painted on

skies are. my experience is. weird little loops nobody else understands. nobody cares that/when nobody cares. fuck it.

i’m sure he had a rant about something prepared. prepared? you think I follow a script. no, i’m a hard-headed cinematographer. bosses of in-dust-trees. these are the amongst we mingle. who are you? where are you? point, again. still. i’d have to add new passwords to my wifi settings. I don’t have the liquid assets, and I seem not to have the social skill or the inclination to bring unknown others with me. why is that? i’m not sure. I am surrounded by ants. infested? maybe. do ants infest? I suppose they could. there was a point in here. there usually is. retrace your steps. well, I was born in wausau, wi. right up the road. big hill. lived in small wi towns, mostly iola-scandinavia. that was the school district. anyways. my parents weren’t super-sociable. one of my professors in law school introduced me to a concept that one should do a thing who was least suited to it. why? I don’t remember. draw it out. expound. meh. expand on this, did they say. I should have all my college paper scanned by now, but everyone who could help is resolute in their disapproval of me. is it that? your contingent is tiny, is all. and, none of them want to be anywhere near you. oh, right. I dunno, motherfucker. go get wasted. what am I now? nah. the capability exists, is all. co-participator. I should dump-star-myni-fest onea thems for me tonightski. there’s stuff to do. I’m sure there is. I plan to bike around and look at the sun, and then bike-wander dumpster-coast about town. this town is fucking beautiful. I can’t imagine how much I could extoll its virtues if i’d had more partners of the physical contact variety. when isnt’t that the case. you’re by far the most pervertedest candiddate there ever was, prob’ly. am I? well, horniest anyway. you seem to like to portray yourself as that. what do you suppose is the purpose of that? being honest about reality.

people act like their social gymnastics aren’t hiding in plain sight. what does thath mean? lol. no idea. stop asking me such silly questions. no, roger, I don’t have time. or, as long as you don’t mind me continuing to type as we have this, uhh, conversation. aer wee having a conversation from across the room? across the street. across town. across warpings of the spaced thyme continue. umm.

who tells me shit? whoever knows it. people speak to dictator like the people in uniforms spoke to darthed vaydurr. *hhhooo aaahhhh* that was a breathing sound. I know. I got the morning coffee already, and some coop foods. dumpsterred by friendlies. people are friendly to the dictator? occasionally. the other dictators. oh. with beauty comes indestructibility. people are who they are. we are literally all the same person. intertwined along the way, there’s no way to unlink, not for the time. and when you experience the time all at once, it’s always happening now. all of it. I call myself a muse. I guess you dress for the job you want, not the job you have. hmm. 8:17 pm

it’s a different kind of home. I am a creature of habit, and I get fixated on people, places, and patterns. routes. loops. spirals, chasing after a fly.

I have to go. no, you want to go. yes, and that. the flies. I think you brought those in here. no, they were there when I got here. I brought the ants, remember? oh, right. well, have a good weekend. ok. I plan to.


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-07-27 (Friday).

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