guns in the ring

sky n roses.  wait.  mashed up.

– pax’ll rose

i dunno, it just came to me.  i have this tape.  i think i finded my air guitar solo, too.  or one, anyways.  i will make a fade for the most useless of all my hobbies.  video-taping my spazzation.  i just now 3:48 pm finished dancing to 0:28 of Inxs – Guns in the sky, followed by about 2 minutes and 20 seconds of Get in The Ring- Guns N’Roses.  the camera was not recording.  it saw the whole thing, it just doesn’t remember any of it.  lol

sorry about that, ether.  you get the idea, though.  sometimes the meat knows best whether i should press record, or whether the bots comply  touché.  i was actually looking at the back of the camera, watching the screen say, in a clearly white and not red icon, “i am not recording this” yet i bounced around like a paid monkey anyway.  ahoy! lol

couldn’t you see me being a total ham-bag douchetard to this song.  i could dress like g-n-r’s asshole baby.  yuh.  all ‘vum.  roasted, fucksticks!  i hate you axl.  i would totally fucking kick your ass.  eat a dick.  oh, oh, crybaby doesn’t want to perform in front of a bunch of capitalist douchtards.  haha.  you’re not nearly as bad as i’ll be.  i mean was. am.  whatever.  i have pickthurs to tranny fur.  mwah

the laughter is vicious, yo.  i fucking love this song.  i love this album.  i gave up on sphagetti incident, but until then, you were a perfect band.  total loser assholes who fucking kicked the shit out of whatever size audience you threw at them.  you never saw them live.  i owned one edited-together live album.  i like these glasses.  evvything’s pink

4:02 pm. to do’s for potential interns, helpsers

  • read the legal stuff first.  my websiteits websiteour website.
    • keep track of your hours as soon as you think “i would like to be involved in something like this.”
    • if you disagree with the content of any area, section, or word, e-mail it to the only person with access, me.  if i think you are competent, capable, and trustworthy to convey our shared vision of this enterprise, and you agree to honestly and without condemnation inform me of suggested changes to these legal documents, we shall arrive at a consensus.  nottingham cooperative used the phrase, “it’s not necessarily what everyone likes, but it’s what everyone can live with.”  i think that my computerized consensus/proposal system will have a lot more detail to it than that, but it isn’t built yet.  all the coding geniuses still work for the enemy.  or they’re wasting their time on trivialities.  regardless, they’re not following orders or not notifying me of changes, which is itself a counter-survivalist act, for which dictator could and probably would propose a torturous death to the perpetrator.  yes, everyone blocks those immediately, the time-wasting, “keep-the-evil-people-alive” crowd, and we all stay tied to this ridiculous crapitulatism.  i’m dead fucking serious about this.  necro-serious, as it were
    • if you don’t think you would be involved, but just want to help me in hopes that i will dance for you or make physical contact with you some day, and would like to help me survive, you still need a basic understanding of these policies and new ways of interacting on open-source projects, so at least read the website once so you know where shit is.  please.  for me?  thanks, you’re the cats’s pajamas!
  • Self-Education
    • general knowledge (see also books)
    • science knowledge (see also twitter)
    • dance.  do it.  any sound, real or imaginary.  any moment, recorded or not, if you have nothing better to do, start dancing.  that is an order 😛
      • start by moving your hand in circles.  build a shape our of air-lines. build more.  erase the chalkboard.  make a snow angel on one leg.  ahahahaha i didn’t say simon sayssorry.  you get the idea?s
  • computer stuff
    • wanna learn? dictator teaches classes.  sliding scale on that time.  his current income is $0 and he/it has 100% equity in the works, words, thoughts, and ideas of LazyAssWasteoid InDowsTrees, Limitless LyeAbility Cooperative and all its limbs, meaning that he doesn’t rent an office, have a place to even store his tools and future home except under the supervision of humans which he does not trust at all.  non/anti-participants.  he could use the cash, is the point.  if you have extra, and want it to be an investment in the finished works, pay the fuck up.  do you want us to finish any of the books or movies so they can actually be retailed and make that money back or not?  you assholes are the worst investors ever.
    • photoshop/gimpwork
      • artists rendition of erv
        • study designs/photos on website, youtube, and blog
        • some richer examples here, here, heresearch erv, etc.
        • pick as many as you can integrate into it, pick a photo, and go.
        • using the existing pictures, and existing plans on technologies using examples from here, here, and here, integrate these together to form a lightweight, structurally sound rig (hobbyist term for an RV).
        • use terminology that is both mathematically relevant and historically respectful to the industry and humans which created it.  imagine utilization of as many different types of people/companies interacting to help put it together as possible, and how their contributions would line up on a timeline.
        • general framework:  detach the shell and disassemble the interior down to the structural elements, integrate functionality, veneer. capiche?
        • are you getting this?  the artists are going to have to think like engineers are going to have to fit my 6”1.5”, ~169 meatbot and a human companion ~3-7” of similar or smaller weight, 4 chickens, a dog, 2 cats, 2 rabbits, lizards, snails, roaches, ants, molds, fungusses, and a variety of seeds and permaculture equipment.  it’s going to be fully solar, fully computerized, both fluid, mechanical, pneumatic, and electric.  it will integrate a rocket-stove, renewable housing structures made of hemp, and scraps of larger projects within the general vicinity of wherever it is to be built.
        • right now all of the roles and responsibilities lie with the dicktard, because who knows why.  nobody agrees with our mission enough to actually put input into the thing.  i have a mobile office that i will park on your space if i have one single human being who wishes to help me get it up and running.
        • no, son.  the person who signs up to “video” the thing is a fully functional person when there are other things to do, and there are plenty of other people who also have eyes and hands and pretty much everyone has steered a video camera by now.  your contribution will be used or not based on its own quality, and you can’t act like you’re not an active participant in this thing while you’re not on the role that you’re receiving credit for.  if you’re receiving credit in this thing, you’re my slave.  and as my slave, you are a fully autonomous, fully functional human meatbot which i insist be fed only the highest quality, highest nutrition fuel for the barrage of legal and practical requirements which i will demand of it at any given moment.  why are we ranting in a bulleted list?  lol.  because we have no editors.  nerds, do up a tagging script that can point people to a date-sortable, specific-3d location-and-participant/time-taggable location. that’d be great.
      • Database Work
        • all the rest of this shit applies to you, too
        • lightweight (fewer lines of code), fast, configurable, command-line and speed-conscious, percentage-based, infinitely adjustable gui for any possible/potential device.  modular.  fuck duplicating keystrokes.  fuck legal ownership of data.  use the best way to do it, and tag it in the database so that the originating mind gets credit for it.  fuck the legal fictions.  these are legal facts.
        • pay particular attention to fractal patterns and recursion concepts.  imagine a virus that may be implanted by any demonstrable means, which provides complete oversight and cooperative integration of any human which uses it.  this means it will have the ability to communicate, real-time, with any people anywhere, and it can continue to look exactly like whatever systems it was using prior to humans not integrated into the whole.  it will not track any of their actions, for our space/time is valuable, and we have no interest in competing with anyone.  we use the best possible ideas, to a high degree of logical precision.  database tags for ego (promoting one’s own ideas over obvious logic and inability to mathematically prove irl situational efficiency), spite (repeated blocking of the same participants, without any notion of reason, alternative, or interconnectedness of philosophical reasoning), and violence (application of cruel names to other humans or subsets of humans, the impeding of their movement or survival, or unwanted physical contact.)  all of this terminology is subject to the same consensus process as everything else.  dictator believes in these words and has concrete reasons for them which he states publicly and regularly.  if you get in our way, we will destroy you, from the inside out.
      • modeling/printing
        • my knowledge here is conceptual only. if you have any understanding of lightweight, open source 3d modeling, including battery bank charging/discharging, capacitors, heat/water flow interactions, g-force simulations, etc, etc, etc, help me learn.  this is an integrated position for which we have not found an individual participant yet.  that probably means it’s me, huh.  sweet. 😀
  • real estate
    • every square inch counts.  obtain permission, document permission and understanding of its implications in logged, timestamped video/audio/paper, and noting witnesses present and how much of the discussion they saw.
    • approach businesses, municipalities, departments, and families with respectful, helpful terminology.  we are an engineering cooperative.  a math school.  what you say the cooperative is may only be limited by your own conception of how you fit into the whole.  we require the voluntary study of extremely advanced and historical concepts.  we specialize in the rediscovery of arcane languages and cultures once assumed, or implied lost.  we wish to return the productive capacity to the state that it was prior to the violent plunderers who worked for the anti-thought, anti-science structure known as banking.  predatory lending will not be tolerated, and every human within and under the protection of LazyAssWasteoid shall not be denied survival, human/organic respect, and honest replies to straightforward questions.

4:58 pm.  the motion capture suit will catch average keystroke rates, and dictator will be credited for his typing time for his creative legal interpretation input.  the blog scraper will tag paragraphs, words, pages, and entries in a searchable, sortable, citable format.  this shit ain’t like some presidential signing statement or a budget amendment buried in the federal register.  this shit is industrial fucking strength, clear as polished glass, and as light as a feather.  great.  go refill our water bottle.  thank you sir.  right immediately sir. 😀

ahh-guah!  *gulp, gulp*

nearby fractals of similar topics share an interaction.  if a participant continues on a “fork” of the project (i have a biogas generator on the brain, and a solar forge), say the difference between a metalic device and a printed one.  to choose to participate in one of these will swirl into that direction as more details are obtained.  other factors may arrive, through time and additional participants, or materials, or space, and those initial concepts may be carried along into the other fork.  the contributions’ “worth” beyond the labor/time/attention which created it, shall be determined by its implemented use, and the usable physics of that implemented use.  which means, if you helped a tiny, tiny bit in the construction of a device whose technology eventually increased in worth, that supplemental credit, as a percentage of the whole, will be included in your valuation.  each of us has a personal valuation of the equity of the cooperative at any given moment.  they know how many people are in it, thinking about or working on it at any given time, and communication about various projects shall not be restricted like the capitalist systems of old.  every human shall be provided access to a voice/text participation device, and may interact on as many projects, tribes, families, or art projects as they see fit or are personally capable.  people are no longer allowed to use their financial resources or elevated positions of voice to subject other humans to their short-sighted ideas, abuse, or discouragement.  if you don’t want to help on the project, stay out of the way.  thanks for your time

dictator, you’re a machine.  i know.  made of meat and water.  no, like a workaholic.  did you tell them about the time a goal of yours was to have james brown say that he felt lazy watching you work.  that would be fun.  sho-biz-niss

no, these are still the delusional ramblings of a weird homeless pervert.  yeah, it does not chain itself to other humans and terrible ideas like y’all do.  it allows all humans to be the infinite and beautiful contributors that they can be, and it provides credit to those who we have all agreed, through our language, that are “where credit is due.”

5:19 pm.  postage?  photoshop some squares, then yup.  please stop calling yourself a dick, or dictator even.  *runs fingers through your hair. nods*  thanks

6:12 pm, finished draft-edit.  linkification.  tweeter bits?  yes, methinks 😀

peace, love, kindness, helpful inclusion and gentle gestures,


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-05-3 (Thursday).

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