you’re seriously going to flaunt the fact that you are further entrenching the banking oligarchy/shitstorm/warmongers by taking out a new loan, and it’s housing how many people?  do you taunt my sensibilities with your inefficiency?  you mock our pain.  you are no better than torturers, storm troopers, and rapists.  for it is your economic distribution which forces all the untowardly acts.  sinners

2:16 pm.  paid $0.89 for a jelly bismarck with my early afternoon coffee.  i have little food left, and i neither made bread, nor had sufficient beans to soak, nor stopped at the food store.  what, it all goes to the bank.  a portion of every dollar spent, damn near everywhere, goes back to the bank.  you fucktards should all have to do one of those exploded dollar things explaining how much of each dollar spent there went to locally employed people, and how much went to local farmers or local tradespeople.  then further exploded dollars of where their money went.  any place i will endorse will not put very much towards industrial food, chemicals, or industrial products, without thorough audits, technological, environmental, participatory, and linguistically.  you will not be allowed language, policies, or procedures which violate others’ human rights.  the basic standard claimed and assumed by the most brutally violent, self-destructive liar, the United States of America, shall be created, for the first time ever, by its people.  also, for the first time ever, we of the “new, modern knowledge” will join together with the people who are much closer to the ancient knowledge, and in cooperation with them, we will design and construct a symbiotic organism that will join together plant animal mineral from universal mass to planck’s constant.  that’s the largest to the smallest.  beginning to end, seed to fruit.  they’re getting it.  you’re essentially useless at this point.  i know.  i try to stay out of the way.

my dreams have always been of flight.  ervshell ought be light enough that a moderate set of balloons or roto-drones ought to take her anywhere.  floats.  did you tell them about the flashmob capabilities?  yes, we’re excellent sharers.  what, the multiple exterior work/charge/toilet stations?  we have a use for your urine, we have blessed, charged drinking water, and solar-heated water collected in collapsible sinks.  how much weight/throughput we can process depends on levels of support, both in terms of cash committed/invested/donated and land use allowed ongoing.  where can i stash a pile of organic compost?  the farmer networks are critical.  i break their feelings.  they learn, but not from me.  i suspect most people go through life trying to find a source of information that verifies what i say so that they don’t have to say or think that they learned it from me.  admitting me as a source of thought, ideas, or inspiration is like confessing to genocide.  it has only ever been secured under duress.

you realize that the homeless people are almost necessarily the smartest, don’t you?  the jobless educated.  especially those who find a deeper connection to what they do.  watch out.  true believers in themselves, to the dismay of every other established system.  it’s pretty fucking hilarious that they almost simultaneously, and universally, come to the realization that every single one of the systems in place on this planet do the opposite of what the sheeple think that they do.  sadly, hilarious.  take, schools for example.  we are told that these are places where you go to learn stuff.  who there actually knows anything?  never mind of the natural world, but most of these people have spent their institutional lives in schools.  hey, takes one to know one.  i’m not going to pay you to let me surf the internet and write about the shit you think is important, because you support the mathematical oppression of people, and the physical violence which supports that.  and the philosophical suppression which is required to allow that.  pretty much, you’re the devil, but that’s ok.  we can use this infrastructure for actual learning.  yes, the schedule goes bye bye, the restrictions on who gets to learn goes bye bye.  the singular-minded fascist at the front of the room goes bye-bye.  the industry-written lie-manuals which suppress and distort actual mathematical and scientific truths shall be seen for all that they are and form the beginnings from which the open source knowledge shall proceed.  knowledge is truth is a living, breathing organism.  re-activate your meat

so what matters most is that the accounting is public.  not, like fucking american “democracy” public, where you have to submit legal documents and the insured bureaucrats can decide whether or when to comply with their own laws, or like media/finance/campaign disclosure laws, where “publicly available” can be distorted beyond logical recognition to locked in a cabinet, guarded behind locked doors.  how are secretaries not guards?  they’re armed with communication devices and daily logs.  what do you think security is?  knowing who is doing what and when and that one person who has a psychotic addiction to one massive consumption doesn’t fucking drink the seed bank on a weekend bender.  oh, right, except for i could live (as in, fund my entire existence, including global political campaign) on the weekly alcohol expenditures of most cops, bankers, lawyers, and fuck all y’all.  i love booze too.  no, I LOVE IT.  guess what it is, though.  poison.  fuel, which overwhelms certain aspects of your natural self.  it types as it sends caffeine and half-n-half to compete with the tetrahydrocannabinol and high fructose corn syrup coursing joyously through its mains/brain/veins.  ain’s?  fuckin’ a right die antwoord is the shit.  i would rather dance naked on their tour than try to teach you disrespectfully schooled bullies any more than i know.  huh?  prezactly.  can’t you just call a hackerspace and ask them if you can work there?  without references?  without a single friend on the planet?  stop *rolls eyes*  what are we doing here?  i thought we were helping the mother.  the mother doesn’t want our help.  we’re trying to move ahead.  it’s not done.  finish it then

if you were hiring, i don’t care what job.  would you hire someone single?  oh, right, as if people don’t make those decisions based on that constitutionally protected personal information.  it’s assumed.  no kids, multiple layers of respected education.  varied participation across industry sectors.  no fucking way.  any hiring manager would be terrified of me on the basis of my fucking resume alone.  add to that my unabashed demand for human decency, and i’m chewing out managers two levels above me, without flinching.  you can’t have that in a hierarchical organization.  drunks are in charge.  i was a moderate at my worst, and now i’m a tee-totaler.  two beers a day would be near optimal, but i’d rather have human company.  ANY KIND OF HUMAN COMPANY.  well, it has to be non-abusive.  but no, you all watch tv.  you all listen to your fucking anti-thought programming from abusive rapist’s dream curriculum, and act like the useless ball-chasing with corporate sponsorship is something heroic.  your acts, beliefs, and preferences disgust me.  you are a perfect starchild, and i demand that you release the demon as i simultaneously demand of the demon that it release you. ISMS, let people go.

get it?  in capitol letters?  capital letters?  one is sent, one is tall, i don’t fucking know which ‘cuz i’m tourreturillay dis lex ick.  i dunno kid.  sis.  buddeh.  i’m not in the habit of communicating with people, because i have been living in the next evolutionary phase of intrapersonal human respect and understanding, a place where scientific creativity is recognized as the true spirit of the game.  cynicism is for nihilists.  fuck your doubts, that ain’t science.  you can’t put a bureaucratic weight on the operation of the most important systems in existence in expectation of breaking the very will of the entire people without some backlash.  don’t flirt with me from far away.  it hurts.  it reminds me that i am human, and in this cell i’ve created, the guards won’t allow that.  my beard shields me from multiple throat-slashings daily.  i’d be much more concerned with making dictator happy.  your own.  i’m serious.  if you gag him and throw him in the closet, all he does is plan patiently, build up his own mental armor/ammo/munitions, and clone itself.  well hello there little cutie.  how do you feel?  I’S DA QUEEEENN OF DA WIIIIRRRLLD! and how, li’l missy.  how shall we conquer your territory today?  WE PUT A ROCK FIREPLACE INNA SIDE OF THAT HILL!  good call, your highness.  did i not tell you guys that having a two-year-old as a boss would be better?  MEAT-CRANE, I REQUIRE A BIRD’S EYE VIEW!  absolutely, your majesty.  is that seriously how your daughter always asks you to be put up on your shoulders?  no, sometimes she calls me shorty and tells me to make her as high as a weather balloon.  she wove her magic wand, perfectly bisecting our simultaneous moving gazes, and said, “enough chatter, lanky ones.  bird pals are speaking.” and he quietly leaned towards, and she beckoned him nearer.  he whispered, “your majesty’s vocabulary is astounding.” and she gently blessed his face with an angelic smile as she anointed his crown chakra with a gentle strike of the joyous gong matched perfectly to her dimensions, both earthly and heavenly.

i hadn’t met any of my daughters before that.  i hadn’t know even that i’d have kids.  i met my niece before she was born.  it’s not the first time i’ve teared up in a library.  i must be sensing love.  massive quantities.  bring it on.  every ounce helps.  3:17 pm

channelling futurescapes with the motherless young and i go and invent a kiddie wand-gong.  it is a pointer, reacher, and amplifier for a small person.  i invented it for my daughter, and it was tuned to emit the tone she chose at her light touch.  no other human has yet make it speak.  i am surrounded by angels.  i have been for years.

i have multiple remixes in my head.  if i had a studio and a team, we could execute these, as videos, daily.  any cash that comes into the operation goes towards property and healthy food-growing infrastructure, and is allocated by hourly input.  we are one, and we value one another’s input as complete and whole humans.  it’s the only way to get people to do their best work.  the quality of work is inversely proportional to the suppression of worker input.  it’s not that poor people are lazy, it’s that people who are constantly battered and told lies and made to do all sorts of illogical things upon penalty of death, whether immediate or eventual, are not capable of maintaining a happy outlook.  we all know how math works, especially when you’re talking about multi-variable time-stretched calculations.  if weekly paychecks do not total monthly income which covers mortgage, or rent, or phone, or internet, or gas, or cable, or magazine subscriptions, or shoe addiction, or winter coat addiction, or fashion-facist children’s standards applied to all aspects of one’s material life, what fairness is there in the world?  for this to be the land of opportunity, the landowners must consider their land, and the opportunities presented by labor.  because the horribly abusive violent disrespect that is the current valuation/social/familial/business/banking paradigm espouses have seeped into every diseased cell of your competitive experience.  you are a slave of a cancer which has been cured by the underground in a dozen distinct ways.

we are dooping around to sunshine.  3:31 pm.

i can’t even post a dance of a mash of a corporate artist without getting a violation warning.  no, artists have to want for their art to be danced to and shared with/by any and everyone.  my staff is non-existent.  well, when they give me a chance, i will have one.  isn’t that how democracy works?  oh, you’re waiting until i’m approved by the money masters upon who’s systematic destruction my entire campaign/business/idea is based?  based as a b. uh bee.  “ugh” – Lil B (he didn’t really say that, i’m illustrating a point, or biting his style, or whatever.  it’s a hip hop thing, you should ahh understand)

3:39 pm.  tweedily doo

thanks, love,


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-04-27 (Friday).

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