oh, hellish sobriety

fuck you. I hate you. all of you. all the pains are coming back.

nobody should have to go through this capitalist shit. nobody should have to slave away for 40+ hours to one human jacktard who determines what everone else does.

what do you do when you’re backed into a corner. you have money now, you dont’ need friends. I barely have any money, grand scheme. this ain’t gonna last. we don’t have any friends anywhere. we seriously have to get our retarded ass to a medicinal state asap. dictator won’t off us. uh huh. just because it hasn’t before.

do you have anything productive to say right now. no, just unbridled rage. that’s helpful.

what about paying that lawyer? what is a lawyer going to do to help us? no, we unload our shit and take off. yes, leave the country. again, WHERE THE FUCK WOULD WE GO? I don’t know. stop yelling at me, I hate crying in public. that’s an outright lie.

nobody’s keeping an eye on me. what’s there to see? you post all this retarded ranting on the internet, so everything you do is fully visible. so, zero people care about me, is what you’re saying. oh, a few think they can get something out of you, so those people “care” if that’s what you mean. god, you’re an asshole. I know. it’s the only way to get anything done around here. you have no fucking clue how to get anything done, anywhere. touche.

Thanks for echoing my feelings, yacopsae.


it’s 3:14 pm, which is fortuitous, and appropriate to re-start typing, as this was the time that school got out, junior high and high school. it signals the end of the day.

there is what looks like a catholic high school girls volleyball team in here. a

2:50 pm. september 12th. you missed a lot. I know. what interrupted us there. little girls interrupted us. right. so, waht’s been going on since the death from above 1979 day? umm, twitter. it’s all @picoferal. and musics. I took darwin deez out of the car, got boo-tay now. that is a whiny album. you mean rockstar. yeah, that. gigantic in my ear now. we started with the bloodhound gang. bedtime revelations, are my inspiration. miley cyrus is also. so, yeah. jimmy pop mentions people in his music, and I listen/link to those artists. I didn’t say it was a good system, it’s just a system.

I don’t have any more to say today. umm, good, I guess. k. later.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2013-09-12 (Thursday).

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