midnight snack

dNa is silent supercomputer.
silent typing.
bionic ears screams full. all typa sound applications. sonically aware. spatially content. currently in love with many things, i also love a lot of other things, oh yeah. 12:12 AM.

i take a lot of selfies. what? my mirror has a freeze/capture. you can keep telling me things. after i put my earphones in. i escape fully, from within the same room. it’s a function of being the most/least ignorable.

lightning and thunder in new orleans. it’s a function of global dynamics. fractal synthetics. ACCURATE PRECISION YOGA CALISTHENICS.

we keep checking the character count, & it doesn’t exist. i think that means we tweet too much. poorbabbly. the more automatic dictionaries spell for me, the more i imtentionally misspell werds. i think some of us are polarity responders. are we really as disassociated as all that? i can’t tell. it’s a figure of speech. so, a lie. it’s an analogy. it was a test that i failed miserably because that is my lot. my job. if you would like something else to be my job, hire me for that.

i thought we were taking up the washboard. oh yes, i’ve been encouraged to busk my way to financial freedom. by a fiddler without equal. 12:39 AM 69% battery.

fiddlers. i love you.

even when i stay in, i get noise and light shows. i would chop off my spoilage in a heartblastbeet. finna heart dat squeak. spinner art mast fleet. the circus in my head is ready to explode.

hoax. shenanigans. fraud. warmind lies.

buildmind creates.

Features of erveline:
electric drive, regenerative braking
flywheel/gyroscope generator/pump/pto
wankel multifuel generator/pump/compressor
liquid-cooled onboard computer
directional wifi antenna & rebroadcaster
certified kitchen
solar forge/oven/water/air/photovoltaics
biodigester & woodgas generator with scrubber/storage w/compression
water hammer water heater
vertical wind turbines at corners
human assist (pedal, cables, levers, cranks)
rocketstove fireplace/water heater
hot tub & sauna
rainwater collection
noise shroud/cancellation/disguises
exterior projection screens
detachable autonomous house
nesting trailer

flatbed electric/kinetic/multifuel racing truck
toolbox, tent, stove, cooler, winch, load conveyor, dump box, hydraulic lift/fork/bucket.

i want to be able to get everywhere for free. and, like fast. it’ll probably end up looking more like buckminster fulller’s dymaxion car. but collapsible with detachable primary drivetrain.

did i mention she’s also a houseboat? yes, many times. good. unforgettable.

1:26 AM. rain again. more thunderstorms. lightning.

went out in the “worst” of it. got wet. stencils & sprayed dye/stain/paint. of bands. new/old favorite banned’s.

why do u not go anywhere? i see what i must. deserve u no better? 2:22 AM. i remain surrounded by angels wherever i go. rain picked up again. WHEN YOU LIVE IN AN ALUMINUM CAN, GODS BLAST BEATS’LL SUSTAIN U. ahahaha. still no character count. most databases that have character limits for fields would benefit from character counters. good programming teaches users everything they need to know. erv will do this.

erv will have the capacity to duplicate herself. some assembly required. she breaks down to backpack-size chunks. she looks like a bike trailer compacted. interlocking rolling meshes? yes. nanohinged collapsible floats/sails? yes. sailing down the highway, picking up speed, the computer tells us we’re charging the batteries. we giggle. erv deploys the scouts, the wing bank, the propellers, & the balloons. the cabin pod rises up cables, she catches an updraft & the whole rig is airborn. groundscout gets video, then picked up by airscout. let’s go find a river to float on. good call.

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2014-03-29 (Saturday).

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