walk twerk

jor dann. i love you kids.  my inability to remember your name is what instantly subjugates me to you.  choose your werdpuns wizelie.

holy god, what a great furkcing day today has beenly thus.  first, i stombple uppon crazy fun dubsteps, tranny framers an robo froggies.  friggin’ movie scripts.  the “predator species” in peaceful state, out of armor, of course it’s a porno.  fuck, what do you take me for, a warmonger? not likely.  peaceful, desired, co-operation/functional fucking sex.  the kids will write all the scripts and legal documents.  how will their genius not be hilarified?  who doesn’t get the intent, yurr han hurr? that ß vidz got me agiggle. hehehe

bunno, srsly, we didda vid. dootup, eneh?  aye.3:46 pm. yep.  i dunno, cuzza thissa howai feels wennai getta walkunder and big ol bucket ladders yay!

yesterdaze, thare wuz soma knee fingsai wuznavver toald.  i don’t think all of what got stuck uppinaire is all good.  i right itsall good, for yupshure, but re-cutt’nem sans competey-warz n eye/ear meanies.  fer absolue yups. ahm en. 4:05 pm.

cycle whack sun, agile yun poll-yards. ewe feel may?  collard.

all-sew, funka taggy fun.  that’s a replacey.  #rswf which means replace shit with fuck.  liek sew:  #rswf PULL THIS SHITTING CAR OVER OR I’MMA GONNA FUCK IN MY SHITTING PANTS! or maybe #rswf holy fuck i gotta take a shitting fuck or you mite wanna trai #rswf dictator says never shitting tell other people how to shitting fuck. besides, sometimes twitter is useless meanies being uncreative jerks.  when you be a creative additioner.  participadder. adder. wrest. le pow rrr. that is yours.  aRrrz.  aye, fawking love you guise.  truesty knowhow. an eeway. *the shrug*

those movie ones are telling.  yes, much like the music that entertains a particular soul, their choice in movies can create rapport, too.  i enjoyed the thoughtspace created by this artistic work as well, and i thank you for sharing your expertise and revealing one of the leeverrs pulled behind theat leaded curtain, o’great an powderful oz. puff.  fooze balls.  liek walter melums.  grape fruits.  um shure if aigetta peelit.  yummy

whoa.  sho stoppa

ΦωΦ  it is 6:24 pm, and i am quite hungry.  i will have to read and edit these later.  i enjoy my work.  it gives me something to do later.  love u, that is an order.

another part of my walk to work today, that transformer airplane firetruck thing, the prime before optimus. sentinel prime.  i was that, again today, but each time i passed a tree, it reformed to the shape of the tree and installed organic, grown-into-the-tree stairs and soil reservoirs all the way up the tree.  a large tree could produce a lot of food, and you could have meetings up in its branches.  no equipment necessary, if you’re agile and capable.  foot-sized bump-outs, hand grips where branches don’t already provide that.  of course, the actual production of these structures would probably take a long time to grow along with the tree.  perfect school project.  whatever, perfect anybody project.  i build hi-tech fully organic, publicly accessible, zero-additional-land-use food production.  sure, the jobs are in the database, which is accessible from the app/web.

the hanging gardens of rising moon massage and reiki.  another branch/limb/green-solar-panel of skyscaper permaculture.  a cooperatively owned and managed super-organic housing/food/tool/art/technology think tank, co-op.  it’s a cooperative operation, is what it is.  i cooperate with myself so far, and the infrastructure is all etheric, but it is an idea. that much is sure.  8:58 pm.  *checks watch to see that it is still Monday*

i’d recommend a bike cooperative in your garage, so the neighbor kids could help as you all learn, about tools and parts and building custom stuff. if i had property, i would have that there.

so yeah, i can eHelp. i’m more looking for a shed/barn with a 10-foot garage door, plasma cutter, welder, and enough room to set up my own rv-customizing shop. project of one. woodgas, electric solar, permaculture, sous vide. designs are progressing nicely. anyway, i ultimately want to integrate y’all into my route, and tribe. i don’t know where i will land next, but if you’d like to help, i would accept that.  if you would like to belittle me and treat me like an employee, no thanks.  i already have a mother/father/sister. 10:37 pm

i was just now (3:05 am) thinking about my concert flailing.  impressed to the point of non-impression, or so completely unimpressed that the implosion was itself rather impressive.  one cannot blame another for not having been presented a bit of knowledge, but the unamplified originals, grasping at/for threads, until caught.  i know, honey.  i see you.  i have been integrating you gradually this entire time.  not having money isn’t a mental illness.  not wanting to use money isn’t a mental illness, either.  it may be more of an indicator of health, depending on your perspective.

i watched a few more videos by that homeless physicist (he lived in a van, to devote himself to study).  he’s kinda rambly.  he’s giving me ideas.  he reminds me of my brother-in-law, who e-mailed me earlier.  bikes.  oh, yeah the broadcast response was initiated from that. contact.  do we channel beings?  could i channel another’s body part? the hand of michael jackson or the toe of lindsay lohan?  being what we’re all made of black holes, i don’t see why not.

  • i went back to iron.  habit.
  • ⺌半埀宺寜 尐 少 巢巺巳巵常幧搒撚撥朿栄欬櫻檢
  • 4:06 am.  am shutting down for sleeps.  namaste

3:39 on the 24th.  92% rendered on this morning’s dancy public profession of love.  and another library hello.  holy god that’s beautiful.  also contains me.  use at your own peril.

i want to kill the statement, “nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission” for once and for all.  anyone who repeats this phrase is making someone feel [the word] inferior [by using it!].  also, this reinforces the way the world’s dysfunctional non-working state.  this is the fascist system which forces all of us into war rather than constructive participatory growth.  seriously, grow up.  rephrased: i dislike the phrase because it uses the word inferiority.  it starts with an absolute of non-existence, which is a ridiculous lie.  then it forces itself on us.  yes, it’s a rapey statement.  i don’t care if a “female” representative of the warring enforcers said it.  it’s still a fucking cruel thing to say, so knock it the fuck off.

“oh, runnin’ away eh?  you yella! i’ll bite your legs off!” ~the “always triumphant” black knight

he’s like the inspiration for my whole shit.  what?  the black knight?  yup.  the strong-man-retard who gets his fucking limbs cut off and turns to a life of comedy.  hey, there are worse things you could do.  i want to go around the country talking to the most oppressed and media-villified people that exist.  severely poisoned and abused human beings.  they have knowledge which must be uploaded to the whole.  this is what will happen to a person if this environment is put on them.  we are all connected.

i am making a gif avi of a rotating toroid.  it’s beyond my expertise.  hey expertise, prepare to expand.

oh, hey fun. panic attack.  nobody cares about me, at all.  if they did, they would “support” me in any number of ways.  instead, they turn away as if i am a shameful disease.  i say, you are the disease, bank cultists, materialist fascist-slaves.  your acts are the shameful.  my presence is for your healing.  all i do is everything i don’t have a clue how to “actually” do.  you are violence-endorsing consumers of poison.

i’m listening to french black metal, and it’s making me want to burn the entire world.  not just the gas in my car, the trees that taunt me with their green solar panels and self-repairing water distribution and pumping infrastructure.  this is human forced to subsist in complete absence of human nourishment.  there is no health in this state, in this nation, because you bow before those who refuse it.  yes, berzerker rager.  you’re a fascist hater, and i love you with all my heart.  4:59 pm

just ran into mom coming out of the restroom as i was going in.  5:39 pm.  she waited by the newspapers and told me about going to a small dance tonight.  she’s a part of a dance group, and one of her members lives in the veterans’ home in king.  i wished her well.  at one point she motioned as if she wanted a hug.  i bristled.  you don’t share food with me, lady.  you never listen to anything i say and i am pretty sure you sell me out to your cult at every opportunity you get.  may you receive years of joyous entertainment at my expense.

do you know what “minnesota nice” is?  it’s fake.  it’s thinly veiled disgust.  if you were actually nice, you would be doing something to help the poor.  i know “religion” claims to do that, and plenty of you retarded bank cultists contribute to “non-profit” organizations, but these do no such thing.  these, in fact, reinforce the bank-slave paradigm.  the disrespect inherent in their communications is evidence of their foul motives.  greed and self-interested self-preservation.  complete and necessary ignorance of how they as an individual interact with any part of the system which does not use cash dollars, the only unnaturally finite substance.  a birds chirps outside my window.

i know nobody cares, and i know nobody can do anything about it, because you’re all atrophied idiots who have had violent berzerker raging retardation crammed down your throats and into your un-blinkable eyes for most of your life.  yes, most.  tv, radio, school, work, and shopping.  god help us

i got the animation gif to work.  i guess we could start uploading, huh.  yes


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-04-24 (Tuesday).

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