult is to make ones’ life forfeit.  ROADS DO NOT EQUAL SAFETY YOU FASCIST HELLMONGER, THEY ARE THE OPPOSITE OF THAT.  don’t look up at that plasma tv, yo.  but bill jartz, tho.  *smh*

so, copies.  yeah, in legalese, you obtain a license to a copy.  typically, you purchase a media upon which the thoughtforms, symbols, or sounds are contained.  unless you don’t.  e-tickets?  services or performances?  a brick and mortar in which to plant your meaty self for a spell.  what’s your point?  my point is, if you still have a thing after “selling” it, you haven’t really “sold” it.  and, if you retain the right to sell it multiple times over, the proceeds ought to recompensate those responsible for creating the work in proportion to the sale, as default.  look, the slop valuation temp worker extortion model is an ethical choice.  as in, it is entirely lacking in ethics, just as it is lacking in logic.

posession is 9/10 of the law (judicial decree), and tortious interference is as real as the use of government funds to enforce reproduction & equality-shaming under the guise of protecting copyright monopolies from the commons which grants the charters.  THE FUNCTION OF GOVERNMENT OUGHT TO BE PROTECTION OF THE RIGHT OF HUMANS TO BENEFIT FROM THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE WORLD that we may know individual initiators of concepts.  that tweaks, improvements, edits, remixes, & mashups be given the same/equivalent respect as the originals.  zero exceptions.  we are the vetting agency.  THE CLOUD RATES MY CONTENT, NOT SOME FASCIST ON THE GOVERNMENT DOLE.  jesus fuck, quit yelling.  you know the transformers movie is some straight materialist military colonialist historical revisionism, right?  yes.  it brings the volume of dysfunction up to deafening, because nobody can hear it otherwise.  that’s mighty cynical.  and how.

6:21 pm.

local field level sportball angles.  coach honky is discussing recent & future battles in bankersuit sans noose.  SLOB.  remember when we lived in the mini apple and that morning show only ever called the coach fat dumb?  honky dick supremacy is so disgustingly vile to me.  all the ways of giving it up are patently unacceptable to me as well, AS NONE OF THEM ARE RESPECTFUL OF INDIVIDUAL ENTITLEMENT.  that’s a lot orf big worbs.  know shits.

dyslexic taibo humors.  fore off dem

meh.  I AM TEH MEME.

do we have datas to move around.  yeah, probably.  should we work on these job applications more.  yeah, probably.  my 4GB kingston data traveler has mp3 folder.

have we divulged sufficiently the thoughtforms which have been rattling about this skully.  mostly.  RAWR.  i know.

what to know
how to act
what to share

repeat.  your client’s first interaction is akin to your attunement.  the verbal forms may be practiced with every interaction.  such will heal the world.

this curriculum may be completed in as little as a sitting, or stretched out to fill any timeframe desired.

little notebook transcription:

Party Work Shop
participate online or in person
open source records
full consensus
decoration follows infrastructure
as long as there are homeless ______, or currency spent on food, everyone’s primary purpose is infrastructure.
project selection by locale
materials deemed not refurbishable may be parted.  usable items go into circulation.  upgrades by capacity/density.  more dense/rooms, higher priority. greater impact.
bug-tracking foundation

smallen the screen to condense the knowledge.  mind ur verb forms.  ask what gender pronoun is preferred by whoever you’re referring to.  if confused, do not refer.  page 2:

• porter: carry things places at specific times
• food ninja: plant/digestion lifecycle blade specialist
• fluid film sculptor
◦ 2D paint/stain/ink/pen/brush/blade
◦ 3D metal plastics/wood/cord/sheet
◦ 4D time capture photo/audio/video
• documentation: data tracking/accessibility/crediting/reporting
Aluminum Can Flying House Project
corrugated sheeting, tanks, partitions, cord transmission, 3D modeled
labs: solar sous vide, hinge & seam, channels, trussing, instrumentation, savonius ridges/corners [with structural tie-down]

page 3:

bamboo where bamboo is appropriate, hemp-strengthened resins where appropriate.
hot materials through isolated loops.
heat sources: computer, rocket stove, kerosene, propane, alcohol, solar, water hammer, organism.
kinetic sources: wind, cranks, pedals, pressure plates, suspension rocking/tilt-recovery, regenerative braking, rain intake.
3D putties’ heat tolerance, printable?
and, become one.  repeat until no pain is felt.
handle/latch/lid lab. gaskets, plane, thread, & tube integration.

page 4:

The part about realizing one’s own privlege/[sin] is that it doesn’t all come back at once. reminders seep. awareness leeches into every crack & crevasse.  do you fix rigid structures by making them more rigid? or, by hinging them. it has to flex there now. we all do.  WE. ALL. DO.
forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.
the meatbot is a farm bot. shame the bad, not the victims.

page 5: saturday 8/16/14, 4:17 pm.

We needed this light.
the clouds are being funky, 2.
we need places we can draw, and type.  How is this not that? or, that, this. Touché.
How are at-will employed renters not “nomadic” people?
how hung up on terminology should we be?  Probably contempt of judge/jury/executioner no diss. help find sandwiches.  snuggly types with witch two SNUGGLE! Ya scritch, we do those too.  went in church. plain. puritan. churchy.

page 6:

nothing that this meatbot/presence has become is wanted/needed/compatible.  you can’t even make that determination.
is this reverse seasonal affective disorder?  no, heat exhaustion.
do you know what it’s like to have eveyr nerve raw? any contact is searing pain.  sensory overlord. samson re: overload. pouter keg.
nothing owned, nothing to gain.
the human panic attack.  nutrition?
not crying, outlining minimum standards of respect, decency, & life.  liberty. pursuit of happiness.

page 7: 11/17/14 to do:

Disability Application

Reiki Curriculum
-Office Document

job application database

we typed up the other small notebook.  are you sure we haven’t done this already?  nope.  we have to cloud it, that the scraper might assemble us.  doesn’t the government already have software that does this?  an algorithm is software.  its intent/result is the will of its creator.  this couldn’t possibly be more muddled nor nonsensical.  sense cannot be made, it’s something that must be sensed.

7:15 pm.

meatbot universalizers
feral coexistants
post-municipal systems architecture
post-nuclear karass optimizer
fluffy cloud
grokhealth loveshare

every time i try to make a business card, the name changes.  only it impermanence is permanent.  fleeting thoughts, avoidance tactics.  lol.  the borscht is gong wiff disswan

skankbot celestial.



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