faschists withhold a lot of it.  most of it, actually.

the internet is down.  this affords me typing time.  you have to be ready to know exactly what to do when the worst possible scenario happens.  otherwise, you’re me.  i know nothing, but the what to do tells me when it happens.  i feel like my to do list floats on the breeze, like a plath poem or something.


do you own/control access to property?

would you be willing to discuss potential trades, barter, or payment for utilities/rent/mortgage in exchange for use of that property?

do you have spare time, or would you like to share time spent cleaning, cooking, organizing, or independently assisting with open-source survival infrastructure construction projects?

beyond that, what do you need?  what do you want?  how much time do you spend in your spaces?  could others assist you in upkeep, improvements, or staffing a retail environment?

we understand that capitalism necessarily withholds this information.  those who belileve in capitalism withhold this information.  capitalism destroys any potential forums for this type of information to be accessed.

network reliance isn’t necessarily bad, but who owns the pipes?  the same large corporations that own everything.  the same state that locks gates surrounding the well-lit lawns of public parks.  this country is so unabashedly fascist while claiming freedom and democracy, it makes all of us sick.

i don’t know how the coop works any more.  i think you can’t use my shit because your head ain’t right.  haters, go away until you don’t hate any more.  angry people, go away until you aren’t angry any more.  realistic people, get yourself into some situation where nearly everything you ever had that was close to stable is gone.  just, gone.  all of it.

internet’s on at least. sort of…

the bandwidth bandit gets a taste of its own medicine. what? nevermind

why don’t i trust you?  why don’t you trust me?  am i intrusive when i’m there?  completely.  can i disappear?  completely.  if not, is that my fault, or the failings in your infrastructure?  does society have infrastructure. absolutely. language, databases, systems, habits. best practices. lies are lame words. love is the currency of cooperation

are we going to go see punk tonight?  kinda i want to.

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2013-12-24 (Tuesday).

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