there’s only one  kelly , and that’s  bundy . modify sentence’s first character capitalization post assignment of shortcut key to hyperlink. control, k.

so many thoughts to sift. have I blogged about ferguson yet? gamergate? o noes. fix that capitalized i better.  it’s all the same world, jackwagon.

i’ve been ranting new terminol
ogy, which may require unpacking.  cultural isolationist.  this is a knee-jerk application to anyone who flips out when their chosen/ascribed “gender” is criticized for the act of one person who may or may not deserve that classification.  it’s not a race.  one could do that with any subset.  why do blondes always NOT ALL BLONDES are both cultural isolationist tendencies. claiming universality is lazy philosophy.

remember “LazyAssWasteoid”? it is the internashunnally reviled boolean generator of one human.  i created that camelcase abomination which i prefer not to speak aloud as the counter-argument to the decision to allow “democracy” to choose “capitalism” or the “people’s” (snicker) decision to implement/support/utilize a private, fiat, usury currency for “all debts, public and private.”  nothing about any of it’s characteristics is inherent to currency.  some aspects are convenient.  NOTHING ABOUT ITS CONVENIENCE IS IN ANY WAY RELATED TO THESE CHARACTERISTICS.  so oh blamma wants to make the internet a public utility BUT NOT CASH? HOW IS THAT IN ANY WAY LOGICAL?  who said capitalism is logical?  that term is breaking down, too.  it’s a cult, that’s all.  it’s the “THAT’S JUST THE WAY IT IS” cult.  fuck you, refusers of even thinking about change.  you don’t even understand reality.

i been watching a lot of movies lately.  big budget studio shits.  BE UNDER AN UMBRELLA OR U GONNA GET WET. uh huh. anyway, they’re abusive, mansplainy infotainment, except when they’re not.   The Grand Budapest Hotel  is dope as fuck, because wes anderson is a beautiful fascist.   How To Train Your Dragon (1   & 2)  are analogous to lots of things.  i saw a really lo-fi version of 2, then youtube clips.  i’ve been thinking a lot about dog training, too.  the synchronicity is palpable.

it’s gps.  i accidentally  turned on the gps feature .

7:05 pm.  waupaca, wi public library.  yes, i’m ripping dvds here.  the laptop doesn’t transmit data over the power cord like the smart phone does.  are you sure?  no.  if there exists a means of sending television signals through an alternating current delivery system, there is a means of reading/manipulating data on a device that charges via universal serial bus.  you’re paranoid.  I STUDY TECHNOLOGY AND MAKE MY FINDINGS AND INCLINATIONS PUBLIC BECAUSE THAT’S THE OPPOSITE OF HOW CAPITALISM SAYS YOU HAVE TO DO IT. i don’t literally starve.  starved for affection & attention don’t preclude one from finding food in local trash cans or dumpsters.

i just found this band called snot, and it’s hyper-aggro, and what with being back in HATERSTATE aka “wisco” and being around job-having mans all the time, I’M FORCED TO BE CONSTANTLY VIGILANT oh like we weren’t that in NOLA.  fair enough, but there i had family.  what, the other homeless people?  travelers & squatters don’t consider themselves homeless.  who applies that title?  who applies any title?  if you choose one that doesn’t match what an indoctrinated pigtard/fascist/citizen thinks it “should” be, expects, or cares to acknowledge, you will be dismissed.  challenged, objectified, & mocked by EVERY LAST RETARDED ASSHOLE WITHIN EARSHOT.  you really hate it here, don’t you.  no, it’s horrible.  that’s a very different thing.  i am progressing nicely in my ability to find happiness, love, and beauty, in every situation.  yes, even the ones where deluded tv watchers project all the fears that their ridiculously classist/racist/lifeist masters have scripted for them.  they think i’m the one to be afraid of.  do i control the water supply?  do i control the permitted usage of real estate?  BEING HOMELESS &/OR BROKE PUTS ONE AT THE MERCY OF EVERY HUMAN WITH ACCESS TO MONEY.  privilege to not be harassed for a few small reasons.  as if saying that people have it better just because they’re a category is any different than saying that other people have it “bad” or “worse” just because they’re a category.  o.m.g.  so different.  for one who’s always complaining about conflating things, that’s quite a stretch.  do some mental yoga then.  some emotional tai chi.  STRETCH YOUR PHYSICAL SELF OUT BY TWISTING IT, BENDING IT, AND PUSHING IT TO ITS LIMITS THAT THEY MIGHT BE EXTENDED.

i chopped up the cans that were in my basement bedroom.  it smells slightly less like stale beer now.  much like my own meatbot which i have been washing with no less frequency, but a lot higher/hotter water than as of late.

doll, do you mind if i call you doll?  you remind me of a porcelain doll.  flawless.  you make me dumb.  literally, mute.  i have no interest in speaking.  i apologize for putting up with stress-inducing behavior for so long.  if i could forget, i wouldn’t be a time traveler.  soothsayer.  wizard pirate.  something.

khe’s a freelance goddess, a diy porn starlet that gets a lot of attention.  ke hasn’t quite gotten past the christian guilt.  but seriously, how could one so open to public comment/criticism.  she takes them on.  SHE TURNS HER ATTENTION TO AND COUTER-ATTACKS HER CRITICS.  it’s kinda badass.  i thought you just unfollowed her?  i did.  just because my sissy constitution can’t take being berated for living on free online content because i refuse to afford. err, choose to not have an income STOP ADOPTING THE FALSE DICHOTOMY OF YOUR OPPRESSORS.  they aren’t right about many things, but this is not the time, nor the place, FOR WHAT?  FOR INFORMATION EXCHANGE?  FOR CURRENCY EXCHANGE?  my time is valuable.  your path is your path.  i don’t want to be less bad, i want to not feel like i have to apologize for my survival.  EVERYTHING I DO IS A COPING MECHANISM.  no it isn’t.  it’s a spoiled brat stop.  ok.  i like you, a lot.  do you seek martyrdom?  lol. hardly.  my responding to abusive jerks isn’t as much that as you characterize it to be.  oh?  you give keystrokes to violents.  and, you do it in public.  that might be what keeps her alive.  scary thought.

threatened human-on-human violence is vile.  an activist friend and i were speaking about situations of oppression & violence, and how direct action, protest, or confrontation of the agents of institutional violence were necessary, to bring a situation “to a head” as it were.  oppression/dismissiveness typically happens between 2 people, no?  they are the only witnesses, unless there are other witnesses.  even if there are, most of them will mansplain it away.  IT AIN’T NOBODY’S BUSINESS HOW MY FASCIST OWNERS TREAT ME because they are more likely to kill me if i complain.  fear is an enabler.  i am of the opinion that no one ought to have to ever “deal with” this horrible treatment.  unfortunately, we live in opposite world.  planet retard slave.  crapitulatism has hunkered down, entrenched itself in every possible war/sport analogy, and opposites are now HOW you point out concepts that you cannot point out.

i read an article recently about artists & “gender”.  now i can’t find it.  what i remember it to be was the assembly of questionnaire data to show that people who do art have characteristics of the “opposite” gender, in the currently oversimplified (read: LIE) male/female dichotomy.  artistic boys are girly, and artistic girls are boyish.  find me a term for either of these things that isn’t uttered with vitriol, that isn’t a pejorative, or that doesn’t make cisgender fucktards giggle.  haha look at that thing it’s different from me WE BETTER HIGHLIGHT IT AND MARK IT IN CASE THE AUTHORITIES TELL US THAT OUTLIERS NEED TO BE CULLED because that’s what people do.

supposing we had an actually “representative” democracy, and people had representation that would listen to them.  this would mean that they could enter the “what i am” fields, as sliding scales, approximate percentages, or AS A COMPLETE REJECTION OF SUCH IMPERIALIST FUCKSTAINERY.  hmm.  must be getting hungry.  thirsty too.  and the library closes in ten.  k.  yup.  catch ya later (7:40 pm)

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2014-11-10 (Monday).

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