holy daze

[holy days] updates w/o connection

I knew you, once upon a time. that’s fine. I care about reality. always have. these videos make me feel happy in real life. they make me laugh.

umm, hi. I like flirting on the internet. as in person. I am a dirty fucker. I am a floor sitter. do I stare? i’m pretty sure. I stare. shouting out them whose I sat upon, did that with. peace.

pretty much any movie makes me cry in the state that i’m in when i’m watching movies. she brands “dick” into his forehead. “nobody’s ever done that to me and I actually am a dick.” lol. oh, the truth hurts. I am worse. tha wurst. oh stop. we should bike. calm you, we will. heat up this laptop a bit. rick ross – hold me back. the library is open ‘til 8. we should get food. i’m tired.

the kitty hasn’t approached me yet. if I approach, she runs. I got her a treat. she liked it. she’s warming up to me, but she still keeps her eyes on me. I tried to win her playfulness by laser pointer, but she looked at me like, “aww, that’s cute” all blinky. the world is learning. swarms. that’s what does it.

i’ve thought a lot about it. I like what I like. does it prefer the cranky? sorta. if it’s not done, quit wasting our time. heh, right. done. life is a journey. I have moments of clarity all the tiem. I am still, rather physically isolated, by movement. except for when i’m in public. I have no private life. or, my private life is with a public group, in a public space. as if your life can be private, anyway. what, you want to walk through the rest of reality like a ghost, not showing anyone what you think they don’t want to know? salf sen sword ship.

am I my own hostage? seriously, what is this odd social cage i’ve constructed for myself. you are the removal of yourself as a job-haver. when you are done, there will be no need of jobs, for anyone. I was flashing back to a work love. work love. you all act like people don’t have multiple roles, or that that’s a bad thing. settle, youze. I know. as if to say, “i’m falling in love with you, right now.” that’s a traumatic thing to tell someone you recently met. is it? bold? perhaps. people associate a lot with the phrase “falling in love.” is it that people say it too often when they’re doing something else? what else is there to do? then be honest. than bea o’nest. 6:21 pm

I feel like people disclose next to nothing and consider it honest. what kind of a sentence is that? lol. im2 myself. hoo wood a thought. people keep their hands hidden from view. it’s a consequence of the game we’re forced into, is all. any organism would react the same way.

and in admitting as much, your admission that you are that same organism ought to sober you up. are you thinking about drinking again? yeah, sure. I can’t afford beer atm. nor do I feel like being drunk. you try finding all of your food on an extremely limited budget, carrying it on your back. or on your bike, with your legs. I am happy for with you when you are happy. that is my intent. you have one of those? I thought it was flaunt disobedience. uhh? do you not see the art in my subtelty. you sir, are about as subtle as a 2×4 about the cranium. indeed. so by subtelty, you mean not really working at all. there is that. I am working. I am resting. you rest a lot. being homeless is more exhausting than, well, you know. houseless? propertyless? lease-ness? lease-less, you mean? leastness. o’i have that

veggie cascade? right, past retail, let the waster have it. or other animals. or compost it. this wrap it in plastic to be hyper-rotted is insanity. I must plug in. brb. 6:36 pm compost, will hold the water. I am still urinating and defecating in water. I know, me too. we must stop. we did poop in erv that one time. yah, and she still smells, kinda. I thought you were going to vinegar that out. where’s that big bottle of hydrogen peroxide? it wasn’t that. colloidal silver. oh, ok. that will probably help. is that what the dropper bottle is? yeah. then there’s already some in there. you think you need more, eh? get some cheap vinegar and throw a pipette or two in there. you’ll be golden. oh, I have no idea whether that’s the right word, but you are golden.

they’re all gangs, kids. I was thinking stuff. then, I forgot. perhaps it will return to me.

a machine to channel rainwater, which used the gravity of the falling rain to pump the water to a gravity-feed-tank. water is held in tanks, huh. not chambers. see, during a huge rain-storm, erv should fill to the brim. then emptyable by pump, buckets, public hot showers, whatever. I should have showered in the rain as it was coming down, but I didn’t.

a video of the waste-a-matron, bathing in public fountains around the united states. aww, cute. people with think you’re into cleanliness. I want to be around you. I want you to feed me as I feed you. sharing in feeding. breaking bread together does not mean you get to scoff at what I eat. or, you’re the shittiest lord of the manor i’ve ever had for space to productivity ratio. crybaby won’t be told anything any more. he’s completely irrational. how emasculating, calling a he “irrational,” as if they all aren’t. *skoffs “heh, manliness”* there’s so much blatant sexism and mocking of actual goodness in movies. I am disturbed, yet I cannot look away. I am the moth, headed into the flame. fire it up.

are we feeling posty? there isn’t time, man! plus, we’ll probably write more later. ah. maybe shoulda brought the office. maybe should add a grounder adapter or outlets with grounds. are you saying be an electrician? no, i’m saying get your stupid survival cooperative in working enough order so that people who know how to safely do that kind of thing can do it, as needed. those are kept out of sight? we have an extension cord. I know.

next day, 12:41 pm, library. tweeting spree. retarded one. that’s me, what can I do ya for? did you just ask me how much it would cost to plant a baby in me. yes, I did. answer whenever it’s something you’re interested in. holy god, you’re dirty. I blame the isolation and corporate movies. diptard, you’re not isolated, except by sound. well, cutting out the for-profit streams gives you a unique ability to sense the actual truthful awful mockingness of their wares, but nobody likes those. so don’t tell me I don’t feel like crying all the times. I always have. I have managed to survive. see, that’s the kind of language I have been taught. I watched undercover brother. that movie is mostly for white people, isn’t it. maybe not. racexpoloitation. we’re all victims of that, lowest-common-denominator. basic respect, ability to move unimpeded and without visual/audio harassment by human, fiction, or landscape. how many fucking times do I have to re-write this fucking constitution. that word sucks. so does contract. agreement? success? solution! are we dissolving something over here? always, err, usually.

so, we got almost two hours of batteries, and that’s if we don’t get an extension cord to sit at the library. people make walls. trees make shade, and tarps and ropes can make up the difference. set to drain to windmill-pump-filled, gravity-feeding rainbarrels. dictator has instituted international standards on the water-collecting/handling capabilities of dwellings. zero-work watering systems. yes I said zero work. ecosystems will be encouraged, balanced use on all points, support and lode-berings. load-bearing? probably that, as well. nice. 7:42 pm

someone sat on the bench closest to me and is smoking. as if cigarette butts aren’t trash. you corporate slaves are filthy. seriously. you pay for the marketing to poisons to children with every drag. you clearly already want to kill yourself, so why not take a more direct, less obnoxious-to-others route. you really hate cigarette smoke, don’t you. I strongly dislike it, yes. people see this. I get smoke blown in my face more than most. it makes me look pathetic, until I explode in mocking anger. lawyerly beatings of others are more than allowed. wouldn’t you say they’re encouraged? yeah, probably. doesn’t make you any less of a dick, though. fair enough.

besides having one, as if that isn’t all that’s necessary to make you one, stop using that word as an insult, as a pejorative. stop using any words as insults or pejoratives. yuh huh. shut it, if y’aint got a nice. is that what this is, here?

I suppose it is.

peace, fam. 😀


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-08-3 (Friday).

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