that is how all of you treat me.  as if i was not there.  as if i have never mattered and never could.  your response to me is the most disrespectful thing that could ever be.

now if that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black, that’s a racist insulting projector.  eliminate its use.  most of your phrases are that.  i can unpack it if you like.  you have to not burst into insulted tears with each and every layer of detoxification.  let my little sister go, you big bully.

clinginess is created for mother/fatherly protection.  being the more powerful, it punishes physical detachment, but refuses any other type of communication.

your whole physics of reality is wrong, is the problem.  you cling to the poison streams, because of the few moments of polished abused humans repeating slightly less insulting lines.  that is not quality entertainment.  that is punishment, plain and simple.  stop hitting yourselves.  fer fukkity

i think the whole concept of money is an illustration of your severe short-sightedness and cultish adherence to numerous proven-false ideas.  do you not see how a single payer government would eliminate the entire financial services industry?  yup, no gaming your neighbor any more.  the system will no longer allow it, or there would be no conceivable benefit in it.  not only that, you would attach awful tags to your open source records, and your family and friends (few as they may be) will be able to add to it.  you can’t go around disrespecting people like that and not have other people take notice.

look, enslavers and slaves.  i’m not talking to you if you’re going to act like that.  i disagree with the basis of your worldview, and you may not force it opon me.  i offer my ideas and learnings as completely and immediately as i get them, and i put them in public where people can view them whenever they like.  i can respond to you immediately, in person, about anything.  if you initiate war with me, i will shut down.  you are victims, indeed, in actual reality.  i am not the perpetrator of the systems which abuse you, however.  i only show how they do what they do, and what i think we could do as a healthy response.

look, little miss, “i have a condition.”  if you don’t knock off the condescending mocking of my personal balancing regimen, i will unbalance your reality to a far greater degree than you are comfortable with.  i have reflecting capabilities, and you have rather extreme demons which need to be exorcised.  i can cure you of your screaming disease, but it will hurt.  knock it the fuck off you vicious cunt.  see, she stopped, and became childlike.  how was that not the right answer?  hey, fuck your ability to part people with their money and self-belief.  i am the next logical vibration.  step up your conscious.

i self-medicate because the terror-bots won’t lower their shielding in my presence.  they’re like, “you’re acting like a starving desperate, exasperated person.” and i’m like, you have no idea of which you speak.  you lash out at your own reflection and gorge on violence-filled poisons with your enabling co-cultists.  you would do well to shut your fucking pie-hole and listen for a few years.

3:24 pm.  fuck, is this your intervention?  maybe.  first draft.  it’ll get better.  we’re all familiar with the same concepts.  what if i were to respond with the word, “wrong.”  not yelled, not that you somehow embody wrongness, but that the last thing you said was wrong.  it was factually incorrect, contained misconstrued statements or a level of disrespect which signalled helplessness, which is also, inherently, wrong.

again, if you want i should stick around and unpack each and every wrong, i will.  i will not endure your vicious dismissive yelling, however.  let’s just let that echo around the room for a few minutes.

i’m in public asking for help.  every single day.  multiple times a day.  i have simple solutions to your biggest problems.

don’t tell me to settle down.  all you ever talk about is uselessness.  you are materialst wasters of the capitalist order, and by your actions, i trust you only to suppress life.  except in highly constructed, narrow conceptions that occupy the fringes of your world.  the space is not the fringe.  the space is the majority.  you keep it useless, and it is dying as a result.

oh, ok.  the fact that you sit around and drink makes you not a drunk how?  who practices daily escapism?  i study in public.  you hide behind corporate hatestreams.  i give you far more respect than you deserve, you fascist retard.

because fascism is the forced, awkward slowing of thought to a mind-numbing pace.  quit doing that, and the words for your now will lighten up correspondingly.

mucho amor,

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-04-26 (Thursday).

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