she’s smart but not AHHHH!

i translated the baby’s reaction scream to “how dare you talk about me like i’m not here, and to deny my intelligence?  get the fuck outta here with that shit.  you shall suffer my wrath over any of your pathetic human sounds.” another adult says “you stop screaming now” but she didn’t.  she kept on, and went on, “you stop censoring my legitimate legal defenses. i’m sick of nobody listening to the important things i have to say!” and i’m sitting right behind her going, “yeah, amen sister! preach!” and she heard me, even though i only said it with my aura.  good one, tigger.

thank you note, that’s what i was going to title this.  no, this one is better anyway.  it shall contain the draft.  i really need a stenographer to hand-write these notes and contracts with facial expressions and artistic representations, outlines, maths.  hey, the intent of the signers can be included in the document in a lot more creative ways using a pencil than you my think.  then again, you probably recognize that kind of information as useful as soon as you hear it.  all of the initial excitement of the realization that we are the ones who will put these words to paper, those can be included in the thing.  should, or will, rather.  if we don’t have the artists on board, we will eventually.

drug induced isolation, surrounded by peaceful humans.  I love my weekly family reunions.  i almost rode over here last night.  all soaking and dirty in bike clothes.  i wanted to ask her out, at that moment, so she could see me at that point of bliss, looking like a drowned rat.  that is highly relevant.  i tweeted a bit about it, but here’s the whole story.  on one of my bike rides, two days ago, i was riding out towards p2 (on the corner of TT and Oakdale), and after turning off of Badger onto TT, i saw a badger hole on the side of the embankment of the ditch, and i asked the badger for help.  i said, badger, i could use your help.  i want to build an underground pyramid on that hill over there, and i need your help getting permission to start, and to stay there.  i would move out there immediately.  if i have permission, it will mean i have agreement, and a job, and probably more future constituents.  if i have met you in person, shared a peaceful co-presence with your aura, we have entered into that represented/respresentee relationship.  you doin’ good?  i am.

how wouldn’t i consider it campaigning every time i went out in public?  i’m not saying i’m good at it, being a body linguist and all.  people act like i’m not saying anything.  or, they realize that i’m saying all the things, and they either agree, or don’t wish to question or confront me.  about any particular point.  complaining about ruining their old systems never happens, because i provide free terminology to explain the transition to anyone else to whom they wish to speak.  so much goes on here.  in the hours that i sit, staring at this word document.  there’s a highway within view, eastbound exit and onramp of highway ten.  i feel like if i were good at campaigning, i would tweet where i was going and where i would be and a bunch of people who cared about that kind of thing would show up and listen to me.  but, the world doesn’t work that way any more, if it ever did.  people’s schedules are not at all related to the motion of the planets and the sun.  tv schedules?  heh, partially.  more the work week.  it’s as far as they can push you, on average, wages slaves of the earth, to bust your ass (meaning that you do not have your own consciousness to yourself) for that many contiguous hours.  we have entire industries that exist only because people are lonely and want to share presence and activity with other people.  nobody goes to a restaurant to get fed, do they?  they go to see adorable families.  and be seen, by adorable families.  maybe i’m better at campaigning than i give myself credit for.  what is it, then?  presentation?  fashion?  it is rare politicians to date who have embodied anything resembling a “core belief” unless it was one regarding a symptom of the actual disorder.  arguing about how much paper mache (papier mâché) to use on the dam replacement is a different thing than not letting the army of scientists, workers, and lawyers pounding on the door, begging to use the amplified reach of the war machine to teach actually useful things to human beings for once.  but no, crapitulatism.  fuck.  (2/6:09 pm.)

what will go on in the space?

that depends entirely on your wishes.  and, local code, neighboring participant preference.  seriously, if you have grinding to do, invite us over and we’ll get it done in a tenth of the time.  you can diddle-fart for days with silent activities, rather than expressing your rage into the birdsounds and rustling of the trees.  no, nobody considers this kind of thing now because money and property is king, even though nobody does anything useful on any of the piles of property they have.  lol.  oh, this place is so sad.  the potential of each and every square foot is ripening, quickly.  so, do you want to learn a new way of doing things, or do you want to continue down the pathetic loser tv-watcher path you’re on now?

i recognize a couple here.  sports fam of my high school era.  last time i saw their eldest issue, i stood next to him at a urinal at the harbor.  i gave the most respectful nod i could deliver, in the presence of one whom you had been naked in the same room in the presence of a bunch of other boys many times before, and said his name.  he returned the gesture with the abbreviated nickname which my parents called each other in my childhood, and which made its way through the meatnet.  social electron cloud.  however it got there, it did.  kinesthetic masters, i have met.  mertz like hertz

the cult of sports is a strange beast in my conception.  i have rather recently, in my human timeline, rejected sports.  and really, i have only rejected the corporate portrayal of them.  i have always had a great deal of respect for the actual, stand-in-public-view meaty participants in athletic activity.  i was so laden with drama as a child, and you know, i’m me, that my connection to everything was always love/hate.  that is the nature of love and hate, i have since learned.  it’s not just sports.

i’ve met some famous people in the sports world.  wanna hear me name-drop?  ok, go.  i was a regular on state st. during Anthony Davis’s time at madison.  i ran into him 3 or 4 times.  we talked.  i think we were drunk every time, but whatever.  he thought i was funny.  or he laghed at me once.  one of his lineman got in my face, and i said, “what?” in a how my dad would have said it after he had bested my mom in some constructed competition he had created.  he saved my life, is what he did, by laughing.  he was responsible for me from that point on.  another time he invited me to a frat party.  he didn’t know anyone else there.  i was already sloshed, and the wop was an unknown cocktail of sweetness.  someone asked me if i was hasidic at that party.  i was wearing a grey suit and my hat city prom hat.  yeah, the one i got from the going-out-of-business sale.  a disfigured veteran, who i was told was a neo-nazi owned that store.  i assume he was a veteran.  i never asked him how he got the way he did, or why there was a “hitler world tour” shirt mixed in with the large selection of band t-shirts he had in the back of his hat store.  that hat has spiffed up many occasions, and i have learned through my life not to limit the usefulness and happiness potential of an item of beaver fur, based on an assumption about the business owner who sold it to you.  all human beings are capable of being decent human beings.  whoever you are, sir, if you ever read this, e-mail me.  i would like to hear your story.

how do we do syrup at tooth and claw?  we have a series of (human) meat conveyors which put whatever type of food in a form that can be eaten without utensils.  we employ non-utensil techniques from around the world, and we use an electronic menu/ordering system that projects the menu on the table in front of you, so that you can read/research as much about any of the ingredients, or the culture which employed the cooking technique, or any number of other interesting things about the food.  we include the nutritional findings from our own labs, which test for and explain a much wider variety of amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and the humans who actually contributed their own personal labor to each and every step of the process.  hey, the girl who dug these potatoes is in our daughter’s class.  cool.

the tables of tooth and claw look like folded umbrellas when not in use.  they open to reveal a two or four-seated, adjustable internet device.  the table may be tilted to allow the participants to use the tablet to draw, type, or do any other computer work, or create a sheltered, bug-netted, LED-lit oasis in the middle of the woods.  the server runs from erv, so whatever movies/data we have there will be accessible, too.  your interaction with the coop is entirely dependent on how you spend your time.  we have couples who go practically live in our little computer projector pod tents.  they do internet work from there, more than covering the participation costs of those who contributed to the infrastructure and their meal.  the restaurant has a different ambiance wherever it goes, can host a variety of musical performances, including parents having a private romantic meal while their kids mosh to a hardcore punk band less than twenty feet away.  no, you’re badass.  you know how many new bands i learned about tonight?  you know how many cute boys i met tonight?  yes, i interviewed all of their parents.  cool.

2:45 pm.  on sunny days, when dictator’s running tooth & claw on the street outside where all the capitalist slaves slave away in their slave cells, the costs drop significantly.  if you have an elevator in your building, you can run this recharger pod back up to your cube and charge a battery while you’re working.  kilowatt hours are worth more on cloudy days.  the solar deep fryer doesn’t work.  we have a variety of ways to satisfy our customers, and modular customization is the rule.  also, passing along savings to you, the eater.  we recognize that you have a choice in ultra-customized, off-the-grid, raw-to-richness delicacies.  wait, what?  no we don’t!  well, ya do now.

josh, i hope you don’t mind that i’ve completely co-opted your restaurant idea.  it just fits into all these other manufacturing operations i got going on.  it’s one of my sinister soups.  sinsister?  probably.  hopefully.  dude, i stick it in every one who wants it.  you are good people with good family.  how have i not been vying for adoption for years now?  since forever.  i can’t help but think of every single person you’ve introduced me to as family.  yes, i’d plant a baby in most any of youse.  and if we can peacefully share space, i will be there to keep my siblings from harm in whatever way i can.  usually, by helping them not punish themselves any more.  shut off the tv and read by your kids.  not to them, they know how.  shut up and share quiet time smiling at each other occasionally.  it’s like a rule.

the idea behind this restaurant is that we can put it anywhere.  on rainy days, at times when nobody is using the high school gym, erv runs a circuit from the place where eaters are, to the place where feedings happen, and it times and delivers their food, also.  scout doubles as a waitron.  yes, we have a hovering robot who brings you your food.  if you direct the antenna back at erv, you can set up your pod in some pretty interesting locations.  tops of buildings, hidden woods.  ok, yes, erv drops the kitchen shell and has a clear tent on the mule, with charging stations that look like recumbent bikes, so that people can cover the energy input of their transfer from work to the eating place.  we change it up.  different people offer up their land for us to use so we don’t trample plants too much, and people realize they can get dictator’s input on a property just by letting him hang out there and learn how it can be optimized.  it’s kind of all he does.

i was time-warped, recently, back to the mini apple.  and an apartment, and another, and another.  and a pinball machine and a bar, and one of the all-time greatest nests.  i was the only detracting element.  i can’t help falling in love with your girlfriend/s, but i’m not going to do anything to hurt either/any of you.  communicate better, then.  exactly what is it about what that guy says makes you smile and laugh and be excited and happy talking to him for hours at a time.  sit here and shut up and listen to us talk if you want to know what we talk about.  family, yo, i tell ya.  you are my siblings.  i am no more embarassed of you as a sibling than i am of my own mother, and she excludes me to a degree you couldn’t achieve if you never spoke to me again.  but thanks for friending me on fb, tho.  that means a lot to a homeless kid living in a fascist police state, locked in a padded cell.

seth, i forget how pretty you are.  what?  i think boys are pretty, if they’re pretty.  kid got moves, too.  likes good music.  makes good music.  it is an old style, but with. 3:11 pm.

free co-participator lessons.  cost: attention, open-mindedness, honesty.

listens to this, while it wishes for a complete song version of this.  she tweeted that dance video, but it’s only a teaser.  ok, teaser on loop it is. 😀

you can’t be impatient on the internet.  keywords are not a direct and/or necessarily easy way to find things, when there are an ever-expanding number of things.  they will continue to expand, so each time you look, you may find something new.  much like learning to become a lawyer, learning to exist online is a process.  let yourself be where you are, and let yourself learn at your own pace.  do not throw up your hands and reject it out of spite or laziness, but approach it as a resource, a tool that may discover an infinite and expanding response to any question you throw at it.  it can, it does, it is.

i may be ready to eat here, then perhaps tweet a bit.  it has not rained since i got here, but must have shortly before i did.  the white lincoln with fake wire wheels has water beaded up on its white hood and chrome trim.

less than a megabyte to know whether it’s the whole song.  few seconds ‘til i can tell.  nope, it’s a fake.  it only goes as far as the other one.  why would you upload that?  people on the internet put a lot of useless duplication up, on the same databases.  i don’t understand that.  are you getting ad revenue from it?  does my annoyance at not being able to find what i’m looking for benefit the people who set up straw“men” of that stuff?  i don’t know, sir.  are you really that annoyed?  no, but i am frustrated by the humans who populate databases with duplicated data than the databases which do a horrible job of making that data easy to find or searchable on (3:33 pm) nontraditional parameters.  i love how soundcloud shows me wavforms.  why don’t we put music there, then?  good question.  i put stuff on archive because it makes derivative formats automatically, and bundles a zip of mp3s.  bandcamp does that, too.  i like bandcamp a lot, too.  it reminds me of pretty girls.  yeah, her too. 😀

well, i have not yet dispelled the mythic notion that i am anything near a “nice guy” or i still wouldn’t be dead fucking last.  hey, i’m the follower-scout.  it’s an emportant roll, pulling up the rear.  choicefully occupying the zero dollar point.  i know they recognize, and if their actions were anything other than terror-based, they’d have e-mailed me by now.  whatever, if you’re reading these words, you’re allowing me to warp your mind about my universe, and that’s as much of your enslavement as i will ever ask of you.  thank you.  when you speak of self-interest, you must understand yourself to be a part of the ecosystem, the human animal, the water supply, the air supply, the worker supply, and the baby factory supply.  you’re the support network of humanity, kiddo.  act in your own self-interest already, won’t you?

this restaurant is a magnificent computer workspace.  much more intimate than the library, full of noisy distractions and smells and a never-ending supply of humans.  beautiful.  i love it here.  3:41 pm. ordering fries.  not yet.  shortly.

4:14 pm.  a guy at the corner booth was talking about creative commons licenses while i was eating.  it was relatively quiet in here, as the  lunch crowd is mostly gone, the dinner crowd hasn’t gotten here yet, and there were 5 or 6 computers.  i like this time of day.

i make up platitudes and socio-political statements for a living.  no, it keeps me sane, and keeps me out of trouble enough to occupy the space between partners.  i’m past the three year mark here.  i’m living on stems and seeds, scraping the bottom of the barrel, as it were.  i attempt to speak to humans a lot, i speak to many of them as much as they will allow for useful communication.  so, not at all, really.  like i said, i live/love on the internet.  i don’t need it at any given moment, and i would much prefer the company of actual non-toxic humans to my electronic isolation chamber.  but, people don’t want or do that (despite what they want), so i continue speaking to the wind.  4:22 pm

i remember controlling the tv, being impatient if whoever was “driving” made us watch commercials, as i could prevent that were i in control.  channel surfing like that requires picture in picture or a second display to ensure that you don’t miss the intended content, but switching to internet or shared video makes the whole process completely obsolete.  i have constant any-music/thing on youtube, a constantly growing number of lectures on any interesting topic, and the ability to filter out the abusive and offensive things that the corporate media conglomerates tend to put on their streams.  yeah, that stuff is anti-thought helplessness.  the stuff i go for is unique art, which encourages free thought, movement, and creativity.  if you want that and don’t have it, go get it.  it is right there for the learning.  if you want any guidance on any of these topics, ask.  i can show you what i know, and the sources which i think tend to be intelligently written, and from a perspective which encourages participation of humans, rather than discouraging them to keep their focus on some pre-established system.  my systems are all new.  in other words, ancient, timeless.

why don’t i have a url?  i have many url’s.  i have no need for expenses when i have no income.  what kind of a system do you think this is?  one that relies on eternal debt?  not likely.  we are kind of a contrarian to those systems.  hey, a neon.  my grandpa used to work at the factory that made those.  chrysler belvidere, IL assembly plant.  he was a veteran and airplane/train fetishist.  i have fond memories of him.

i am low on supplies.  probably less than a week.  i’d say the last batch didn’t last as long as it ought, but it always lasts as long as it does.  the cost of my medicine is grossly inflated by a monopolistic cabal which throws people like me in cages for daring to upset its enslavement paradigm.  dinner crowd’s beginning to arrive.  4:41 pm.

4:44 pm.  e-mailed the woman who asked about my computer and the purpose of the “earplugs” i was using.  listening to music is only part of their purpose, to be completely honest.  they also block out other noises, allowing me to concentrate, think brainstorm, and share space and air with people without necessarily having to share their drama or vocalizations.  i consider any verbal expression of doubt, dissuasion, or suppression to be drama.  it is the expression of internal pain, suppression of ones’ own drives, or a lack of nutrients.  we all get hungry.

i wrote her a love letter, on a napkin.  are you sure that’s a love letter and not a business card?  if i provide you a means to contact me, that means i don’t mind if you contact me.  how is that not love?  non-judgmental appreciation for each contribution.

so, that guy i talked to yesterday, i found his name, from the address.  the real world is accessible to online, and online is accessible to the real world.  i was put on this earth to create the combination of the two. got updated.  which is the same as which is the same as because it is.

anyway, it’s after 6(:40 pm on the post-edits), and i am about ready to head “home.”  padded nest?  ok

peace, love, thanks,

p.s. ok. posting from home.  6:42 pm.  lates. 😀

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