we still ain’t listened at them bucky lectures, all.  that guy rambles.  you can barely follow his sentences while you’re paying attention.  i can’t see the graphics he’s referring to, either.  someone with a massive fullerene jones will give u a tour.  sumdae

you know it’s going to be a good relationship when the dictator’s log reads like a trial transcript.  everything i do is a signing statement.  co-ownership.  what?  sign company, we got.  we build a food forest tower with lights and information and general usefulness.  people contribute their “wastes” wink, wink, and the system puts them resourceful.  we’re all “free public shitter!” cha ching!  pays out in grape vines.  dandelion berries.  elderbritzens!  that’s not a local berry.  the lower part of the crabby-apple is the old hardy rootstock. top branches we spliced on yummy varieties.  you’ll have to talk to the orchard guru.  everything they put in ma gullet s’liek turbo-water rocket fuel.  clean burnin’, meat parts churnin, bliss is perfect shit and now we’re learnin. skoolin.  same dif. horsa peace. them chixsens like cleaning and reconverting that fruit to meat and eggs. we let them

11:31 amz.  it ceased raining as soon as i got de ‘brella out de trunk.  farmer training.  cost of admission is in-kind donation of space and tools and willingness to tlearn. to lteech.  leach turn?  mostly.  urf.  i here, by command, yousee urself, asthe, starseed planter, wish-dream-granter, sun’s peaking, and what is that flag between the starzy strypess and pow/mia?  ana?  knock that teheckoff.  if u hasn’t personal experience, ur perspective is necessarily loveless.  saint fu&listen/learn/love. love. thanks, love. i love u love. we all love 4 love love.  hmm

i’m sitting a priori the gong.  my avi watches over my shoulder like the public bank of computers.  i have resources within my reach that i choose not to use.  until i have actual human buy-in, this is brain-farts.  pfft.  ew, squeaker.  rank.  kernel.  sighrolls at ur com pewter joekz.  pfft.  butt sarc hastic leigh thiss tiem.:p

where do u go with those phonetic rants?  im tranyeing parentals 2speek err list an2 daykeds.  they kiidz, on tehinside, tew.  and you know this.  and you love it.  and, it loves, you, back. 2front.

to what do you commit?  u want a foul weather fiend?  frend.  friends.  what kinda shallow do i gotta be for the weather to determine whether i love u oar knot? J

11:44 am.  la danse des chasseurs.  heavy rotation.  i can’t claim accident, but i can’t take credit for this kind of beauty.  i bow and scrape before the disked jockkeys whoiz sharey like.  peacefu twang

the sad part about twitter, in the most egotistical voice i can mustard, is that there’s no good way to preserve or go back into the history, other than trying to see how tiny u can make the slider bar.  crash.  it’s a cutting edge database.  it ain’t carved in stone.  good thing, t’wood’nt flyaz fats.  no serreedee don’t.  fast flyers in deed.  lite.  flywait coed.

(56) tweets.  getting’ crashy already. 12:23 pm.  uh

(27) [pastings] 1:19.

love love love,

~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-04-18 (Wednesday).

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