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yes, you, dem-o-tards.  the fascists will not be voted out of office.  i’m still sitting here, wasting all my time and keeping all my resources in storage, and you what?  a dozen kids just came in the door.  i see a lot of kids in my days.  keeps me happy.  i am honest with the blown-ups.  that’s a why they call me crazy.  jerky blown-ups.  pfft.  kids will be ruling soon enuf.

i had an epic FUCK-YOU-SHEEPLE post for fb, and firefox crashed.  ahahahahah.  its replacement was nicer, [i re-wrote it, it got liked. twice.  rawk] if you can believe that.  your concept of nice is tweaked.  your concept of everything is tweaked.  true enough.

the library closed at five, and it’s quarter to seven. plus one.  i’m in the point square, facing the mall.  i like sunshine.

7:02 pm.  hung out with s&d. i like those kids. 😀

the protective poles surrounding this concrete pedestrian mall are not spaced to prevent cars from passing.  they are prohibited, no doubt.  other than police vehicles.  bikes?  i go where i want to go.  i am free.  i disallow the agents of the crown to dissuade my freedoms.  i have been schooled in their schools.  your powers are pawrrliss against me.  aww, microbus!  tourquoise.  german efficiency, yo.  pretty.

i am holding my own life hostage to the humans around me.  how’s that?  can i give you my car?  technically, legally, i probably can’t.  oh, i am sure the state has its reasons.  rhee sins.  re-sins.  ray-ully?  rally.  yyrrrrrrrp.  did i tell you i wanted to learn to longboard?  or, get one of those.  i am me.  why can we not talk?  what am i saying that makes u not want 2 listen.  argued again today that twitter has improved my writing.  wholeheartedly believe that.

braiding business.  how to braid, french.  decide where you would like the rows to go.  depending on hair length, braids may be like corn-rows (narrow swaths of hair gradually french-braided along themselves), or may be large braids of dreadlocks, or smaller braids, or may cover the whole head in one swath.  once the plan is set, experiment, practice, do.  set aside a long time for the first few attempts.  plan to be gentle, but to learn how to do long-lasting braids that hold together because they are done with clean and still-wet hair.   my braiding kit will have a small spray bottle of water.  distilled, if available.  probably tap water, though.  or, i have a water bottle with me.  or there’s a fountain right there.  or, there’s a river/lake/stream right there.  the materials available to us are available to us.  i think braiding is a good mathematical, materials-science, patience-and-gentleness-training exercise.  it requires daily, intimate interaction between human beings, and it looks beautiful.  i learned to braid from the internet and mostly a good friend.  one of the first times i braided her hair, she wore it out.  one of our friends/classmates did a double-take when she saw them.  that was one of my favorite endorsement of law school.  there were many.  i am pretty useless, still.  i see the utility in this.

i am a mobile business.  it must be that way.  i am love.  no eye may do me harm.

i commented on canada earlier today.  more specifically, the canadian health-care system.  i think it was from a michael moore movie.  me and roger, i bet.  that guy was an assembly-line worker (i read his first book for one of my history classes in college.  modern american culture.  american studies.)  that’s a pretty specified skill-set, and a lot of procedures.  you get used to that level of instruction, and it’s difficult to work with other management types, or the transition can be interesting.  not difficult.  all that transitions are is unknown.  that’s all.  the fact of the matter is, you’re surrounded by caring people wherever you go, and people are generally kind to one another.  this i learned from personal experience.  i hold eyewitness testimony in very high regard.  guitars and singing across the fountain.  harmony.  singer-songwriter whine.  as a kid whine-screamed.  tv teaches them that ear-piercing pain-inducer.  feral kids don’t make that noise.  hey, i speak child.  i can tell when a kid is happy, exasperated with your constant micro-management, or sick of being schooled by uncaring institutions.  kids know.  stop preventing their say because your say was prevented.  i know it will feel weird.  are they happy?  that’s your indicator.  share the information you have about the world with them.  teach them how you interact with the world.  dude-broze wif puppies.  one tan, one black.  golden?  labs perhaps.  playful.  wanted to hang with the human youngsters.  dude-broze wuz on missions.  get these mutts to poop so we can get back to the beers.  i was told what i was looking for was there, was that.  trust, is the default.  one of the tops of the barricades got knocked down.  a little girl.  the others seem attached.  i am curious now.  no, i am not going to pull a parking meter decapitation stunt.  wee more creative than that, luke.

clever?  no.  yah, so the sub-dj during the noon lunch hour made a doubly racist comment, implying “mexican dog” was served at “chinese restaurants.”  i was “offended,” but not so much to tell him so (other than here, now).  apparently someone called to complain, and swore violently at him, and at least one other called in support of this, “joke.”  he defended himself, sort of, but was clearly rattled that his “innocent” comment would be reacted so violently to.  a lot of people are listening, dude.  we get insulted every second of corporate radio.  we don’t need our “only alternative” to be the same divisive hate-mongering.  diversify your skull, son.  de-cleaver your clever.  two city busses, one a hybrid.  both noisy.  this fountain is noisy, too.  that’s the purpose of this kind of thing, isn’t it.  public noise-masker.  this is top-notch fascist design, kids.  air-brakes, cycle revvs in front of the tattoo shop.  skin art being so much more essential than food production and all.  i know, i like art, too.  and a tattoo artist said hello to me today.  i like that guy.  good family.  the most tattooed people, generally, i have found to be the most gentle.  that has evolved with the popularity of tattoos, but what hasn’t.  cops –n- jocks wif mohawks, as they say.  ok, one punk band said, one time.  ok, probably a bunch of times, they performed that number.  i don’t know.  i wasn’t there.  for all i know, they are a corporate figment.  an internet-only front for a different set of psychological programming by the exact same people who program everything else.  what if there was a ray, a beam of electro-magnetic radiation, which you could subject someone to, which would make them make mistakes.  like, typos, or finger-flubs while performing.  delicate activities require delicate interactions.  i feel i must re-learn everything that i would have learned as a child of a close-knit tribal community.  these are the things that would allow you to survive apart from the group, right?  do we not want to encourage that?  why would humans want to join your group if not to learn how best to interact with the surroundings?  what are you surrounded with?  humans.  lots of pointians atm.  i caught the last bit of sun from this seat.  i am solar powered.  this is not knews.  more happy squeals.  running on concrete.

so, computer… what are we going to do tonight?  back to the nest?  which?

i think the only thing i can do alone is write.  ok, there are others, like dancing, biking.  i can do those things in public, around other humans, too.  my ability to withstand certain types of work seems entirely dependent on the management and ownership structure of the organization.  d looks like me at his age.  i do so affect humans.  those are more family than family.  evolve or what?  i can’t twist anybody’s arm to do anything.  an aparition reflection on my screen.  waving arm?  we may never know.  as s spoke, the bridge of my glasses shielded my right eye of the sun, and a bright, burning orb hovered about her third eye, even as she rotated her head.  it is back.  there’s more than one.  i do care/mind.  introduce yourself at some future point.  angels, i have.  i am surrounded by them, on a daily basis.  a few more minutes of sun, then it’ll cool off quick.  there is internet nearby.  mayhaps.  also beer.  not for me, this time.  a competing or complimentary guitar, on this side of the fountain.  his dress suggests i will prefer his style.  as does his aura.  and the sounds he makes.

so, shaded.  7:51 pm, on 6/6/12.  and did i hear a niner in there?

o’numerology, odon chewcrai4meh.  donn-b disssan alabamma, cuz both all states yearn too bee farreee.  free.  not much battery left.  cooling quick.  hungering again.  water.

ok, i shall return to post this, whenever that happens. 😀

8:20.  back at the coffee shop work of my earlier day, differently fed and decaf’d this time.  pictures, i took.  dictator ain’t called it skyscaper for nothing.  i mean, dictator called it skyscaper.  free.  for nothing.

i like pictures.  pictures are fun.

this be getting’ post-ed, these here a-won.

peas, love,

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-06-6 (Wednesday).

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