parts list

ok, so, we got our mission.  project erv.  earth roaming vacation.  electro-radical-vittles.  elemental ratio vernacular.  evantuality rover valve.  e-elec-t-rick’d wreck-we-‘ational veh-hickle.urr  u know. we’ve discussed this

  • humans
    • me
  • vehicles
    • 1983 Toyota Huntsman, class-C mini-motorhome (4-speed manual transmission, 4-cyl R22 engine)
    • 1997 Nissan Altima (5-speed manual transmission, 2.4L 4-cyl engine)
  • rv systems
    • 12-volt direct current
      • transformer (from 120v a/c)
      • battery (currently in engine compartment, charged by alternator)
      • water pump (shower, sink, toilet flush)
      • cb radio
      • vacuum cleaner
      • winch
    • 120-volt alternating current
        • refrigerator (also burns LP)
        • microwave
        • roof-top air conditioner
      • 7 outlets
        • toaster oven (standard consumer-type)
        • food processor
        • power tools
    • holding tanks
      • freshwater
      • hot water heater (LP)
      • greywater (massive hull breach, drains down effectively)
      • blackwater (toilet, shower. seems water-tight)
    • refrigeration systems
      • truck air conditioner (to be re-purposed as air compressor)
      • engine cooling system
      • rv refrigerator (dual fuel, alternating current & lp)
      • rooftop a/c air conditioner
  • bicycles
    • road/touring
    • mountain bike
    • farm bike
    • road frame (too small for me) and most parts, except wheels/tires.
    • pair of mountain bikes in need of refurbishing
  • computers
    • relatively slow desktop
    • slower laptop
    • really slow laptop
    • scrap/part cases with power supplies, optical drives
  • tools
    • sewing machine
    • radial arm saw
    • chop/mitre saw
    • bandsaw
    • inline grinder
    • angle grinder
    • multi-function/speed 3-degree oscillator
    • corded drill in need of a reverse switch
    • cordless drill, drill bits
    • brace and bits (hand-powered drill/driver)
    • various hand-saws
    • hammers, screwdrivers, pliers
    • wire brush, knives, blades, scrapers, files
    • flatbar, t-wrench, etc, etc, etc.
    • wrenches, sockets
    • toolboxes, cabinet, shelving
    • cleaning supplies
    • painting supplies
  • kitchen wares
    • blender
    • food processor
    • toaster
    • toaster oven
    • cast iron (in need of cleaning and flax-oil seasoning)
  • containers
    • glass jars
  • materials
    • tripods/stands
    • tarps, flexible roof material or water-collection membranes
    • aluminum cans flattened to foil
    • rope, cable, webbing
    • screws, nails, nuts, bolts, washers

why are we doing this? to get our bearings.  when over half of the humans still live in la-la land, none of us can really do that yet.  especially in public.  fair enough.  shall we continue?  i guess.




stuck in dvorak. may keep it.  dvorak

if it wasn’t for all of the keyboard shorctuts, i’d have switched today.  but then i remembered that restarting word fixes it, after typing worked qwerty-wise in firefox.  how do i survive in this same operating system for years at a time?  and still manage to get nothing done.  stop that, this isn’t nothing.  ah.  thanks.  well at least that’s something.  not exactly the something i was. what? hoping for? expecting? these are not the things to be doing.  do.  more of the things.  this is a that, isn’t it.  well.  it’s getting there.

so, i have been feeling lonely and self-important lately.  or useless.  something.  a useless fucker, ok.  i feel like a useless fucker.  what do you want from me?  pretty words. and pictures.  oh, alright.


  • truck
    • R22 engine modifications
      • lp/gas switchable fuel
        • truck-attached lp tank/lines
        • carburetor attachment(s)
      • upgrade electrical system
        • new larger alternator
      • air compressor system using air conditioner pump
        • pancake tank
        • air channel (have hose, clamps)
        • outlets w/guage
          • exterior, front/back
          • interior
    • electric drive
      • equivalent alternating-current drive motor of six-cylinder engine
      • add wankel generator for lp/gas use
    • truck/house separation (re-attachment/transport-capable)
      • farm-mule
        • low profile cab enclosure (fabric/flexible/clear)
        • flatbed with dump/conveyor/netting/compartments
        • fold-down porch for detachment
        • porch as bucket?
          • hydraulic system
          • pneumatic
          • electric
        • frame trussing
        • a/c generator with multiple outlets, welder
        • fold-up bins with rolled tops
        • tool boxes/compartments
  • camper/house
    • detachment from truck cab/frame
      • add leg-stands/levelers
      • move battery from engine compartment
      • make house-embedded vehicle lights un/re-pluggable
      • build independent flatbed trailer 5th-wheel/hitch
  • rooftop
    • raising ceiling to 6’2” standing height
    • air conditioner re-install
    • solar hot-air
    • solar hot water
      • add fill from freshwater tank
      • add thermometer(s)
      • add cold finger for distilled water collection, plus tank.
      • add gravity feed(s) from hot tank, floating top-surface heat intake
        • shower
        • bath/kitchen fold-up sink
    • wind generator(s) ☯
    • solar photovoltaic panels
    • mast/antenna(s) ☯
      • wifi receiver/broadcaster
      • am/fm radio receiver/broadcaster(s)
  • refrigerator
    • re-configure as horizontal/top access
    • re-configure as solar-powered
    • re-configure as computer/water-heat powered
  • computer
    • integrate into liquid heating/cooling system
    • wi-fi antenna/router
  • wood/cardboard/rocket-stove water/air-heater/cooling-system
  • solar forge
  • hemp-retting process

now watching Anarchism in America (1983) 8:12 pm CST

soon to be re-starting Living Utopia: The Anarchists & The Spanish Revolution (1997). i paused it at 1:02:07 last night, a little before 2. heh. d-cypher the thAT won (~9 am?).  these documentaries are both beautiful and excellent and perfect AND unique.  and pretty.  and even the subtitles aren’t that painy. dictator knows more spanish than he lets on.  no idea how.  ‘cuz he wants ta.  prolly should find a good dj who can mix up some babble-fishy ear goggle stews.  mmm.  immersion.  of course we’d be videotaping every moment if we had the capability.  if anybody ever decides to give a fuck, and move, ah. yeah.  we were going to say something substantial.  yes, during Living Utopia, one man speaks about the applause during fascist speeches.  no information is conveyed during those applauses.  everything shuts down.  the pictures of the crowd, en mass, vote-communicating with hand gestures.  fucking beautiful.  hyper-efficient, silent.  if we had people that intelligent, aware, and conscious, we could do anything.  another says: once you introduce the concept of collectivism, it necessarily wins.  say you have 10 capitalists and ten collectivists.  the ten capitalists will have ten tractors.  the collectivists will survive with one, and two or three could be efficiently cycled.  i’m elaborating, and changing the number ratios, but i trust you get the idea.

most repair/refurbish projects are remove large objects, remove clutter, clean (sweep and mop/wash completely. remove enough veneer to run electric and/or water-lines.  air channel, perhaps.  the schools were pretty beautiful, too.  there are still vast improvements to be made in education technique.  a conscious participant can make quite a difference.  continuity.  i noticed something today.  i enjoy people who have a bit of a nasty streak.  dirty, mean, cranky, and yes, even bitchy.  but what does that mean?  the discomfort you express has no explanation from my perspective.  i am not aware of these unwritten rules of interaction which require subservience.  whaaaat?  dictator is our biggest slave.  hey.  hay horses.  you’re a beats ov burden. brothers.  heh.  my only regret is that i was such an obnoxious crank.  time?  money?  why can you not let families adopt you?  if they wanted to, they would.  they try.  ah.

imagined interaction with a crowd of humans.  listeners, they were.  good ones of those are rarer than you’d imagine.  oh, i imagine.  i dunno, lotsa stuff.  isn’t asking for explanations kind of a direct-line, male-lined means of communication.  let it be.  the necessary information will make itself known in the due course of progress.  but i want a prioritized, dependency-allocated, ridiculously-short-time-lined project plan!  no.  just, no.  we have it already.  you keep working on it in your pretty little head and keep typing up drafts and when one of them is good enough, we’ll use it.  or, we’ll co-opt just enough of your most current ideas to make you annoyed.  you, sir, are all ways, a noid.  perhaps.  that does nothing to change my stubbornness.  lol.  what’s with all the male-an-ization.  i turn into a boy here.  certain people make being a girl around so awful, you just can’t.  it’s like being in a video game where your blows can hurt your companions, and you keep bruising them “by accident” or turning them “k.i.a. friendly fire” and requiring more quarters than ought have been necessary.  quarters?  coins.  video-game slugs.  err, tokens.  i prolly did that to parker most of all.  i am sort of a friendly bully.  that’s manipulative as fuck.  yes, i see that now, thanks.  i don’t mean to bully.  but begging people to give speeches which facilitate applause is a continuous participation in THE ACTUAL PROBLEM, which is anti-communication, refusal-to-participate personally, combined with showing up and making useless noise regardless.  this pretty much covers all the acts which you’d consider of mine to have been “political.”  one time, at bob-fest, cindy sheehan was nearly in tears pleading to the progressive faithful to believe how little the elected “democrats” did to assist concerned citizens such as herself.  this is life and death stuff, people, your refusal to care about it is banishment-worthy.  how’s that for consensus.  it’s out there.  it’s on the record.  now that you are aware of this, what are you going to do about it?  i know i’m a bastard.  with my legalease manipulation language.  hacker.  no, you’re a cracker.  a coder of cracks.  the little keygenerator algorithms which allow you to register programs you didn’t pay for, for educational purposes, of course.  proof of concept and whatnot.  you can’t stop an honest person who knows the rules, honestly.  that’s how you know cheaters, murderers, and liars run this shit.  because it is.  when we take over their infrastructure, we may have foods produced in the same mechanisms, but we may not.  are you talking about crackers now?  actually yes.  yes, actually.  it feels better to say yes.  to propose insinuations which you have no means of carrying through with.  oh, but we do.  timing.  oh, that, yeah.  eternal, you must see it as.  i knew yoda was here.  i channel all sorts of littles, greens with cute ears.  hmmm?  despot makes me think of napoleon.  highly concentrated manliness.  shoulder chips.  this look alive track is dope, tho.  wit de applause?  fab.  i thought you were just dissing applause?  yuh, during political speeches.  and rap isn’t a political speech?  sure, it is.  when all that is allowed is for the amplified one to repeat its recorded and vetted sound-forms, the mass of humans must rebalance karma by proving to that pile of electronic hardware that we are waterbots and we can both unplug and out-noise you.  permanently.  i am earthling, here. me roar.  mraww.  10:58 am

ok, so this is my list.  here are a list of other lists people shcould make. hmm:


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