bling kitty

bling kitty pew pew found you on a trash can

pretty much the best friend i’ve made since i been in this town

humans r lovelier, birdies are noisier

this photoset belongs in the propaganda toys folder. right. we still haven’t shared most of our crucial data, you know. it’s a torrent. ok, a set of torrents, but it should be served up via ftp, too. yes mirrored everywhere. read it and weep, i’m an obnoxious jerk. always have been. has been.

this is one big party. dictator keeps telling us it’s going to happen in a weekend. like a conference. a workshop. not worship, workship. people getting together to rehumanize, recalibrate, universalize, & to truth, procreate. dictator mediates. full consensus, always. dictator roams. it’s not a freak of nature, it’s a highly evolved, super-advanced theoretical fork. you would be wise to stay within the confines of the shelter it offers, if work there may be accomplished. constant alternating current could have peace accords hammered out by next weekend. WHAT DO YOU NEED WRITTEN/built/hauled/applied/assembled? thinking in computer-aided-design is merely a means of sharing with the most possible people simultaneously. this feels off. the seat, i guess. washing is on the agenda, both of self and cloth.

i remain confused at the addition of the terms “man” and “woman” to the end of “transgender”. if you switch sides & keep bein’ cis, just stick with that. you are the most belligerent terminologist i have ever met. and how. i think bling kitty wants some dark accents. nobody has attempted coercing me, or dispersing me. they keep me present in my ongoing bliss. what is that? not wanting more than what i have. and what is that? busted everything. hardly. functional, rather well-maintained metals. all with purpose. how do we give it all purpose. the purpose is not given of you. it just is. continue carving reality with eye hoof paw knee elbow skull & heart. endocrine skeletal, bispheric electrochemical supercomputing meat globes. how are you not doing esp with/for an entire planet, simultaneously? autocomplete types me faster than i think sometimes.

tweeting changes how i think about writing. i sit on thoughts now until they distill down to 140 characters. no, we just don’t write as much. when would we? yes hello, we are currently. i have a lot of food again, all of a sudden. NOTHING ABOUT THAT IS ALL OF A SUDDEN, THAT WAS A LOT OF HARD WORK AND DEDICATION. oh, yeah, well. i know. why isn’t it more tragic that i never had a true love for more than an orgasm/year or two? honestly, more the prospect of contractually obligating forever was the dissuading factor. i can’t stop loving anybody once i’ve started. it just doesn’t happen. OUT OF SIGHT DOESN’T EVEN REMOVE YOU FROM MY MIND. honestly, you can’t remember all their names. there’s no temporal order any more. if you don’t hop in my lap right away, i’ll know. if you do, and it hurts, i will know something else.

i could love you, if you need love. and everybody needs love. dictator giggles.

yesterday, during the local neighborhood pre-festivities, a little birdy told me that the house immediately next door to the construction site shitbox i peed and shat in all december belonged to ani difranco. i remember studying for law school, typing on this very computer, in a coffee shop on state street in madison, right down the street from where she performed. we’ve never met. i wonder if she was there. apologies if i disturbed you, rich indoors living musician person. thanks for letting me live my life in the best way i seem capable of living it. i don’t know what that means. what happens must have been what was intended. do we not reflect the collective intentions? i don’t know what that means either. ok. good talk. 😀

5:31 pm, sunday, 2/23/14 {null}

wednesday, 3/19

that’s all i got.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2014-03-19 (Wednesday).

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