who else?

i go into public so i can’t say the things that i’m actually thinking.  those are pretty awful today.  i will end up saying many of them, i suspect, and in context.  truths shall be told.  toad?  yep. cnn is on.  when i lean.  i got half a screen if i don’t lean.  i am still sore from cranking my back funky, that probably colors this testimony.  isn’t that a good expression of small-town racism.  OH: “he just doesn’t know when to stop” i wince with laughter.  *turns up the music*

all you retardo-fascists know how to do is stop.  nobody has ever started anything, except to berate, belittle, and ignore the vast majority of the people they “deal with” in their business interactions.  this is what the management layer is.  can you see it as a layer?  a set of rules and ways of acting and industry seminars and what have you, all directed towards a certain segment of the population.  it has answers for everything, and the whole “tv-magazine-radio-politicians-agencies-of-government” shit makes sense within their realm.  there’s an undercurrent of “somebody’s lying,” through all of it, but the projection is fierce.  hey, takes one to know one.  i feel better thinking my now way, thanks.  i never thought your way, not when you tried to teach me, nor since.  stop acting like your plastic, mediocre replacements are even reminiscent of the real thing.

she read to me in utero.  ha ha.  sang to me, too.  triple ha.  it’s your fault i’m this way, you retardo-jerk.  bully.  fuck you, mom.  burn in hell.  i hate you more than i have ever hated any human being on planet earth, including myself.  what the fuck can make you give a fuck about life?  your psycho death cult’s delusions are so fucking offensive, you make me sick with every interaction.  i can’t even imagine the horrible state of helplessness you must be in, for the majority of your day.  if i ran your world, you’d retire forever, immediately.  you’d have your keys taken away, and you’d have an army of people who love you pummel you about the head and neck repeatedly every time you try to act like a fascist fucking dickhead landlord when someone is trying to help you if you’d shut your fucking face and listen to someone who has many tens of thousands of dollars more “official” education than you and can explain to you how your thinking, within any of these idiotic information silos is just flatout wrong.  incorrect.  not, like, a different perspective, no.  fucking evil exploitation of humans every step of the way, an instilled disrespect of “the other” and an active elimination of it, no matter the color of its skin.  that’s genocide, you know.  cashcult is genocide cult.  said me, right now.  (12:33 pm)

still harping on that whole crapitulatism thing, eh?  the first study linking corn derivatives to any medically relevant disorder should have made you quit buying anything in plastic tubs.  you are gluttons for punishment, from every possible way, and i cannot reconcile any of the things any of you say about any of it.  i try.  it’s all pathetic excuses.  wool, you can’t.  no, nigga, you can’t.  fuck.  see, y’alls fam.  you look at me like i’m the one who will smash you over the head with a plastic stick and take your house away, throw you in a cage.  holy god, you’re dumb.  and proud, of being dumb.  lol.  what would you do if you were surrounded, constantly, by people whose chests swelled and faced filled with pride when they ran their internal combustian engines?  proud to have endured all the inhumane shit that allows you to act like you don’t give a flying fuck who does what as long as it looks pretty and has a good plotline resolution with a half an hour, and what the tv shoves in your face isn’t nearly as offensive as the awful ways you all throw that shit back and forth at each other.

all i ever wanted to do was dance.  if you had only humored me and watched that, i would never had to start talking. WRONG.  that was totally a lie.  talking was and is an essential way of interacting, if only to know how it works so that it can be ended most resolutely upon fear and doubt.  as i got out of my car, slightly disabled, but not enough so to convince any government agency of it, nor willing to self-apply their terminology of me, in writing, nor caring to participate in their bank-enriching activities, regardless of how they phrase them.  fear induction, eugenics, and outright destruction of any creativity within any of us.  the fucking government should provide a thinker’s toolkit and amplification/communications device if it actually wanted anyone to innovate, but no, your fucking cult of violence takes precedence to any sort of logic.  any logic.  i fucking hate capitalists.  i hate you all.  you personally murder my family NOW TODAY BOTH ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD AND RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF ME.  this system disgusts me.  that it has my poor gentle mother wrapped around its greasy tentacles makes me want to cry.  she was … i don’t remember what she was like at all.  i can’t see past the how she is now, and it’s the most horrible thing i’ve ever seen. (12:45 pm)

i saw, in my peripheral vision, a black man.  i turned to look at him, and he turned white.  weathered, but “white.”  do these discussions not offend you?  why would any system train its cattle to identify each other as anything but the most over-simplified you could get, by skin color.  and now we got phd’s in that, so nobody gonna drop it, unless everyone else drops their fucking niche out/in the hate/fear, and we all know that’s about as likely as antarctica being atlantis or the magnetic poles shifting or the precision with which all known lasting ancient structures refer back, mathematically, to the largest of them.  but hey, how is that connected to anything?  that one spirit science video said there’s a disk that goes atop giza, when enough people wake up and decide for it to, and steiner says spirits are expressed to us through the human animal.  which makes me wonder what the deuce is going on with me and my mother.  she doesn’t view it as a negotiation between capable actors.  she sees her as useful and productive, regardless of how she spends her time and dwindling cash, and me as useless because i have not found anyone with the balls to pay me for my contributions.  heh.  i have received $10 donations from each of the coasts.  campaign contributions?  all contributions cascade to survival funds if survival funds are lacking.  that means the $20 you put towards the beautification fund might buy me 2 weeks worth of food.  rather than a tattoo.  i’ll have record of it, and if you want notification of that kind of thing, it shall be forthcoming.  dictator’s pretty upfront with and about all the shit.

it’s busy in here today.  my back feels better than it would anywhere else.  it’s a combination of cushioning and triangular stability.  there more like shifting tetrahedrons.  i don’t know what kind of repairs are going on in there, but they like to remain upright.  or prostrate.  i rolled onto my stomach last night, and it didn’t hurt.  that’s progress

i made it up that hill. yeah, but you incapacitated yourself.  oh, like everyone else doesn’t physically take themselves out of the game every once in a while.  the body forces you to if you push it past its limits.  you sorry saps haven’t gotten anywhere near those in a while, except as abuse withstanding.  i don’t know, i can just tell.  i want to speak in the auditorium, for hours.

“i want an electric wheelchair.”  me, on a lark.

i’m always tweeting.  those people say ⋆ to my rants u pretend i don’t say.
ʡωʢ π :Э ;Ѯ Bҙ ※ ⁅♃⁆㎤㎯㎬㎫㎪㏕㎘㍳㍲㍶㎀㎁
㍬㍤㋱㍝㋳㏬㏙ ㌮圚巛液洼

“i’m not scared of you, but you motherfuckers scared of me” ~ninja (1:11 pm)

haha. the little guy is shouting stuff about trees and systems.  amplified as far as its pixels.  that’s not very far within the realm of auto-termination-of-creativity.  zero support of?  help me edit out the parts you don’t like, then, and tell me why.  i get that i need editing to be consumed by the population, but i am not here to edit.  i am here to write, the rawest and realest words that i can muster, every step of the way.  the reason i call myself “undisputed dictator of planet earth” is that i am.  there are plenty of thinkers and researchers who understand me on certain points and who agree with my interpretations of a lot of my perspectives.  i find it essential to maintain a variety of perspectives from which to see the world.  it keeps your mind limber.  limburger?  did you read that study about cheese having more poisons than meat?  how much does that suck?  yeah, number one priority of my adminisration is to fix the cheese.  fuck, if i can’t gorge on cheese in your vegan house, i don’t want to live there.  well put.

see, now we can get into the discussions of why things actually offend you.  nobody hears that.  that should stop the conversation so you can apologize, but no.  you kick in the “here are some more awful things that i am capable of saying” lines.  the only way for a thinking person to react to that is to disappear.  it’s no wonder so few stick around.  you really think one who joyously takes the collective abuse of the retarded lot of you isn’t really your ruler?  given an open discussion.  given a place where everyone is allowed to say whatever they want to say without it being stepped on, shouted over, or edited to match the theory of the day.  the fucking dictator is and has been the theory of the day since its inception, and if you want to live, i’d get on board before it has an actual army.  i’m getting tired of being treated like a non-entity, and all who participate in that shall be eliminated.  including myself.  hisself.  oh, he’s barely there at all ~cruel laughter~ quick moshy music, laughter ceases with gasps and thuds.  i love dictator’s decapitations.  they leave no room for doubt as to the offending act, and the kids get to learn about repurposing cell structures.  like i said, like steiner said, all the human organism does is express the spirits contained within.  your mother is basically on remote control from your family, friends, and neighbors.  they’re not allowed to think, in any way shape or form, and they no longer care either.  they fall back on the winner-take-all notion, which inevitably makes you either a bank or a loser (great, nice win-win), and makes you want to drink to forget it all.  yup, super.  yeah, make sure every dollar goes back to the absolute worst people while you prevent those nearest you who most want to help you do what you want to do to get along.

the hall-markiness of days is offensive to those of us who don’t have those retardedly constricted representations of former or only occasionally allowed things.

hey, if someone told me the specific reasons they didn’t want me around, if those things didn’t suppress my individuality, i would do my best to learn why the things that i did would make someone so angry, so hurt.  if you don’t care about that part, you don’t care, and any claim to caring, is a slap in the face.

dictator never had a tribe.  dictator was only conditionally allowed into most of the tribes which tolerated its presence, and they all abused it because they could.  he, in turn, abused them right back because it’s all he was ever taught to do, and they parted, them repressingly silent, him lovingly regretful of his fearful defensiveness.  great story.  i don’t know how universally applicable that is.  everyone has dirty words.  we have to eliminate those related to structures, birth, life, and survival, from that category.  like yesterday.

there are certain basic standards that you can’t rule out.  you keep relying on this craptissedulatastical notion that withholding knowledge, information, water, or food is an “argument” for “your side.”  no, that is sheer brutatlity.  brute-ality.  hehe.  i am remembering these kids more now.  we pretty much hated everything about each other from the beginning.  oh, lady, you could play my mom in the movie.  i still have a crush on your friend.  ok, all of your friends.  even and especially including the ones i haven’t met yet.  those have heard me say awful olld things.  i saw awful new things now.  yes, it is wonderful, indeed.

nobody is actually, physically ugly.  some of you are so full of poison and uhh, poison, that you only even see yourselves from the awful perspectives.  yeah, if you want to document that moment of your existence, then i will consider you pretty terrible.  in some of you, the awfulness is much deeper than the skin.  it’s like you’re projecting the abuse of your parents, as if that’s an acceptable or appreciable way to treat others, and of course you have your own little cult following because you have managed to burn through the awfulness because you’re a concentrated solar furnace of hotness, searing through that paternalistic archetype from/at its very source.  i feel that.  i apologize for when i am speaking about things and people which are loud.  i tend to miss the lower voices during those times.  i appreciate your patience in waiting until i had this, the best idea i have ever had.  everyone has to wrestle/fight (personalized, contracted, universal/immediately-enforced rules) their parents.  especially those of the opposite gender.  it has to happen.  you have to know how little of an advantage the size of a thing actually is.  any songbird or squirrel or rabbit could any of your pathetic asses in a second.  never mind if they had friends.  but they have no incentive to do that, ever.  unlike you warring bastards.  fuck.  (1:47 pm)

what other ideas have i had?  the same, mostly.  hugelculture, refurbished structures, off-the-grid installations.  are you kidding me?  you pay twice, to both heat and cool air/water flows, when you have that sun right there and she cool earth below?  gluttons for punishment, i tell you.  rule followers.  no, i’m calling you stupid, to your face.  then stop being stupid if you don’t like it.  how many times do i have to go through this?

ozzy, you are the shit for this song, if for nothing else.  hey, that’s as good as many of my favorite artists.  forever, yeah.  whatevs.  if i have made what any one person considers to be “a good song” in my life, i will die happy, with a smile on my face.  the rest of this is a bonus.  what do you mean by “the rest of this”?  oh, that everyone gets to sit around doing absolutely nothing while this whole retarded system chews us all up and spits us out over and over every day, but with me, you get to watch.  oh that.  yeah, we are pretty funny when we do that.  shakisms, one-owe-won (dubble eww aye ex ex).  yeah, i listened to the top nine at nine, when i was nine.  i wouldn’t rely on any of dictator’s numbering schemes.  he plants so many show-stopping comments, you really must be totally freed from crapitulatism’s hate before you’ll be able to get very far.  i can’t even read that shit from here.  the whole essence of living in “a small town” is punishment and ostracism.  this is by far, in my individual opinion, as one of its former participants, the most abusive and oppressive system that has ever existed on planet earth, and all it will take for us to get out from under it is to think for ourselves, to believe in ourselves, and to give up the need for dominion over anything.  let it go, it will all be yours.  blissing (1:59 pm)

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~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-05-13 (Sunday).

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