a long string of non-judgmental terms for training purposes

when one forces oneself into a mode of communication, escaping is necessarily not contemplated.  when one opens ones conception to include new (to you) ideas, the blissful possibilities for the universe open like a blooming flower.

lady, you got this.  learny people don’t hurt nobody.  one loud person asking questions in public can train the lot of them.  there are no reasons to get upset, and being upset basically stops everything until that hurt can be healed.  i know, we’re full of ‘em, but all the more reason to get to them, honestly, one at a time.

i know what kind of assistant the label will give you.  fuck that.  i’m applying to be your personal assistant.  i will assist only with tasks that are your highest purpose.  only you know what that is, or how i will be of assistance at any given moment.  or perhaps you won’t know immediately, but you will.  if you ignore me entirely, i will leave peacefully.

3:38 pm.  blissing on a bunch of far away people.  i don’t have friends.  i have loves.  true.  loves.  for honestley, i don’t think old tidals apply. tildes?  tie tull.  jethro, no.  rolling tides.  what?  no titles.  labels?  wordy pigeon-holed-uppins?  foxes?  you’re possible.

fff junglist is on heavy rotation.  so is ok go’s greatest song i evah hurrd.  i am on a loop of bliss and soul-crushing lonely moshables.  y wooden shebee.

i tweet as waves because my lazer glances miss the point.  burn a hole in my face, why don’t ya.  is that a magnifying glass?  i am not your aunt.  exoskeletons are clothes.  why must you force your petty-minded verbal limitations on me?  this would be a perfect day to work on erv.  sound would be muffled because of the rain.  we didn’t wake up early enough for the rain.  it always feels like night in there.  airflow is a priority.  solar warmed air divertable to the water supply, or to heat whatever we want to warm.  we have a heatsink that gets insulated when the sun goes down. we sleep on that.  and of course the puppy drum, that doubles as a snuggle bunny.  so, you know, beasties


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-04-25 (Wednesday).

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