not a, the [x]ist.

terrawr.  whawt?  industrial.  pfft.  ministerial.  ok, that’s just arcane.  arc angle, arc angle, something about math that echos “will u bee maiiinne”


  • ongoing epic tales of crapitulatism, duh’mock’racy, & industrial juggernauts
  • mock the homeless and the 24 empty homes they can’t enter ‘cuz booze
  • *checks twitter* justice, regulation, cp’n kangaroo ct, proprietary property

which begs the question why would someone running for president begin/announce their campaign with a blatant and in-your-face dismissal of intellectual property law?  well, i’ll tell you, what i’m blathering aboutthere it is, that’s the picture.  i have this “neatoday” a publication of the National Education Association, and an article caught my attention.  first the cover, which i find disturbing in a number of ways.  take a look

neatoday, spring 2012 cover

neatoday, spring 2012 cover

ok, besides that, those, “issues” if you will, any time i see the word “reform,” i have to investigate.  maybe i watched too much scooby doo.  maybe i read too many nancy drew.  point is, i read actual words.  these are a dooozy.  i’m working up the gumption to read these awful words on paper and describe to you how they tie into today’s agenda.  well, good, a preliminary summary.

fuck, the magazine itself spits poison.  first the stench of chemically bleached tree corpses and god-knows-what dyes, then advertisements for corporate chemical cleaners and “investment instruments.”  diversify your portfolio, yeah.  return every last dime to a broad diversity of industry sectors, ensuring complete, … what?  ok, so the reason i’m interested in one of the industry publications of the teacher’s industry union (the link to “advertise with nea” is in their footer) is that this is the industrial tripe that goes into every half-retarded, over-worked, and forced-to-be-power-tripping person who attempts to do something useful and beneficial with their life.  you know, and for the benefits.  it’s a union job.  that used to mean something.  now the unions are just mean enforcers for those above them who abuse them.  it’s all the same bullying, you fascist fucktards.

are you really going to make me read that article.  it gives me a headache.  no, that’s the caffeine withdrawal.  drink some water.  oh.  ok. *gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp* (12:52 pm) always swirl your water, kids.  wipe up spills and beard dribbles with your sleeve.  don’t drink stuff that you wouldn’t want hanging out on, or evaporating off of, your sleeve.

funny, i find it (but telling, more than), that on planet retard slave, the teacher’s union takes care of the concept of “classroom management” for the teachers.  this is not training provided by taxpayer dollars, oh no.  this is the teachers own money hiring writers and strategists and psychologists to give them tips and techniques to “manage” your children.  if you haven’t figured out that this is the disrespectful human enslavement concern known as global banking yet, you really haven’t been paying attention.  of course the mob is involved as well, and the church, but those murderous enforcers share a different niche of this human-abusing abomination.  take a look at that cover again.  the chum of a nation, imprisoned for the delusional fantasy implanted and constantly enforced by your television, magazines, industry publications, newspapers, and all the writings of the faithful.

look at the root of the words.  capital ($, as a representation of property) ism, a belief.  money cult.  why cult?  this singular point, if information comes from here, or one of its offshoots, i will believe it.  if not, it “does not convince me”, aka we will agree to disagree aka you do not exist i banish you forever from this realm of intellectual consideration.  crap because a) that’s a load of crap, the whole fucking system 2) shit breaks exactly on the weakest point aka the one spot that disables the whole damn contraption making it not modern and shiny but completely useless [planned obsolescence, repeat customers, blah blah blah]; and capitulate because it puts every one of you pathetic worthless fucking retards on your fucking knees before logic and reason and goodness and kindness and family and friends and any shred of decency left on this horrible hateful fuckstain of a planet, every single day of your helplessly enslaved lives.

this is our best sub-mom-rant ever.  thanks french black metal!  o’hey, dyoo fink it uhh, haves things tadoo wiffa “socialist” white dood wiffa silky noose getta leckted o’er in the land of champagne an tongue kisses?  probably.  it’s just another rebranding of stupidity.  as slightly less stupid that the very last one we had.  yay us.  it is, actually, in rather important human-behavior-indicating ways, an important event.  only because it opens up the discussion.  what’s actually done, like that analyst said, is an entirely different thing, and every bureaucratic nightmare on planet earth has the human management capability, the thought-repression infrastructure, and only has to suppress a population of terrified, short-sighted, self-preservation-minded, weak, isolated, delusional, tv addicts.  oh, that’s just us?  what am i doing on this continent again?  oh, right.  i have to learn this stuff if i’m going to continue dictating the planet.  nobody actually asked me to stop calling us that.  that was my fictional dream fuck.  actual people do less than me, and i have important thoughts to convey.  we’re going to read now, huh.  yup.  plug your nose and dive in.  fuck.  (1:09/2:40 pm)

The cover headline, the one printed right over the front of the pretty white teacher’s black jeans, is “Energized members take the lead in reforming schools. PAGE 42” and on page 42, it says, “Turning it Around: EDUCATORS TAKE THE HELM OF LOCAL SCHOOL REFORMS AND CHANGE THE PERCEPTION OF THEIR PROFESSION AND ASSOCIATION,” which means a number of things.  one, we’re misleading liars, who don’t want you to actually read this.  bee, that “educators” (the replacable, job-described automoton slave, not the people who are forced to lie to these kids and themeselves) take (active, without permission) “the helm” (militaristically, violently) of “local school reforms” (people are pissed because we barely, if ever taught them how to feed themselves without lying and debt-enslaving yourself, and a bunch of “educated” people want jobs and don’t have them and more education just means more debt and debt is the fucking problem to begin with and…).  so, the machine has decided to admit that at least examining things on a small scale might shed some light on these reforms.  but then, oh wait, what is their goal?  to CHANGE THE PERCEPTION of their PROFESSION and ASSOCIATION.  so, they accept and admit less than zero actual responsibility for substantive change, dismissing it hereforto, banished in thought and act, matter or its distribution.  are we really going to read this?  doesn’t that say enough?  the first page has another few pages of helpless, avoidant tripe.  you know this.  buck up, you pathetic sexless eunuch.  you pick a thankless job, and all you’re going to get is the ability to change your own music, and have a vast chorus of birds announce your coming with the fanfare shared for the old kings of fairy tales.  *an energetic rush, goosebumps*  yah, ok.  i suffer for the people.  you’d think a little [stop it. now, please] ok.  i enjoy writing these words.  i hope they burn into your retinas and through the back of your skull.  much better.  you do still remember how to read, right?

first sentence, “JM, a media specialist at Howenstine High (umm, HH? HELLO?!?) Magnet School, doesn’t buy (helplessness, disbelief of evidence, capitalist materialism) into the perception (distancer, confuser) of some (totally vague, passive, dismissive of actual critical voices) that the NEA and its members resist change and reform (a perfect description for what every one of you assholes constantly do).”

holy fucking god.  this is as bad as fox news!  this is the load of shit that you will get thrown back in your face if you attempt to discuss anything about any person’s industry with them.  total paranoid defensiveness.  ok, go on.  (1:23/2:47 pm)

“On the contrary (contrarian, adversarial, doubt, fear), at her school in Tuscon, AZ, educators aren’t just (embedded: unfairness) welcoming change (fake smiles) and reform (after-thought, add-on buzzword for that whatever thing that i have to crank out 5,000 words on)—they’re leading it.”  well hey, at least she used the correct form of “there/their/they’re.”  oh, and the rest of this, this article, these words, is those educators, leading that change and reform of the perception of their profession and its union, huh?  fascinating.  do talk

ooh, a quote. “We’re fighting (violence, adversarial) very hard [sic] to save (they need “rescuing” from some benevolent “above” place) schools,” Marvin says. “We’re embracing change, so we can meet the needs of kids today, not those of 20 or 30 years ago.”  that’s sad.  why?  because they know that they have been ignoring the input not only of the students, who have since become the teachers, who are as helpless now, 20 or 30 years later, in their grown professional lives, where they are stuck in a system and culture where they have no outlet for their pain other than chemical numbness, isolation, avoidance of actual reality, and the god awful last-ditch-attempt to connect with another human that is lashing out at them, fighting.  striking another verbally or physically.  i do not strike humans with these words.  i show them where their discomfort originates, and i give them phrases to send back up the chain of command.  that command, intern, falls upon the deaf ears of the drunken masters.  all of it.  what ways are there for you to fuck up your brain?  the rich do that.  then they use the public airwaves to get you to demand that the other poor people get thrown in cages because there’s not enough to go around.  well of course not, you greedy bastards.  you just wasted enough to feed the entire planet for a week on a booze/coke-fueled vegas bender.  know who gets that cash, which represents the actual blood, sweat, and tears of the poor?  a big fat corporate executive.  they ain’t cats.  they ain’t any sort of animal.  they are dementors, sith monsters, greedy and horrible.  you can recognize them by their hiss.

*skip the parts where “they” [she] avoids discussion of class by lumping people as “low-income”*

“While opponents (adversarial, paranoid) of public (ha!) education (indoctrination) have been attacking (war) teachers and unions (humans and their associations, which this arguably used to be), accusing them (legal threats) of being concerned (fear, helplessness) with only paychecks, benefits (financial incentive, other-industrial-products), and the status quo (legalese for juggernaut), a revolution (ha!) is taking place at Howenstine (humans are waking up and opposing us) and similar schools nationwide (we don’t actually have other examples, nor do we care, nor will we let it continue).  Educators like M are turning around (not actually moving) low-performing (non-productive of compliant wage-slaves) schools (blame the entity, not any actual person or policy directive) by leading reform (buzzword, empty) and bringing about (passive, blather) significant change (the actual goal of actual reforming or re-evolving of learning).

Such (emphatic drama b.s.) leadership (reads scripts good) for student success (let the debt bury and thereby silence them so we no longer have to) is part of NEA’s bold (pathetically weak and shallow) new (rehash of last time they demanded “reform”) action (bump on a log beats them in a race) agenda (confusing disconnected list) to transform (ee oo uu ack [transformer sound]) the teaching profession (not the conveying of useful knowledge to students, the punching in and following the job description), announced last December (planned since whenever the think tank decided) by NEA President (useless drunken flunkie of the moment) DVR (brilliant!).  The plan (let ‘em rot)—Leading the Profession (good pawns always survive!): NEA’s Three-Point Plan for Reform (trite, jingoistic, nationalistic, wheel-spinning)—had a clear (holy god, this is confusing) message (we only meta-talk about our meta-issues): Teachers must take the lead (poor people, do something), and they must take responsibility for their profession (we have the same plans to help you as we have to help every other poor person.  starve).”

i can’t do any more.  i’m going to take pics of this, because it is making me sad and sick, literally.  good.  you’re done enough.






you’ll have to read it yourself.  i just don’t know any more. [~meatwad]

above the fold: a picture of a cop tazering you, with the headline COPS USE TAZERS, and below the fold “less in recent years.”  holy misleading fear-mongering, fucking waste of office space ministry of truth retards.  may you enjoy the fruits of your labors in a portfolio full of financial instruments.

ok, now re-checking the agenda.  duh’mock’racy?  ‘cuz it’s fucking retarded-stupid, and it makes fun of you all the time, right in your face, and you don’t care because it’s bigger than you, as an individual, and you have convinced yourself (with its help) that you can’t work with anyone.  point 2 is me complaining about the jokes on twitter, about “that other group” or “those unfortunate souls” as if you aren’t lucky as fuck to be one of the lucky ones who happens to not “have your life ruined” by losing a terribly shitty, backwards-run job like that anyway, and we all fucking know that anybody who does hang on to that public pension with an overly protective iron fist spends as much of it on their own personal poisons as they ever have, because hey, what can i do, i’m just one person.

justice, as a bureaucratic system of showing off the arguing and fact-reciting capabilities of our wonderous slaves, is a kangaroo court.  it’s a mockery of reality, of common sense, and of decency.  stop paying your attentions to it, you fucking retard slaves.  fuck

proprietary.  what this means.  that cult, that you love, will not reveal its motives, reasoning, or thought process.  no matter what.  you do not exist to it as a thinking entity, your participation only matters in as much as you can provide for people who have proven their ability to get others to bow before them and do what they say and when they say it in a way that perpetuates this horrible system of ugliness and stupidity.  fuck you all.

amen, sister.

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-05-7 (Monday).

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