absence of color, or inclusion of all colors? yes.

i have the residue of holy days, yet. in me. in my expectations. *flogs itself in its brain for having expectations* stop that. uh huh. whenever.

today, we have to go get cash. there’s a parking lot at the post office. we should call to see if they’re open. yes. we don’t have to. if we want to see that show, we do. i suppose. Also, discovered that you can get propane tanks refilled at Amerigas (107 Iris Ave, Jefferson, LA 70121).

shall we start that open letter yet? i guess now’s as good a time as any.

open letter to residents of new orleans, la

Hello. My name is Tyler Tavy Kelm Mertes. I live in a small recreational vehicle named erveline. Well, i spend most of my waking hours on my bicycle, or on the internet in coffee shops, libraries, and occasionally bars. I am very shy, in new environments. I have not had a stable living environment in over five years now, and working at an organic farm has allowed me to move myself, and my tiny house, down south for the winter.

Requested features

  • (relatively) level parking spot
  • 3-prong alternating current power connection
  • water (dedicated hose hook-up, or nearby spigot where i can fill vessels)
  • toilet (mornings especially)
  • shower (once per week minimum, more often if possible)

is there anything else? what can i offer in consideration of these features/benefits? my company, i suppose, but how much is human company worth? i am a reiki practiontioner. to be more specific, i am attuned level 2 reiki. my mother is a reiki master teacher & massage therapist. she performed the attunements. full-time practiontioners of reiki charge as much as $60/hour. i have not received compensation for my healing services, instead preferring to offer them in trade for my basic living essentials. that being said, some of my essentials (propane, gasoline, coffee) do typically require cash.

other than reiki, i am a writer, musician, dancer, photographer, & for the better part of the previous decade, i have been a candidate for president of the united states. this, more than anything else, seems to confuse & offend most people i tell. it angers my family, to the point they refuse to speak to me. or, perhaps the things that i learned during my four years at yale (BA, Philosophy, 1999, Pierson College), and my albeit incomplete legal education (University of Wisconsin Law School, 2004-2007), tend to contradict, or at least challenge the standard “news” stories that are distributed to americans. those who raised me, those who share my blood, have greater tendency to believe the storytellers they have heard their entire lives than the counterpoint of their genderqueer anarchist “son/cousin/nephew/etc.” i do most of my campaigning on twitter, and i am not very good at it, apparently. that is, if you judge me by my campaign coffers or volunteers. i have met a number of contemporaries over the internet, but my time spent online has yeilded only $10 in “campaign contributions.” as i have covered my living expenses in other ways, this is not too great a concern. indeed, it was nearly to be expected.

going to get more cash. show tomorrow, etc. exploring in my house.

what did i do today? this.

same thing we do every day, pinky.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2013-11-29 (Friday).

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