if u bring it up

i’ll want to, and then you’ll have to leave. who am i kidding. i’m the leaver. a lever. inclined plain. sum things :]

coffee.  holy god.  so i walked into the coffee shop i don’t usually frequent.  the one that guards the storefront glass that leads from main st. to the mall.  i don’t remember your dumbass business names.  do you enjoy being down here?  staffing this location during the day.  having not posted prices, i know you’re going to charge me for the largest size fresh coffee.  do i take more cream than i have paid for by the coffee?  can you not cover your rents here?  not likely.  so cry about it.  keep penny pinching poor people with one of the cheapest per-ounce liquids.  so little labor. more effort wasted rinsing my mug like i asked you not to and lifting it to see if a size is listed.  it’s a billion ounces.  all of the ounces.  how much then?  i am sliding scales.

our delivery infrastructure is bicycles.  i thought we were writing a contract?  yes, we are.  we woke up at 3:45 or so, this afternoon.  face booked, got a chicken sammich out the fridge.  toaster oven is going to be a necessity.  oven takes too long.  electricity.

i encountered this feeling one other time in this town.  it was at a “common council” meeting, i think.  the local implementation of the crown.  so they were talking about fees for the city inspector to come out to a house.  they charge a flat rate.  this is a poor tax.  if you don’t think in percentages, you are completely racist, classist, and fucking retarded.  the cost for each inspection is not the issue.  the cost relative to the structure being built is the cost.  the plunderous rich already rub our poor noses in their largesse, their gated bullshit.  the fuck can’t we even have the inspections of their gratuitous “homes” pay for most of the cost of inspection of the rest.  what is the point of centralizing government if not to share those most basic costs, by percentage?

so my question is whether you want notification a) that people will be using the property, b) how and when they will use it, or c) to stay away.  how much control/say/notification do you want of others joining me there? can we get the building shored up, set up an outhouse? i will likely only want enough work to cover the electricity or other inputs. and, enough that i have the right to eject anyone from the premises.  including you.  where i am is my business. i am offering a future percentage.  access percentage?  schedule?  farmers rely on schedules, better start sharing, best start caring.  amplification installation, speakers gets to blaring.

i only want to set expectations.  i am a freak about use, but that’s because people who have requirements put on them intentionally ignore those.  that’s entirely unacceptable.  i don’t want to (next day, 10:40 am) get ahead of myself.

you’re the one who can’t make up your mind about what to do with your own self or your own property.  i have my dream, and it’s moving at a snail’s pace.  it’s just how i operate.  even on days i drive to work.

i cannot coexist with a car-reliant lifestyle.  the numbers don’t add up.  the genocide doesn’t compute.  every mile is exploitation, unless it’s survival.  i can help us design a peaceful survival that doesn’t need those any more.  have.  am.

some suits are in here.  i’ve had all the coffees, so i should ask for whichever of the two i want.  it really doesn’t matter.  it’s a simple default.  i try to be predictable about the things about which i’m predictable.  i don’t know, either.  about much past how much i am in love with you.

i want to know how much it costs to have you leave me alone, with as many people as i want, and whether, if we contract in the construction of a walking trail circuit, and deliver food or what-not, and if we include the paternal walk-through, whether those particpants would be willing to check a commonly accessible area to see what tasks might be needed.  we will log it by date, and time, so you know who is there.  if you must.  if you don’t consider any of us management, you’re not really begging for respect, are you.  yes, every human is capable of “management” if you give them the ability.  verbally, if you allow them who “must obey” you to do it.  i’m thinking in terms of a pack of dogs, at the moment.  the pack knows who the enemy is, without verbal commands from the alpha.  or are there?  dogs verbalize.

you think i enjoy my alone time?  only in comparison to competitive co-inhabitants.  peaceful co-existers, especially silent ones, can be ten deep without bolting the feral one.  oh, feral one.  my new twitter name?  feral1

the ones who live there have ultimate responsibility for that property.  in all cases.  we will train you, in as many ways as you require, and a few that you didn’t know you did.  require?  well, we require them.  peaceful interaction with all our aspects requires that you are gentle and safe to be around at all times.  all must learn to blend into walls.  yes, it’s a rule.

i like, during meetings, having someone sitting next to me, very close, or on my lap.  if i’m taking notes, probably only one.  but if not, as many as want to.  3 or 5, would probably be perfect.

there’s a table of lovely ladies to my right, and i am momentarily intoxicated by them.  i am perhaps permanently intoxicated, when i set foot in this building.  no idea.  11:01 am

homewrecker.  she claimed that.  not really.  the lovers are the releasers of collective drama, not the creators of it.  let it out, condemners.  landlords.  stop communicating with fascist landowners entirely.  let me love how i’m gonna without flying off the handle.

ok, coolness.  a pretty lady recognized me from somewhere.  a farm, or the greenhouse.  she was talking about a car co-op.  or, i was.  once my house is mobile.  ok, our contractor is waiting, shouldn’t we go fix that thing up?  yeah, probably.  well then.  well, then.  that rolled roofing i got may be useful.  all things are useful.

my black car is now baking my belongings.  people with property that covers their shit are frightfully disrspectful of this fact, with how wasteful they are with their own space.  clutter.  wasted space where useful things could be done.  i know, they’re already being hospitable to other people, and i am me. (1:11 pm, Sunday)

i am thanksfull for thankworthy helps.  this may yet go.  this is going.  it is. like, now.

peace love all,

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-06-10 (Sunday).

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