ok, if u have multiple accounts, please send me them all so i can block them in favor of some honest humans.  fuck you ill gains from a fascist job, you conditional love from a competitive, jealous relationship.

i’m having things on the mind.  of violence and supp/oppression.  in word and deed.  is it ironic?  are you calling out those strangers?  is this your little hater/slave army?  you are aspects of your enslavement, speedy.  i’m sure i have many who claim one thing and do another.  such is the force of habit within these societies.  justly quit telling me what i am and am not or making statements about how categories of people act.  they do not, and your presumptuous/presumptive assertion is brutally mean to sensitive people everywhere.  i understand that the pain did not originate in you.  call out its causes, rather than lashing out at the commons, or your e-family.  e-tribe.  e-contemporaries.  eel ovvs

3:53 pm. do u think it’s useful to tell “love” so often.  only as often as felt.  hate is fear of learning or adopting new perspective.  i thrive on that.  the more the merrier.  my perceived ability to care for/house other humans is dependent on the current political police force and the valuation chosen by today’s people.  this one has not adopted me yet.  it accepts my minimal standards, and its first line of defense against sensitive humans eliminates the pathetic shell i once was, with a sneer.  a pause.  a repetition of legalese.  thanks a ton, cog.  i wouldn’t take ownership in that role either, except by doing it u do.  like i’ve said before, every human participant in institutional/bureaucratic fascism is a fascist.  both “parties” or superimposed, illogical, and ever-shifting collections of “policy issues” which are verbal attempts to reconfigure basic valuations of time and matter, of which the only “changes” or reforms allowed [into the discussion] tend to entrench power and lie about what actually happens.  plus, the concepts being reformed are such ridiculous perspectives from which to view us anyway, they could all stand reassessment.  let us participate in actual nutritional health first so that the ways that we distribute/allocate/communicate/teach/learn can be consequences of that health, rather than reactions to the inevitable harms we all face every single day under this humanity/truth/living/diversity-oppressing means we all fall into.

i unfollow the verbally reactionary abused because they harm my healing business.  acts.  that which keeps me busy?  i don’t know.  i talk.  i think.  i tweet and blog.  i make music and videos when the muse bites me.  tickles me.  u know, however.  u got something to say?  say it.  if all your statements are “reality-deniers” of others, enclosing them in preconceived notions or “roles” allowed by your television, i consider u a virus.  i will prevent myself from ingesting more of your harms than i can handle.  don’t get me wrong, i ingest a lot of poison from a wide variety of people.  and yes, faces matter.  numbers matter, to a certain extent.  people who listen to my words get a lot, a lot of leeway.  an extra lot.  i will only block u if every statement u project at/towards me is harmful, and plenty of you are much closer to that than u know.  i know because i have that in me.  and yes, there are people who i can barely speak to without regurgitating some old dramatic script which i can’t seem to control.  past performance is no guarantee of future results, but if you’re still under my skin, the chemicals signals and words u emit affect me.  i don’t know what else to do with this but acknowledge it and remove myself if the pain inflicted is beyond what i can bear.  it’s all relative.  and those people are in addition to this other group to whom i remain connected.  if this is the realm of honest discussions, why are multiple accounts allowed?  one additional account for each person who couldn’t bear your beatings any more, but you retain your love of their ability to kneel in pain before you?  we have said some block-worthy things.  reality-denial is growth-denial is violence is the devil. is in the details.

5:03 pm.  spent the afternoon starring haters.  what?  they say funny things.  they know that they have these scripts.  i have no interest in disconnecting from them, ever, really.  some push their luck, or play the odds or i decide to act with database actions rather than whatever words i can produce.  there comes a time when a friend is so attached to their short-sighted, hateful conception of the world, u must let them go.  if u say that, u must believe this.  if u make me read that, u must think this of me.  i do not want to kneel before u.  i do not want to order u around, but if u strike me in the eyeballs, i will ask u to stop.  if you continue, i may change the room i occupy in order than my eyeballs not be bruised unnecessarily.  there are many intelligent non-harming folk out there.  if u do not wish for me to read your thoughts, fix that.

well, that’s quite a mouthful.  isn’t it? i think we’re hungry.  we have cooking to do.  must get flours also.  indeed.  road trip?  we may check the locals.  ooh, burn some earth in the pre-healed black pope-mobile?  something like that.  keep the faith, sister.  brother.  sibling of gaia.  u learn quickly.  u enjoy properly.  u heal beautifully.



~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-04-19 (Thursday).

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