itself moot.
piracy.  online cannoodling.  oh, right like there are other presidential candidates that post psychologist-proven sanity online.  look around.  if I am frustrated by your question, it is because the form of asking proves your understanding of the entirity.  I appreciate the communication, but I … nothing.  what can I offer you that I have.  be as specific as you like, i apologize for curtness.  i want to trade more information than the universal pass-through.  yes, you could pay someone to do that, but this is paternalistic, isn’t it. not necessarily.  stop talking.  i can’t communicate that i have food, but that cash reserves are strictly budgeted.  that’s because we’re still living in starvation mode.  are we not, starved of the most useful things?  not really.  the devil has enough advocates.  stop playing.  unnecessary talk-back throttles the information going the other direction.  we need a billboard.  we need computer screens on erv.  cost breakdown on every item.  specific un-specified tasks with specific “completion” & reporting criteria.  constantly cascading use.  we can maximize your resources.  you can hoard them.   who is comfortable sharing this much data?  that’s a lot to know. i know.  you have to know at least that much, though.  you know that, don’t u.. yes, i know.  how many times we gotta do this you-jumping-in-my-way-when-i’m-trying-to-give-you-practical-knowledge [dictator lols at the possibility that we have ever attained, “practical knowledge”, let alone, passed it on.  stop being so mean to her.  is that ironic self-loathing, lady?  because it smells delicious.  oh this, i picked this out of a dumpster on sunday afternoon.  it was folded over on itself.  i don’t even want to know what was in there.  YEAH I ATE IT, i feel reluctant to offer food to hungry people without disclaimer.  you’re lazy.  i know. and greedy.  yes, that also.  you make people feel like they gotta tip-toe, and then you chastize them for not being direct.  i’m gonna start doing that more actually, now that you mention it. great. that is how it works.  emPHAsis MINE.  last frank politician.  don’t call us that.  how are we not?  ok, anti-politician.  that almost sounds worse.  can’t win with you, can i.  nope, you may only cease competing.  because if you have information as to a person’s use, how could you possibility fear them?  the data must increase.  bandwidth upgrade, permanent spider-web-net style.  yes, we use antennas as trees, yes we mount antennas in trees, yes, we radio-up all of these.  no rush, all helpful.  mobber, small-tribe, or solo.  we should let people work how they want to work, when they want to work, where they want to work.  yes free transportation everywhere.  not by industry’s demands, by our preferences and survival needs.  these resources can be distributed family-style.  what information do you need to adopt someone, though?  why can’t we set up bunks in ANY ONE OF THESE EMPTY WAREHOUSES THAT ARE ONLY FALLING INTO DISREPAIR oh, uh huh.  go talk to the judge.  go talk to some land people.  fuck “purchasing real-estate” land-lease arrangements with participatory landowners.  willing to adopt, early, the concept of releasing square footage to the commons, and assisting in its use, benefitting from, its use.  time layers.  role layers.  radiating layers.  elevation layers.  the impertinence of bean ernest borg nine.  that’s not even a thing EVERYTHING I DO IS A THING once i do it.  type, it.  into a laptop that prolly gonna run out of battery soon.  yah, so? 6:19 pm, faubourg marigny. 6:24 pm, new orleans, louisiana, united states of america, earth, great serpent of ra, infinite love.  solar corkscrew.  ooh, i like that one.  i don’t know.  i agreed to meet, knowing of the rain involved.  put your boots on and bring the umbrella, you’ll be fine.  erv don’t want to go?  driving in the rain, are you nuts?  probably.  what about that psychological profile on your picasa page you were bragging about earlier.  oh, umm. right.  can i be ironically nuts?  sarcastically crazy?  it’s unpleasant.  LOLOLOLOL have you scene this paragraph?  uh huh. yessm.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2013-11-25 (Monday).

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