art/bike/music cooperative

i ordered them that way because the utmost critical priority is getting the system fixed, which amounts more to a “presidential campaign” than a permaculture cooperative or bike cooperative.  permaculture includes housing, jobs, yeah.  if you’re gonna build a new economy, why not build a new economy.  look, i know none of you are used to doing anything useful, with a few notable exceptions.  that’s ok.  this is not that much different than a lot of the tasks you already know.  the primary difference is in your frame of mind.  or, its un-framing, as it were.

i maintain the right to call you whatever you may be at any given moment.  and i require of you that if i cause you what seems like unnecessary harm, that you notify me.  communication is a two-way enterprise.  i am working on a bigger picture here.  cut me some slack.  ware.  stack, shared, we’re already on the bottom, mother, no sense pretending we ain’t, there.  embrace your fellow pond scum.  it’s a healthy ecosystem.

i don’t exactly know where the sibs database fits into this, but it’s a critical element.  yes, it’s like adultfriendsterbookfinderplaydates, but on a really healthy raw vegan diet.  you cranky fucktards have no idea what health and gentleness are, and if you keep spouting that violent anti-progress, i’mma crack yo skull fo real.  cracks do a number of things.  one, they find weak points.  which structures have not been exercised in a while.  exorcized.  then, things start to happen in the places where the cracks happen.  if they are repaired, in actual reality, de-facto law, they will be stronger than the pre-break point, no?  are we not organisms.  trees heal, buildings heal, given intent and material.  if you think the pathetic little stack of too-bah-fauurrs an sheet rock isn’t a marvel of engineering and highly advanced forms of customized maths, you’re growing at it awl gong.  owl tong.  powell gone.  outgrew the corporate dark valley, which funnelled and piled and recirculated wealth back into the cancer.  stop acting like a cancer, then.  i’m talking at you, bankers.  like i said, priority Ⓐ number one.

but yeah, lots of people would rather not worry about the evil math-based liars which enslave all of us, wouldn’t we all, well in that case, you already have to have been able to steal from a bunch of people, or put yourself in massive debt, and in an “economy” (that word is a big fucking lie, by the way.  the flow of federal reserve notes is the counter to an economy.  that is the first thing you must accept.  all else depends on that realization.  the reason you have to get there is so that you can see past it.  you can still participate in the cashy system as long as it’s around, but then again, once you see how awful and insidious and evil it is, why would you ever want to perpetuate that given the relatively simple, honest, and straightforward alternative that was right in front of your face?  i’m just saying.

i sincerely hope i get to snuggle with yolandi visser some day.  that would be fun. 2:43 pm.  fatty boom boom *mwah!*

i have been auditing people.  i am a spy for the humanitarians of the universe.  sentience protectors of the universe.  sum of the things.  you have been found guilty of repeated violation of decency law, and i must ask you to cease talking in the presence of the dictator, the dementor, the deliciator.  what‽ ever.  hey, if you wanna read over my shoulder, set up your telescope from the law office or pharmacy like the rest of the masons.  ill u, minat-ee, i was thinking about the consumption of human trafficking, and i have heard (hearsay) that according to internet service providers, it’s those who identify as “conservatives,” primarily.  i don’t write these statistics, i just repeat them.  everybody’s gotta let off steam, but holding another human captive to do so is cruel and unusual punishment.  there are constitutional and international rights provisions to the contrary.  the “desire” to participate in these acts is in a relative sense.  under a way of acting that respected all people, you might still have people that decide to do that.  well, wahtever.  that’s what sibs is for, right?

fuck, man.  you and gillis. girl talk. is that his name?  is he a he?  i think so.  well, you really focus on the violent, sexist phrases, and i think that sucks.  i know, everyone thinks i suck when i say that kinda shit, too.  why can we not make music intended for universal consumption?  yeah, like your grandkids?  and your now kids, and me.  yeah, i have to really like the beats to be able to tolerate that vicious language.  it shuts people down.  it stops progress, because it knocks people out of their usefulness.  i know that people have to be knocked out of their usefulness, but what about the ones who have.  what do they listen to when they’re in a state of positive growth?  oh is that like your schtick?  it has to be in every track?  well, then i’m done with you.  thanks for your help/contribution.

god, you’re a dick.  what?  oh, calm down.  i’m preparing you for the mixing of the g-rated movie.  we have our own internal ratings system, which is completely ripped off from that fascist industry organization.  it works for what we need it to do.  open source, tagging-enhanced.  pretty much, you can see every movie on planet earth of a particular genre, mash similar themes, mentions, or people.  yeah, that’s a few months of actual teamwork away, but don’t get us started on that word.  corrected from whord.  manually.  manually is automatic if you practice.  for me to intentionally spell stuff incorrectly is difficult.  i don’t like how it looks.  lol.  i’m such an astheticist.  an aesthete?  aesthetics.  of sound, motion, and usefulness.  honey baybee, you hover over my life like an angel.  i hope you hear and feel the love that i have for you.  thanks.

3:03 pm.  cd’s done ripping.  brb.

here’s the wrong way to do it, kids, the way i was taught.  say something pretty mean and laugh loudly, at someone else, in a public space.  the target of your laughter will receive support and accolades from the surrounding environment, and you will be left alone to wallow in your self-pity.  i severely disliked canvassing for capitalists.  i couldn’t read those horrible scripts, and they disallowed any customization or individualization.  we are automaton party, follow orders we do pay us help make orders not like bad guys bad guys bad we not them and so on and so forth.  i realize now that the whole endeavor was torture and evidence collection for the man.  i apologize for my participation in it, but i learned a ton about apps and work crews and management styles.  offices, you know.  mad town, s.p., some town in north dakota.  i was so less than useless those few times i wasn’t doing actual rather relentless work the rest of the time.  i can’t help it that i was me.  still, i remember that i owe you one.

math coop.  the listing of angels told me about the math/teach/growth cooperative.  we draw maths.  create maths everywhere.  you don’t have to get the plants to produce different fruits or tubers than they already create, you just plant them in the same place at the same time, and harvest them when that is appropriate.  any equation that tells you that rows and heavy equipment is more “efficient” than richly diverse, human and animal harvested, is not only lying, it’s lying through a manipulation of statistics and valuations.  it completely devalues a variety of goods, and puts entirely too much weight on an unaccounted-for, finite resource.  yes, that matters.  yes, you are still at the forefront of my thoughts.  i am multiple personalities.  and they all talk to themselves, and i love them dearly and their magnificence in finding and pointing out those things which “irk” me.  lazer-healers, those kids.

healing coop.  we build the infrastructure for ongoing reiki schooling and sound blessing space.  a networked book library, with regular walking routes among sacred sites in the vicinty, to freshen both routes and destinations.  we build the circuits as we build the circuits.  very good, thank you.  we get together, decide on instruments, and write music together, that we are capable of performing and comfortably executing in front of witnesses, large and small.  we shall repeat the healthiest possible sounds, for the duration of the healing performance, which teach complex understandings which may be grasped by all.

how does a child of nature learn?  stillness.  be quiet, please.  sit perfectly still, and be completely silent.  this is your role, and it is as essential as the pneumatic lead-lifters.  be.  be present, gentle, and accepting of the peaceful energy given off by humans who wish to accomplish the most important tasks that we can accomplish, the clean and healthful feeding of good humans.  one of the first thing a healer learns is that there is no health that is mixed with disease.  health is the absence of disease.  cooperative ease is entirely possible, and within the time of a blink.  om

are you getting this state of material reality thing?  ok, i shall unpack it.  these floaty robots, which can go any which way, they are like the carriers of light.  they are a good analogy for solid matter.  so each of those robots has lights on it, and sensors, which actually absorb light, if they must.  there is so much space, in every atom, that a cloud of these little nano-planes could simulate actual reality.  if each of these little buggers was a proton or neutron of an atom (practice this), they would be space relatively far apart, relative to their size, that is.  from each of these an absorption or emission of photons.  reflection, refraction, vibration, photon, whatever.  the thing is, these things don’t move.  no, they sit in the same place.  they can turn on or off at the speed of light, if not faster, acting autonomously.  why wouldn’t they?  they can anticipate and work with their neighbors.  but they themselves do not move.  it’s like viewing video on a tv or computer screen, or a projected picture.  each pixel of that screen, viewed independently, does not move, does it?  it merely changes color, or material characteristics.  but within each of those pixels (*zooms in like the matrix*), is the intent of the entire process of creation.  the media sits, not out of patience, out of essential beingness, and the means of reflection changes.  once we decide to construct the proven techniques of motion, we will essentially be able to hook up tank-tread like activators which can push, pull, or turn, not on a dime, on a planck.  on a universe.  i am a wormhole.  fear no more.  3:38 pm.

the reason it must, yes must, be a cooperative, is that we need company.  we need witnesses.  the capitalist uselessness doesn’t have healthy defined relationships between as many human beings with whom i would necessarily require to do that which i want to do with my life.  i am a mad scientist, to be sure, but not an angry one.  there is a deeper meaning in what i have yelled, methinks.  how do i get to that point of immediacy where my words flow as gracefully as the yells, yet they are infused with love and awareness of a variety of healthful parties and silent communicators.  yes, we don’t allow talking in the dictator’s sanctum.  it is an etheric meeting room.  some of you know it as twitter, but it is really wherever dictator wants to be.  sky writing. what is that song that goes “SKAIYYY, PIE-RATES” or violets, or something.  i don’t know the lyric or the artist.  this is why i use databases.  uff da. (it’s pilot, btw. thanks, lists.)

we could improve this audio, and with this dude’s help, create an actual reiki school curricultum/practice-space/network, a university, which increases the functional work/thought/growthspace of the cooperative.  om

one day, we had the laugh recording session.  no talking was allowed in the space (which happened to be at the library that day), and a high quality recording device was set up.  if one were happy, one moved towards the recording device.  some people used personal movie devices which piped things that they found funny into their ears, and others drew or witnessed funny art.  still others made funny faces at each other and contorted their bodies into goofy patters, again creating laughter.  the first session, we had five minutes of quality, healthy, blissful nature.  it expanded organically.  via the golden ratio, phi ([{Φ}]).  by the fifth session, we had forty minutes of blissful noise.

we are good to go, cap’n.  7 minutes left in this meditation cd from mom.  if this is his first take, this is a good take.  it still sounds like he’s reading a script.  they like that, these capitalists.  i know, that’s exactly why we have to show them something deeper and more useful and more meaningful.  yes, i know exactly how.  it’s not complex at all.  it is merely a matter of expanding your idea of points and pixels.  pixies?  why not?

4:50 pm.  posts bliss, present and future, bliss.



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