water healer

2:42 pm. goddess.  thank you.  i love you.

i remember being lost in love.  specific events fade, that feeling doesn’t.  snapshots in my head remain.  once we cross that threshold, we are siblings.

so, siblings need time away.  i hold no grudges.  as if.  i shed grudges regularly.  i realize the futility, nay personal self-harm in holding any negative conception of events or relationships between human beings or ideas.

we have time.  we have plenty of time.  these things will happen near instantly at critical mass.  no, none of the ah-ha moments of late have been that.  tv is still going, fast food is still happening.  not only happening, but excused away, excluded from peaceful assimilation.  what?  we unionize/supra-organify everyone there, i doubt even the corporate legal team will want to go up against our legal union.  dictator teaches judicial ju-jitsu to his daughters.  they need it more to tolerate him, but that database parser can turn legalistic roadblocks into amino acids easily digestible by the most sensitive of organic humanoids.  waterbots.  bonebots.  bloodbots.  nervebots.  holy god, you’re advanced technology.  some would even say magic. sum.

i jump on vicious cunts like a ptsd-in-the-making soldier trying to hoard all the schrapnel for his own squishy innards.  i watched m*a*s*h.  i apologize for the visuals, but i feel i was drawn to these corporate/fringe conceptions for a reason.

i don’t have to do much.  the system of all systems needs no micro-manager.  i castrate multi-nationals.  i would like to represent you.  i have presented all of the learning, or i continue to do so, as it presents itself.  fucking hell, you’re beautiful.

so, the thing about a stinky industrial town like this: the contrast.  both as in a photograph (i learnded darkroom in hi-skool, did more that in college) and abe-hicks style (pain, suffering, fear, “bad things”).  ok, it’s like you can’t have a light without a dark to stick it in.  umm, how else do i say this: what prompted it.  oh, right.  i was commuting on my beautiful multi-colored contractor/hobo/dance shoes (gift of the father.  thanks, dad), down ye olde “side walks” installed by a sloppily rule-followed, “just doin’ my job as described” lazy person’s legalese (harsh, yo. u know nothing. i know), and with the expectation of revving self-opposed explosion chambers and an industrial dinosaur, i gasped a lung-full of lilac.  oh, pheromophonic bliss!  oh, beauty in a grain of rice.

on love:  i am madly in love with inanimate objects.  for a long time, i thought i needed to see a person’s face to be in love with them, or to love them for that matter.  such is not the case.  i’ve demanded as much, to see, from people, both directly and indirectly.  i hesitate to apologize for the indirectness, as often as it does occur, for many of its thoughts wouldn’t make it out any other way, or be absorbed as well by polarity responders.  is that what you’re calling the “rude bitches” now?  whatever.  dogs are as cool as people, if not cooler.  we must love something to incorporate it into ourselves, do we not?  indubitably.  how many ways, shapes, and forms must i profess my love of your timeless works?  my dreams are on a timeline.

you have surpassed my criteria.  i have no project plan that will account for the expertise which as shown itself to me.  i sit, jiggling silently, to cosmic sounds swirling about the aether in ever-expanding waves.  i am detox.  your superpowers don’t work around me.  you hide behind nuked nerves, painted pores, and curves padded and patterned by poison and depersonalization.  i see the soul-seed, through the hair you de/un/re-style, or without it.  some of the people i’m in love with uploaded their selves to electronic representations of discarded packaging materials.  i have no idea what “gender” this person was, or is, or whether it ever had one of its own.  follow the maths.  people with faces obscured, odd angles, snippits of truth from who-knows-when.  that might be their kid.  that might be their neighbor’s kid.  i’m pretty sure

fruckitty fry-dae

► ◎▵▿▿▵◎тнℯ ηℯ✖☂ 9 тẘℯε☂ṧ ¢☺ηтα☤η ℘ℯøρłε ї/ωε ʟ☺♥ℯ▣ ﹩☤ßʟḯᾔℊṧ▣ ḟґ☤ℯη∂ṧ▪. go



4:44 pm. posting.  love u all,


~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-04-13 (Friday).

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