and good day to you

sir robin.  i heard someone else talking to the birds and it made me giggle.  also, after that awful 1st shift, earlier this afternoon, i needed to write some happy.  you needed to read some happy, too.

ate a bowl of butter and hot-sauce covered bread pudding mac-and-cheese stuff.  i forgot to add a cup of water to the bread machine, and the result was rather not bread-like.  so i boiled a bunch of water and didn’t have to drain the mac and cheese.  i know, nasty, right?  whatever.  it’s not half bad.  it’s like a cheesy grain loaf.  with hot sauce, you’d better believe there’s protein in it.  from the flour.  i don’t ever knowingly mislead people about reality.  i see no point in it.  and, i would rather you not mislead me about reality either.  that being said, you could sure use an attitude adjustment.  i’m sharing the carroll with a small child now.  blissing

so earlier, while i was eating that odd macaroni pudding, i sat out on mom’s new deck, which still isn’t weather protected, and which blocks the one window that opens from my room.  it was the only possible place that post could go, yeah sorry.  lol.  it’s a constant source of amusement, this house.  clown show.  so the cushions aren’t out there, on this super bargain, dollar/grocery store lawn set, whatever.  sitting on the metal grate.  hanging with the birds.  i said hi.  they laugh.  i laugh.  they sing me songs, i scratch all over my head, a complete scritch from crown to chin.  cute things preening

scolded.  hard core.  come here. 1. coming! parents are mean to make counting a punishment, or a count-down to that.  do you really think making your kid that responsive to the threat of punishment by authority is good for them?  oh, it’s what you think should be done, or it’s how you were treated?  the natural environment has defense mechanisms.  remember those dog things in avatar?  they bristled at the brash military dude in a blue alien meatsuit, right?  why?  because he was adversarial.  defensive, aka terrified.  brash fear is what the military instills in its cannon fodder, because it needs that they mostly want to preserve their lives, but also that if ordered to the contrary, for themselves or untold numbers of others, they will comply.  the more heinous the offence, the more they break it up into a bunch of seemingly not-responsible smaller tasks.  i’ve heard these referred to as information silos.  if you’ve worked for a large organization, and who hasn’t?  right, wool anyway people work on different stuff, right?  projects, locations, times of day, maybe.  so some people know a lot about certain things, but few people know everything about everything.  the ones who do can be spotted because they’re at low-level tech positions with more data access than they should know what to do with, but because they recognize how improperly things are being run, they know it’s a complete front operation.  the “employer” had to accomplish these other tasks, too.  i could have gotten a lot of data from there.  didn’t.  what does the data matter, anyway?  true enough.  vector, intent, understanding of each person, these are the things that matter.  comfort, safety, growth of the organism.

i have studied a lot of “conspiracy theories” in my day.  that’s the jfk-era term that means, “what your questions are implying has a legal name which we shall scoffingly brand you with for all eternity.” and everyone gets wasted at a party.  woo.  you know why that utterly hopeless thing you just said, yeah, because you.  now.  well, at least at the now when you said it.  i’d confront you on it, but i know you’d only defend yourself and make it worst.  i skip right over worse.  the.  thee.  but not.  LAW.  shall i tattoo it across my face?  the cops and fire guys opened the station for my walk back to work.  we runnin’ two-a-days now.  ah.  probably gonna get a $20 out the cash machine and save the last of my $364 for non-donut things.  i was jonesing for a donut hard core.  i never envision what it is i will write about except for maybe the night before.  are you kidding, this script has been written for years.  don’t go into the open unless you’re fully capable of living in harmony with whatever gets put in front of you.  well, i don’t entirely fail at that.  stop being that which you claim to criticize.  but that’s where the money is

6:14 pm.  OH: “hi, mr. cross” ~some kid.  thanks buddeh.  i took that to mean you thought my earlier entry was a bit angry and harsh.  i won’t disagree with you.

other walk-here thought: scatter brain.  dryer sheets.  yeah, walking past curves.  i assumed it would be perfume, but it was dryer sheets.  fucking nasty.  yeah, i complained to my mom multiple times to get us dryer sheets as a kid, and i used them for years, as recently as at the co-op.  i do not have the cash for that kind of thing now, nor do i agree with the use of those chemicals, manufacturing processes, or retail outlets.  these things all matter.

i had a vision of being granted a 51% vote of confidence, by the global population.  based upon the things i had written, repeated and ordered sensibly.  i am but a connection, a simple neural firing in a much larger organism than the old ways admit.  let us not speak disrespectfully of something for which there is no need.  let us incorporate its lessons and positive benefits into the new structures into which we evolve.

i wonder how many energy slaves my donuts require.  i crave sweets, always have.

one of the best e-mails i have received in the history of e-mail: a fb notification:  US Federation of Worker Cooperatives likes Skyscaper Permaculture.  i almost want to write on their page’s wall, you know what you’re doing here, right?  this is only one person, you realize.  and they’ll say, these are good links.  i can share this information with my people.  i don’t care if you’re 3/5 of a person, if the information is good, people gonna like it.  go skyscaper.  go permaculture. go skyscaper permaculture.

not all of the accounts i “like” are populated by people who are necessarily fully enlightened individuals.  and a lot of crap goes online.  i share what i think is worthwhile, and i look at the streams that help me do that.  one of my conspiratorial link providers and the occupy police and marines have posted things i found offensive.  does that mean i cut them off as sources?  it depends on how bad it gets.  so far, i listen on.  people on twitter do something like that, too.  it’s easier to have an audience of people who don’t challenge you, especially when you’re talking in public.  and, since most people on there don’t use their real names, or necessarily show their faces, you learn to cut down on the exposure to doubters, aka fearmongers, aka haters, aka racists, aka douchebags, aka assholes aka faithful, aka job-havers.  you are required to submit to that job every day, dark side switcher.  i stand by my likes. words.

page 3 already?  i just got this transfer.  oh.

other thought i had, since i’m getting snotty snide on greens posts.  i am disappointed in republicans for listening exclusively to lying tripe, and democrats, for that matter, but the more liberal sources delve into detail un-contemplated on standard tv analysis.  the mainstream press is vile shit.  i’m sorry, but there’s no better way to put it.  for every one bit of relevant data, it lies to you six times, assumes you’re stupid and makes crude remarks about your mother and your daughters.  nearly every time.  every time you watch tv, you go into this soulless state of shock.  you save all that vitriol for a moment when you encounter someone who sees the world from a different place.  let it go at them.

i scoured their likes.  why wouldn’t others like me?  you think there are those?  yes, in fact i think that.  i just need some workers other than dictator.  and some hours, and some real estate.  then we’ll be cookin’ with renewable plant-based fuels. 😀

oh hell no, don’t read my shit out loud.  no, that entirely defeats the point.  why would a non-talker write?  seriously, why?  because they feel we should mostly not talk?  no, because most people who talk are so awful at it.  fer seriously‽  do you always make comments that are exactly on topic, that teach people what their next step would be, or do you specialize primarily in correcting the most egregious misunderstandings of our time?  do you cause people to giggle with delight?  then be quiet.  silence.  ¡cállate!, as my first drone teacher used to say during chemistry class.  i was the “gifted and talented” and a complete wildcard.  nobody knew when or how i might go off.  i was a cold war indigo.  was?  you think you out-grow superpowers?  oh, right.

i could use a more complete rub-down.  scritching, snuggles, whatever.  i don’t care what words you use to describe it, and if you say little, i probably would say as much as necessary.  i get prompted.  people like for a talker to talk on occasion.  it gives them something to listen to, rather than producing all the time.  you think writing is easy?  you have clearly never given your life for a dream, then.  it’s not a very big dream, either.  peaceful co-existence with my surroundings?  shouldn’t every human dream of that?  we’ve been moving in that direction for as long as any of us have been here, because for every repulsive act the state takes, or the politicians under the authority of the state, or of capital and the gross, awful places where it spends its wealth, more humans have awakened to see that we are growing quickly, the non-cancerous subset of humanity, that is.  the cure, if you think in musical terms.  health.  hehehe.

i live on what poor people spend on a small dog.  probably less.  (7:02 pm)

besides the terrible actual things that crapitulatism does, the things it claims to do make things worse.  example?  no, thanks.  i mean, i forgot it.  the light streaming through this window is dancing with the trees and wind and making my carroll glitter like, i dunno, finished oak veneer.  in the setting daylight.

there really isn’t a whole lot of time in a day if you’re working by yourself.  not if you’re spoiled like me, or if you have no responsibilities like me, or if you’re so lonely that you wonder why going out into the sunlight doesn’t in and of itself feel like a chore, and then when you get into it, and you hear the birds chirping, you wonder how you could have ever missed it.  then a loud pick-up truck reminds you for the next three blocks.

you can’t tell me not to put gas in my car, copper!  and these here huugge pipes, on this beautiful truck, they were purchased by a legitimate business and made in the united states of america, not to mention installed by an ase certified mechanic.  my noise is the rule.  and we have another example of the personality types that a political participation database could identify and correct, or re-direct to a non-harming output.  spend some time in the loud, son.  see if it doesn’t make you appreciate the peace and calm of quiet, huh.  i can break you in one breath.  can, will, do.  (7:11 pm)

i keep blathering about booze, but i don’t have any strong feelings about it one way or the other.  it’s available, but being alone and not wanting to get sad, i stick to water and happy sounds.  i do not rule out the possibility of enjoying it again in the future, for i have years of experience enjoying it and letting that kind of expertise go to waste because for whatever reason, is no big deal.  nbd, as us kids say.  eKids? e1337.  old school hackers are hacking up furballs.  i’m not a proper old school anything.  i wish the revolution had a cooler icon than me.  that’s why i created LazyAssWasteoid.  i only want to live in a fair world and have my voice heard and everyone’s ideas considered on their merit, too.  on merit, i have the best ideas i’ve ever heard.  why the fuck else would i be running for president?  doy.  i’m going toweet now.  probably what?  cash, donuts.  dude, did we tell you that a car with a compact spare on the front passenger wheel had donut donut donut donut donut written on it (maybe 1 more just in case donut ok 2 donut) and i think that sublimmable porgamming via the donut manufacturing industree.  endoskree.  in-doh-spree.

well, do violent kids idoloize violent people, or does a violent machine both reward and encourage violence in otherwise kind and highly physically talented humans?  you never think of anything in any way, until you met me and i broke your world and now you have to share a tiny little piece of what broke off of it with me as i help you fix yours with everyone else’s around because theirs is busted all to hell too and it’s not really their fault either and we all need to learn the same stuff so we might as well work on it together, whaddaya say?  i’ll say, US Federation of Worker Cooperatives likes Skyscaper Permaculture.  i just like the sound of it 😀

thanks for making me happy,

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-05-7 (Monday).

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