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what the fuck do you want from me, fucktard?  other than my cash.  there are plenty of people in this category, and i’m posting this publicly, so don’t think you’re special for a fucking second.  these are the ways which you may participate with me, yet refuse to do:

  1. childcare cooperative
    1. leelu will benefit, eat better, have something to do that won’t rot her brain like tv, and meet a bunch more people who will contribute to her participation with society
  2. tool library, short-term workspace
    1. you own property which sits idle (i imagine, you do not make me feel welcome there, ever), when i have publicly posted a shit-ton of possible projects which may take place there
  3. housing cooperative
    1. have trouble making payments to the bank on your property?  stop spending your limited cash on things that could be obtained locally.  food, fuel, entertainment.
  4. car/truck cooperative
    1. you have an economical car which could be used by others when you’re not using it.  i have one of those also.  i also have an rv which sits idle because i don’t even have a place to park it.
  5. presidential campaign
    1. you have not once shared the fact that i am running for any public office with your network.  i assume that’s because they’re all brain-dead tv watchers such as yourself.  so, fuck off


i want to work land.  i am entirely unwilling to go further into debt when i am surrounded by land that is completely unproductive.  farmers with lawn-mowers?  what are you, fucking retarded?  oh, right.  keeping up with the joneses.  fuck you

i need a place to park my small rv (within 45 feet of an electrical outlet would be ideal. i will contribute for the use of “your” energy, or offset it with structures i can create) and a compact 4-door car.  if you want me to be able to sleep indoors, show me where that is.  i would rather have freedom than a place to sleep, but at the moment, i have the opposite situation.  i am trying to fix it.  i don’t own any land.  you do.  if you give a flying fuck about my survival, or the survival of other unemployed, under-employed people, think about how we could benefit your property, your kids, or you, and let’s talk.  put it in writing.  you know how i am in person.  i’m impatient and sick of your years of foot-dragging.  as of now, you work for the enemy.  my enemy, all our fucking enemy.  seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?  fuck off


you have trouble keeping people interested in working for you, or working hard while they’re there, or showing up when they say they will, huh?  that means you treat people like shit.  like inferiors.  yes, you do.  or, you keep your dickhead father around to be the asshole while you cry like a beaten child while nothing happens.

i’m proposing an equitable worker’s cooperative, integrated with a tool cooperative, land cooperative, and housing cooperative.  the uses of your infrastructure is potentially limitless if you allow other people to participate in it.  the reason you wallow in barely-getting-by is that you hoard.  you keep all the work for yourself, or for those who submit completely to your will, and you continue to subsist only with/through the only substance which is completely unaccountable, limited, and overall, FUCKING STUPID.  yes, cash.  all the cash should go towards getting the fucking bank off of all our backs so that we can live as cooperative people.  if you stay in your retardo-hierarchy, you are the devil.  fuck off.


you claim to believe in democracy, yet the system you participate in is not that, and has never been for your entire lifetime.  smart, educated people know this, but it is contrary with what your tv tells you.  shut off the fucking tv if it contradicts reality.  THE TV ALWAYS CONTRADICTS REALITY, YOU FUCKING BRAIN-DEAD RETARD.  i have been running for president for five years, and not one person i know has shared that fact with anyone in their network.  do you just sit back and laugh at me for believing in a system or a politician who cares about and knows how to deliver actual democratic representation?  an actual voice for everyone?  of course not.  you like being told, and not having to think, and not having to work very hard relative to piling up shit-tons of debt and pretending that everything will somehow get better by continuing to listen only to those people who have already been vetted by the psychopathic retards who maintain this horrible system of repression.  fuck off


you got a job, eh?  what does your fucking income go to?  a landlord, who will put you out on your ass the second you can’t pay for his assholish vices for the simple fact that he had more property than you from the beginning.  ok, great.  you don’t even have autonomy over your own space if he fudges the rules, and they all fucking do.  i thought this was for the workers’ union?  if you don’t see how  a housing cooperative will make you have to work A SHIT-TON LESS THAN YOU DO NOW, then you’re short-sighted and stupid.  but as for a worker’s union, the workers of the world do not have to put up with the bullshit of their fucking drunken, abusive, repressive, belligerent employers, IF THEY BAND TOGETHER AND DEMAND FAIR COMPENSATION FOR THEIR PARTICIPATION IN MONEY/RESOURCE-GENERATING ENTERPRISES.  under a full-fledged worker coop, all the cash goes into the collective hopper, and you get credit for your time, which can be exchanged for living space, tool/vehicle use, or food (think of a 5-star restaurant that serves food cooked by people you trust, where you can eat at cost).  no, you’d rather keep doing it the hard way, huh?  fuck off


i can’t not intertwine these things.  your lardy, lardy ass will benefit first and foremost, and i guaran-fucking-tee that you’ll be much MUCH happier hauling less poison around for each and every step.  i speak from personal experience.  ok, so you want to keep your 40-hour-a-week oppressive cubicle-enslavement.  fine.  you don’t want people who are trained in safe food handling to prepare the healthiest food you have ever imagined for you every day?  i know it’s a lot to think about, feeding oneself with variety and flair.  THAT’S WHY WE HAVE THE PEOPLE DO THAT PART WHO WANT TO DO IT, not the isolated retards who spend all their hard-earned “federal reserve notes” on resource and human-exploiting “convenience” food (holy fucking newspeak), because it’s addictive and maintains the solar system that is your ass and the poisons that maintain it.  if you eat sysco, how can i possibly trust you with the feeding of my kids?  i don’t.  i wouldn’t.  you’re a poison-filled retard.  fuck off

</agenda> (3:52 pm)

this is the worst campaign ever.  nobody listens to anyone else.  everyone is busy in their own cubicles in their own gypsum-walled cages, keeping the fresh air and organisms from making them healthy, and forcing everyone else to continue following the completely abusive and anti-reality laws which maintain this horrible system of crapitulatism.  materialism, paternalistic bullshit, oppression, disbelief of OTHER HUMANS’ STATED FEELINGS.  no, you’re allowed to think that now, STOP OPPRESSING THOSE SMALLER THAN YOU YOU FUCKING BULLY.  ok, threatening people with violence is not free speech.  ceasing oppression of others with verbalizations is protecting them from future harm.

ok, so what do you want?  i want an environment where i can write when i need to, where i can hang out with animals for a lot of the time, where i never ever have to talk on a telephone, ever again.  i want a place where i can pack all the permaculture experiments i have learned into a tiny space, so that i could go sit in the middle of the fucking ocean and survive without having to ever see another retarded abusive capitalist retard again, ever.  i want an environment where i am surrounded by people who like sharing contact with me, yet do not ever, EVER “steal” contact, i.e. physically abuse me, like my mother, father, and many employers have done.  i am not innocent in this.  i sincerely apologize for those moments when i exploited my privilege or the lack of oversight by an enforcement agency, or whatever reason it was.  i have no excuses.  i only want to make it right.  all i can do is explain what i was thinking at the time, and not do it any more.  i will not attempt to “reassure” you verbally, because i believe, as the amish do, that speaking of crimes of the past is essentially re-experiencing them.  are we past it?  then let’s be past it.  if the situation is set up now so that exploitation isn’t rewarded, there will be no benefit in it.  if it still occurs, i advocate immediate termination of membership.  i.e. expulsion, termination, banishment, isolation.  yes, we will have to set up a means to both punish offenders of this type and physically prevent them from hurting others, immediately.  when a dog does something you don’t want it to do, you have a 3-second window to explain to them that this behavior is unacceptable.  as i have said before, with humans, it’s shorter.  yes, i understand that under these criteria, i should have had my balls pummeled more times than they have been (which is a painfully significant number already), and/or been notified of my infractions.  perhaps i was.  perhaps i didn’t/wouldn’t/couldn’t hear/understand.

in order for humans to have universal respect, they must actually listen to the input of one another.  this cannot be done verbally.  verbal expressions are a feature of oppression, because they direct attention to one single person, who must be physically elevated (in a large group) to be heard.  why the fuck do you force every interaction to be under that paradigm when we have e-mail, twitter, and facebook?  it is maintenance of hierarchical oppression, that is all.  plus, you’re all so fucking chock full of commercial, for-profit, cash-cult tripe, that all you ever spout is abusive time-wasting shit anyway.  write it down.  if you don’t have anything of legal/systematic import to write down, SHUT YOUR FUCKING PIE HOLE AND LISTEN TO SOMEONE WHO DOES.  no, better, read someone who does.  this is your fucking homework.  read this blog.  every last entry.  every fucking word.  yes, they will beat on your brain until you won’t ever want to say anything ever again.  good.  under my housing cooperative, i will live in the zero-talking space.  all communications shall occur through electronic writing, the recitation of poetry, song, or in writing on dry erase boards, chalk boards, and log books.  i want a paper trail of what you say to me, because i have been lied to by way too many people, and i have gotten away with committing to tasks which i could not complete, and had no means to retract that commitment, reassign it, or offer it up to the commons.

is that enough for today?  i miss my twitter friends.  fine, weakling.  go tweet.  seriously?  shouldn’t we read this first?  fuck it.  editing is for job-havers.  fuck off

peace, love, open-source, pro-survival, generation sun,

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-05-24 (Thursday).

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