the sainte claude[fatoush/byrdies/redhouse] accords/contract

constantly restrictive budgeting, or is it? that’s precisely why you don’t keep records of that sort of thing. 6:28 pm.

took 74 pictures walking up and down st roch parkway. sky, buildings, trees. the cemetery.

my initial reaction. was one of reverence. is, one of reverence. every creature here, and by that i mean animals everywhere, and the vast majority of city people, are kind souls. granted, there are plenty of tv people, too. but, those that disconnect long enough to catch a glimpse of ye olde dictator in its duties are surely the rare breed. as in, don’t cook that food, it tastes better closer to alive.

life update: moved erv back to the undisclosed location. eating gourmet pizza & drinking good coffee, and water. local tap water. no water-borne pathogen can pass through me undetected, and i am healthy as the horse is the new chinese year. happy belated chinese new year of the horse, everybody. what up china? what up la limpics. ahh, fracking sprotbawls. competitive loser-creation. whatever you kids are calling it these days. im listening to yacøpsae, why do you ask? now, tanz grosny, tanz…

this internet is not the most reliable. must be a lot of heads on the router. and, you know, ye olde bandwidth bandit. stop saying “ye olde”. yeah whatever.

love as art. i have no disagreement.

strange longing. a sort of hunger, but not.

the sainte claude[fatoush/byrdies/redhouse] accords/contract

lazyasswasteoid industries contains a network of tool libraries. to join as a storage facility or workspace is to gain access to any of these tools, in any of these spaces, subject to participant veto/assurances/etc. full consensus. blocking without assistance subject to frowns.

*takes break to rip/encode gBaby cd*

this battery isn’t going to last long. true.

i am looking for a materials stash site, a tool locker, and ala carte electricity/space. i am as willing to help on others’ projects as people are willing to help with mine. i can climb, build, type, troubleshoot, brainstorm, and art. you’re beautiful. pardon me could you spare a smile?

absolutely. 😀

11:39 pm.

4 pm, 2/10/13

i had an idea for a post. cisgender, i would call it. it would be the lock-step fascism of the binary mindset. this is a symptom of party politics, isn’t it? yes. it should reflect that. it is espoused by all genders. all, are you sure? is self-loathing ironic? does irony heal? i don’t think that’s a good idea. because you conflate rape culture with cisgendrism. the two are intricately intertwined. so are the deviations created/sanctioned/protected by the church. the casting out of another is the problem. any other. the system must have a place for everyone, or it will be hacked to pieces by those refused survival necessities.

exclusion culture creates monsters, by definition. stop doing that. find a kinder thoughtspace for each person you meet. i don’t know about any of this. are you defending dead people again? was i ever? it has been raining on and off all day. you can’t do this thing without jumping into it. it sounds forced and awful unless you get into character. i don’t want to think like an owner. an owner? an owner of another’s sexuality. oh. partner, parent, or outside observer? i don’t know which is worse. shotgun wedding, or other violent analogies. that sucks, fuck that. you’re vile. no, the drunks in sports bars are vile. this is fragmented as fuck. stop using that word. the roofs of school busses are painted white down here. this is passive solar. ok, except for hammond transportation’s busses.

erv. we need to focus on our own home. you can’t tell me what my brain prioritizes. you can’t tell anyone. do you know what kind of paralyzing cognitive dissonance happens when you tell someone that the thing they want is sick? is wrong? all i’m saying is that it’s an awful thing to do to a person to reject them at such a fundamental level. has someone done that to you? people rarely do anything to me. roof brackets are huge down here. they’re the same size as everywhere else. they’re popular. they’re integrated into many building designs. why aren’t banks and gas stations and fast food restaurants subject to the same fascist building designs as buildings for humans to sleep in. airflow, evaporation, sunlight. no, everything is still built to industrialized car culture spec. people’s favorite neighborhoods are full of huge old trees. we can reverse engineer all of this.

proposal: grown structure on your empty lot.

first we design the space. passive solar everything. constant use building/timeline. we start with temporary structures. vehicles, tents. we establish living spaces, then we surround them with intertwined permacultural food forests, we connect them to naturally and artificially occurring heat and cold sources. yes, we layer everything. THERE’S A LIBRARY IN MINNESOTA THAT GOES SEVEN STORIES UNDER GROUND, DON’T TELL ME WE CAN’T WATERPROOF IT ABOVE SEA-LEVEL FOR ZERO ADDITIONAL COST. that’s pushing it. yes, we push doubts. up and out. THOSE WHO KNOW ONLY FAILURES OF PAST PROFIT-DRIVEN DESIGNERS ARE TO GIVE UP THE FAITH OR BE EXCLUDED FROM ANY DESIGN PARTICIPATION. what was that you were saying about exclusion culture? yes, they’re connected. why should anyone be tolerant of only-harm? of organism-cannibalism? mother earth is about to buck us off, and the warmongers are still in charge IN YOUR HEADSPACE. we don’t have a budget. what is there to be afraid of? things not looking like a manicured baseball field? oh joneses. this top is a ferrofluid drive. she gonna throw her weight around. the machine give her no choice, so she do what she gonna.

5:05 pm

5:16 pm, 2/12/14.

the marching band is practicing around this block. who dat. it’s the closest thing to home i have. besides the post office, libraries, and the streets themselves.

6:42 pm, st. valentine’s day.

rollercoaster much? good one. work was alright. big pile of chocolate-covered almonds, malted milk balls, & date rolls made it better. i like that girl. i like a lot of girls there. women. boys/mans too, actually. for people, it’s a good crowd. i’m sorry i was so off today. it’s ok, you weren’t. my valentine’s days are all just dull pains of loneliness & fap sessions. i don’t have a partner to miss. by putting these days on pedestals, all that happens is ostracism. pain triggers. reminders that NOBODY HAS ANY HAPPINESS MOST OF THE TIME SO WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LET THE FEW PEOPLE WHO ARE GETTING LAID CELEBRATE THAT FACT BY RUBBING EVERYONE ELSE’S NOSES IN IT. oh stop, you can generalize it to the non-baby-making love. go research the holiday. false. christianity is the devil. there are useful analogies in it. there are also pain triggers and loneliness reminders. we need to talk about something else. we need to pee. plug-in? i have nothing to write about.

if i were to categorize myself, then it might prevent me from seeing attraction to a future potential partner. you see what the tendencies are. that doesn’t really mean much, given time/space constraints. who do you like to stand near? listen to? look at? i like slight rejects. scrawny mutts. vicious little critters who could eat me for dinner, but don’t because i scritch like a critter that enjoys being scritched properly. go outside. leave the laptop, and walk around. bring two beers, and wander. i know you’re tired, you’re going to be even more tired when you get back in a few hours. go love your town. go love yourself. go love the sidewalks, then come home & love your bed. k. (finally cries) 6:59 pm

7:36 pm. Sunday, 2/16/13

never intervenes. watches. assumes you know how to handle this, and if you don’t, you should know. or will, but mostly, clearly do.

today i spent most of the day in a stupor. hung over, chicory/pizza/hash buzz. i don’t know how to do anything, right? i go places people say they dream of. i live there. i dream of the same places, diversified and inclusive, thriving. you call yourselves sound junkies, but the infernal racket of internal combustion never ceases. i thought we were going to put documents up on the interwebs. right. we do that. this is fun.

3/5/14 6:21 pm. Fatoush

the phone is going nutty. no, it’s just full of data. clear it off. right. ok, the videos are going into archive. 25 minutes remaining. i have hooray for the riff raff in my head a lot. saint roch blues. i have to get to that cemetery again during daylight. i’m not very good at catching daylight. she said something to the effect of, “you’re not in a position where you can’t become not homeless again,” and i replied something like, “i sure feel like that sometimes, if not most of the time.”

i am serious about a cooking schedule. i am serious about a dishes schedule. if you want me working in some spaces, it precludes certain others from being there at the same time. if you’re not helping, or consciously staying out of the way, or on your own mindset, you may not, you cannot, occupy the same space as me when work has to get done. THERE ARE ONLY SO MANY HOURS IN THE DAY, for tasks that require daylight, a roof over your head, or alternating current. there aren’t many tasks that fit all those requirements. that’s ok. i live solo. i have most of my life. YES I REALIZE IT SEEMS LIKE A LONELY LIFE, having standards. it leaves me a lot of time to think, and to write, and to listen to beautiful music, sometimes over and over. we have to do a cover of this song. minimalist crunk grind is a lifestyle, not a music genre. i am all the genres. oh. great. lol.

what was the point of this entry again anyway? another proposal to the commons. we do a lot of those, don’t we? people like this customized to their own particular set of “friends/enemies/etc.” hahaha. i know, that’s EXACTLY WHY WE DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THOSE EXCLUDING JERKS REQUIRE. stop yelling. why, i like yelling. nobody can hear me if i don’t yell. wrong, they can’t hear you when/if you’re yelling. you overwhelm the hearing/sense organs, and the whole thing just shuts down. that’s what happens when you exclude certain demographics, types, of “self-descriptions” which anybody considered a “legitimate” person refuses to acknowledge. we just shut down and start yelling. my friend josh’s button put it best, i think. “excuse me, but you’re standing on my penis.” don’t tell me it’s not that extreme. DON’T TELL ME TO SETTLE DOWN IF YOU’RE THE ONE WHO WORKED ME UP IN THE FIRST PLACE. STFU & LISTEN TO HOW YOU SHOULD REFER TO THIS NOW. oi. ears. stop, you’re reading. five gigs should transfer faster than this. i know. this computer is slower than your mom. lol. pretty as your daughters, tho. can i just say how much i love you. ok, you and your entire family/tribe/heartspace. that’s what unconditional love is, there’s pass-through trust. how’s that? it works like this: if i love you, i trust you. both, in your choice in people, and in your ability to hold those people to the same standards that you hold me, yourself, and everyone else. we all have to set this standard. i think here, there’s a custom at badger games, if someone is being a drunken jerk in the stands, everyone starts pointing at them and chanting, ASS-HOLE, ASS-HOLE, and if they continue, you have a big circular swarm of humans pointing and chanting in unison. they stop. you don’t want to get on the big screen for yelling at your friends and family, classmates, and other well-wishers of the beloved colors. KEEP IT ON THE FIELD. oh, the nationalism of sport. sprotbawls is not the answer, and has very little of use, at all, in my experience.

wind generation systems have built into them, an overflow. when it’s windy outside, they generate SO MUCH EXCESS ELECTRICITY, that it must be dissipated, or you will literally burn out your wiring, ruin your batteries, etc. in one sense, i think this is a massive design flaw. understood, that one may fill batteries, but to not have a recoverable energy source built into the system? that is waste. yes, the vacuum contains infinite potential, and powering things on the puny scale of working light, space heat, and rotational energy for every conceivable purpose on this puny planet is not that great on a global scale. let dictator start editing video, and we’ll see the windstorm power get put to full use. let the electron friction heat as much water as we can put through the system. did there emerge a point from this paragraph? sport is an overflow mechanism. nobody, or, sorry, A MINUTE PERCENTAGE OF HUMANS ARE INVOLVED IN ACTUALLY USEFUL THINGS ON THIS PLANET, unless you count the food ninjas. ok, yes. farmers & foodservice people deliver a lot. i am actually an advocate of mechanizing more of their “jobs,” but whatever. overkill in all things is how nature does it. redundancy is how a systems designer would describe it. the food on the grocery store shelves isn’t necessarily a measure of the health of the system. isn’t it? i don’t actually know any more. we’re clearing a lot of data off this phone. space for more pictures, is why. i have generations and generations of my work as a photographer all stored in one portable hard drive. haha. talk about all your eggs in one basket. not really. we put a lot in the cloud. probably will more, now. workstation with mouse, arrow keys, and full keyboard. we copy and paste a lot, and android doesn’t do that very well. it’s all, hold and wait, and i want a dedicated keyboard combination. its application-switching capabilities aren’t too bad, though. ARE YOU A COMPUTER PROGRAMMER OR A POLITICIAN. we all have to be both. to do both. we all have to do all the roles. at least long enough to understand their interaction. and, respect for those who do the things we do not. so, the musicians who you fanboy for all your life. exactly. and the other art-producers. see, hollywood “producers” seem more like fund-raisers being conflated with project managers. these aren’t necessarily useless jobs, except that the money sources are pure evil. because, this money thing is a limited commodity. WE SHOULDN’T ALL BE BURNING IT OFF LIKE “EXCESS” ENERGY WHEN SOME PEOPLE STILL HAVE ZERO INFRASTRUCTURE in terms of square footage. cubic footage, whatever. you ramble a lot. YES, I KNOW, AND I THINK PEOPLE APPRECIATE THAT ABOUT ME. ugh.

so, i trimmed my beard down today. i’m pretty. happy with the results. 😀 i still have to do the whole lawn mowing of the body hairs, tho. i think we’re going to take everything down to #2 with the clippers. that will be about 5 pounds of body hair then. HAHA GOOD ONE. not really.

i can negotiate in person, sort of. negotiating isn’t real under capitalism. how’s that? because the tone, rules, and terms are set by the party with more power. the thing demands too much “manliness” to be taken seriously, which excludes most of us. MOST. OF. US. are excluded. you think that’s odd for a “white” “man” to say, but that’s exactly why i continue to assert that your limited conception of co-anything is EXACTLY THE PROBLEM AND THE REASON FASCIST WARMONGERS STILL RUN PLANET RETARD SLAVE. cripes. sorry. four minutes remaining in the photo transfer. cool.

7:24 pm. 7:39 pm. data transfer is complete for now. topping off the phone battery.

first tweet, and the last of the most recent archive.

incomplete thoughts, posted in full.


hehe. k. lates.

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2014-03-19 (Wednesday).

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