one minute late

by the door, dozen or so by the “up and running.” we put in our hour. ;D

this net is cencored as shit, isn’t it.  fuck you to hell, portage county public library.  i mean, you are my like 8th favorite library.  but hey, that’s like worldwide.  first would be sterling.  the main library at yale.  then cross campus.  then the pierson library.  then the scandinavia public library.  never actually worked there.  then the waupaca library.  most of sckyscaper was written there.  then the new york public library.  then bienecke, at yale.  i only went in there twice, never worked there.  is that 8?  i don’t even know.  i love it here.  i can see radio kaos records, kindred spirit books, my bike on the not-sheltered-from-the-rain bike rack, and the fascist signage of main street.

dick'tater in its natural plumage/environment

dick’tater in its natural plumage/environment

when you drove into the territory of sp, you were issued a communicator.  this was the only way to know from what was visible in public that you were on any of our property.  that, and the people.  but if you don’t know exactly where people are, what do you follow the sounds they make?  that does work.

i saw a person i prevented from living in the last house i lived in, in this town.  i proposed not having him, others ratified or allowed that.  it must have been the right thing at that time, because now.  i owe him more, from that, though.  he knows.  more importantly, i know.  i don’t know, i know.  i know, i don’t know.  what is the point of these ramblings?  i thought we were going to work on the membership contracts.  what, between ourselves?  nobody gives a fuck.  they do, they just don’t know how.  fine, legalize.  legalese?  no, it’s legal ease.  ellie.  something (3:19 pm)

membership agreement

by entering into this agreement, ______________________ hereby agrees to treat all humans with whom we do business with the utmost respect, and to document acts unbecoming a member of the board.  we are all members of the board.

structural understanding

skyscaper permaculture is a full-consensus organism.  he/she/it is not a legal fiction, it is a legal fact.  it does not shield its participants from liability, it distributes that liability to them according to their ability/willingness to heal it.  any may propose projects, solutions, or products of this enterprise, based on existing obtainable matter streams.  conscious inclusion of nearby ecosystems, and standing public requests of any and all participants.  we may not ignore our own.

property/information/work/resource handling/wrangling/sharing

communication is key.  it is also a two-way event.  full disclosure is essential.  inclusion of assets in the commons is equivalent to the respect which underlies this agreement.  our purposes of knowing what you own is to balance the maximization its use with a retention of your existing property rights, so that until those most capable are trusted/elected to act, or until land excluders realize the folly of their exclusion, present “owners” may receive instant/summarized/essential (as per each of our own preferences dictate) information about potential/future, present/usage, and past/audit/trails for “problem-solving,” design evolution, or networking for fun and educative instruction.

use vs. benefit

ownership of skyscaper permaculture is independent of management.  the participants are the same, or may overlap, but those trusted to speak for/as the whole, agents of the collective mission (to feed and house every person on planet earth), are only as useful as their proposals, comprehension, and writing.  any human may participate by including their property, and will receive notification of labor projects, of crop-mob type, independent any-hours project work, computer/workstation/network work, and pet/child/vehicle care/use/management.  all of our hours are worth the same, and contribute to our personal percentage of the whole, which includes all properties titled, contracted, or used by our participants.

legal disposition

as the concept of LazyAssWasteoid has evolved, so has Skyscaper Permaculture.  our mission is identical, the only difference is of scale.  SP is the local/regional implementation of LAW.  it is presently a cloud of dreams.  once it gains participants willing to title, lease, or otherwise allow the entity to use its/his/her/their property, a cascading set of legal entities shall be structured to interact with as many different types of organizations as possible.  so, we will have a branch that is a church, so as to receive the government-granted benefits of that classification.  it will also be a farm, healthcare facility, educative establishment, pet-care agency, day-care, computer-programming business, manufacturing facility, and security apparatus.  unlike the “other guys (legal fictions),” we are/shall/will be completely up-front about the types of undertakings we endeavor to provide our participants both the products of these acts and the something to do that is their production.  we maintain the right to any legal purpose as interpreted by our management structure.  as do all other business entities. (4:01 pm)


how do you require that your property be protected?  how would you have it used/customized/built if you had an infinite workforce of helpful humans?  how much of its bounty do you require be set aside permanently for the use of your pre-communal tribe/family/slaves?  we ask because we wish to honor these preferences, and codify them under contractual terms which are both understood by every one of our participants, and anyone else who may encounter us or our activities.  we work with humans and their properties, not in opposition to them.  that being said, the result of the capitalist ownership, centralized-management paradigm has been non-use, frustration, and adversarial confrontations.  we believe that through up-front communication of essential preferences, face-to-face, post-tribal/household/family interactions, and a meticulously clean/healthy food supply (grown/harvested/prepared/delivered by the most skilled/efficient means), will create a space for the expansion of each human’s spiritual potential.  our database will show what each of us have, how we need never worry about a place to sleep out of the weather, and we will never want of a warm meal with gentle, non-demanding humans.  (4:09 pm </legalese>)

i am not a utopian, i am designer.

one hour of writing?  we’ll see if there’s more, but i bet that’s it for today.  ok, you’re the boss, boss.  boss, boss, boss-boss.  baawwwssseeeeee

you call yourself an entre-penneur?! your legalese reads like manifestoze!  eh.  sue me.

tweeting, then.  i think that’s anna firm a’tive. (4:16 pm)


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-06-4 (Monday).

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