New Orleans, Louisiana

it is presently cleaning off the phone. dNa. the. phone. ten minutes remaining. mostly pictures, but some videos. it’s cloudy today, but that lends itself to different types of pictures. yes, i take photos regularly, but i don’t consider myself a photographer.  i have my old camera along. the 1974 yashica that i learned on. plus about a dozen rolls of various films. 8 Minutes Remaining. we should be typing up a questionnaire. we should be typing up canvassing procedures. no. it isn’t going to happen that way this time. your own personal constitution. yeah, ok, if someone puts one up open source and you want to use parts of it, i suppose that would be ok, too. can’t we do this from the phone? no, we can’t type this fast. true dat. Who Dat Coffee Cafe is the office. dick ‘tater in da flesh. it’s getting to be about that smell when we start looking for a shower to use. it does arrive on schedule.

designation of time.
designation of space.

preference management.
property management.

inclusive scope design.
industrial volume at cost.

replicable open source.
user/participant/sib implemented.

look up words that you do not understand in the dictionary. listen to the wind, and the birds, and other people, for they are some of the most advanced indicators of various pressures, signals, frequencies, vibrations, and love. humans. are capable. of. much. love.

i think this means we’re healed, sir. i do feel a lot better, thanks. the keyboard feels like home row. haha. yup.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2013-11-15 (Friday).

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