here for healing

because not healthy. still.  reflection of environmental toxins.  simultaneous detox releasing old things that do not apply any more.

every action is political.  every bite is political.  avoiding politics is avoiding life.  hahahaha.  says the presidential candidate that has disowned the entire journalistic profession for disconnected semi-informed public statements.  no signs.  no flyers.  no trees harmed during this campaign.  hugging, yes lots of that.  stop repeating the harsh things.  it’s ok.  they’re not happening now, so let’s enjoy that they are not happening now.

micro aggression.  pico aggression.  how many times do i have to apologize for being how the world made me.  a few more, apparently.  is it all here?  i don’t know.  i started withholding suicidal thoughts from counselors years ago, so once the capability to lie out loud is put into actual practice, how does one even know what one is actually thinking.

we flip through the archives when/as we clean video off the phone.  i think it helps.  i have no idea.

4:32. brb.

5:23 ready to pee again.  yep.

i was going to add the following things to the wiki, but then i tweeted a whole bunch instead, and got hungry.  we only decided to come type at 3:14 pm.  yes, it’s pi, rounded.  it’s also the time school let out.  at least 7th-12th grades.  freedom.  this transitions nicely to the philosophy of school transformation.  how’s that?  ok.

schools are public areas, right?  everyone gets let in, and on state money.  we make this big structure for the purposes of passing authoritarian gobbely gook along to the children.  i am not opposed to the transferance of information, far from it.  i think we should make information public and accessible.  easy to find what you need.  matter should be the same way.  and food.  so, every empty school should be turned into communal housing.  every mall, too.  any and every entity that was provided a reduction or an exemption in taxes, ought to let people live there for free.  yes, we will permaculture it up.  yes, we will provide defined roles for every type of person, and we will let them do a variety of required actions depending on their preferences.  these do not have to be large spaces if there are common areas where people can exist in peace.  also, every living space should have access to nature.  sky view, tree view.  airflow.  look, there are temperature differentials of vast differences on this property.  let’s use them to keep our food and bodies fresh.  yes.  we let the people who will live there build them.  yes, we let the people who live there “police” or audit them.  autonomous collective with state support.  there is so much infrastructure going to waste.  so many materials being weathered, or just sitting there, waiting for us to put them into use again.  there will have to be a lot of multi-use spaces.  infrastructure for campgrounds that will put the influx of humans to systematic use.  we can collect resources, reconfigure them.  we can cook/store/cool/dehydrate our food using the naturally occuring processes that happen every day.  we are the engineers.  we are the quality control.  we are the research and development.  we are the guinea pigs.  we are the programmers and end users.  we are the camera people, and the subjects of interest.  we are the shared with.  we are the shared for.  we are the children rejected by their mothers, and the means of their reconnection.  we are the dissipator of pain, for this world focuses too much on its pains.  yes, they are many.  yes, they hurt like hell.  these are symptoms.  the dull, deeply internal inner ache.  it’s universal in humans living in this world.

is positivity microaggression?  it can be.  how?  telling someone that their pain is minimal, or should be disregarded.  perhaps even redirected.  how does one offer assistance without expectation of input.  i don’t think there is such a thing.  this is what currency is for.  assistance without expectation.  every other type of gift is temporal, takes up space, or must be used at a particular place, by a particular time.  legal fictions last forever.  theoretically.  not connected to the life of any temporal form.  how many people have died on the planet, versus how many are currently living?  the actual reality of those living here right now, is that they haven’t died.  take that into account, scientists.  the whole cult of science is as much of a clown show as academia or police-enforced politics.  warmonger controls.  fucking stupid.  loving genius.  nice save.  what do you think you’re jesus, not yelling all these things.  i want people to be able to read without having panic attacks.  because they can hear your voice in your typed yelling.  yes, because i word vicious flows so smoothly.  nobody adopts them, because they’re free-standing works of art.  what if you just made a $10 coin and started using it as currency.  what, like the souvenir ones?  sure.  why not.  wouldn’t that be easy to pirate?  not if it held some means of digitally tracking its origins.  local currency is only local here.  of course there are exchanges.  the new state will respect fungible means of interaction of humans.

i am following an  account on twitter  that makes me think about crypto-currency markets.   there are a lot more digital currencies than bitcoin, you know .  it’s the kleenex phenomenon.  catch-phrase culture.

back. 9:32 pm. typing on phone.

the section i was going to add to the wiki was open source designs. yes erv. also, a walking staff that opens into a self-standing structure with the addition of a tyvek fly.  also utility bikes, basketed handlebars, frames, trailers. everything we will build once the tool library and design shop has a space to work. so, when the fascist warmonger landowners lay down their arms and surrender. good luck with that. seriously, gentle people are born in enemy territory regardless of shade/origin/gender. intelligence is subject to the will of violence and power. planet retard slave. home sweet home.


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