to be confused with http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qadi, of course.

what I listened to today:

thinking a lot about kicking ass and whatnot lately. the manager at my last job is a mountain of a man. today is my first monday of not working at the farm in a long while. I did laundry this morning, and it is now 3 pm and I am sitting in the coffee shop next to the window. I cought a few moments of sunlight, but it’s been quite cloudy today. such is live.

I should do that job application if I want to work here, huh. oh, what a pain. you got to be on the record as having been here. that knowing look from the baristas doesn’t count to capitalism. yeah, but it counts to reality. where would you rather be? somewhere warm.

so, get all the numbers, and make some calls. fill out an aplication. yes.

people say a lot of contradictory stuff. wagner’s valkyrie

2:59 pm, 11/14/12. gyro & kebab house, stevens point.

bright every day, meet a sprite every day, write every day ‘cuz the world needs thoughty peaceful words. moving to a different internet connection. library. yup. πŸ˜€

Green’d Haus! (an orginal song, written 11/13/12@ the elbow room)

Mark it, dude, us.
wee hear, glass, trust
Korean Kraut, apple, bust
paper, bored, siggy frust
who the fuck wanna sleep
with us? Spazzle, Chazz’ll
fill deetails, CRUST
ovee erf, fuzzy mirth
crackle-matic, suzzie twerf.
idgaf if u like getting’ SMARTER

p.s. flipside:

β€œcash iz just a re-place-mint4 BARTER Feudull da-serve note β™ͺ”

and, β€œRIP Holidome”

thanx 4 the views i got, rust.
Perkins ta quik tripped
rock-ee’d gone
Characters from throughout
see king/fawn
dop’ll gang, err
fuck a bill, a tea
or 2, pour a few, smiles +hi
If I don’t luxuriate myself,
Who will?
❀ t

2:48 pm. Thursday, 11/14/12, listening to Kool AD’s 51 mixtape. it’s the cd I had in my car for the start of this harvest season. I have my last check in my backpack. I have one more event to attend in amherst, and my obligations to this zip code are fulfilled. I have been talking about heading south for a while. I have neither assembled plans nor destinations nor travel companions.

israel is bombing gaza right now. twitter went down. I posted some reminders on fb.

this town needs an enema. you are stuck in competitive posturing [Anal Emotional Territorial Circuit], paranoid androids. your words are as full of shit as your food supply, americans.

I was not impressed. I was not disappointed. I am thankful for the time and love, I got. double-jointed. β€œthe love’s indirect, but I still get the point.” ~me. (lovit wen)

I am at home here. I find love in my present circulars. my songs are not good. nor are my words. the intent behind them is tainted. that’s retarded. that’s how people see me. I know, but … oh. what intent do you see behind my acts? calm, peaceful interactions. working, very occasionally, but for up to forty hours per week, for kind people who bring life-giving vegetables into the foodstream. industrial’s efficiency must be countered by increased participation in quality control, healthful alternatives to chemical additives, and efficiency of input delivery. yes, nano. yes, pico. all you fucking aggro male-chumps, razed on tyco. need a take a lesson in gentle curvation. search the nearby, flirts de-spear, why? pickles. nickels, wooden with houly/bitcoin stickers. money as app. honeys that wrap. my snausage are goddesses forever, in my mind, you should prolly know, that.

I place a lot of value on orgasms. if you help me find some of those, I will share what I have. it’s pretty much, everything you would/will/can, ever need.

peace to you, all-knowing, god[dess]child. love loving reality, art beauty, gentle mild.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-11-15 (Thursday).

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