found: aye shins

catch that improvement?  i did. that on purpose.  5:30 pm. Waupaca Public Library.  cooked up beans n rice, jarred it up, did all the dishes, and hoofed it biblio-style.  typing eminent.

each time i discover a track like this, i type it out.  pneumatic meat ram.  properly leveraged, indestructible.  leeverage, sars.  we had things to say, no?  carry-on, my wayward. sun sky combo hella lovely this these of late.  daze, love o.d.

she makes me blush, is what it is.  not many people can do that.  i don’t know how i find them, or if they find me, or if the dumb luck of running into one another could be anything other than divinely guided.  in the land of perpetual violence, those who can refer to physical acts/connections/synapses without fear of it, are indeed the gods.  those amplified by poison/war & unfazed by political mood, speak them sharp words.  get to the points.  *zaps 39 separate pressure points on your body with 20 seconds*

how do you see us working together?  it’s not as one another’s slaves.  cooperative efforts, and a wide variety of people working on it.  we are going to learn how to occupy the same spaces, over and over, by optimizing schedule and leveraging number and all types of intelligence.  if you want to be an angel in the shadow corps, keep going.  i get the impression that you begin to get the idea of advancing your own policies, and requiring strict adherence.  you are your system.  how does it integrate into mine?  individual mention makes me happy.  so does thinly veiled combinatory reference.  what’s that?  it’s when you acknowledge me as a sentient entity, and as one who shares tastes/humor with other humans.  good stuff.

global policies are re-written every day.  i re-write mine.  ours.  its.  miinourzits.  love trust waters.  we police these trails as human animals, representatives of the water and soil enriching insects and vermin, large and small.  we recognize the universal need of this understanding, for it is at that level which we must communicate.  upon what task shall we work?  i’m proposing a task, an entity, a process.  for each and every one of you.  how do you see yourself working on it?  from where?  will we increase our contact?  in what ways?  i’m good with your direction.  i need help with recruiting.  if you trust me, you have to show that trust to other people.  if you don’t, please tell me how we can remedy that.  i have a spreadsheet to code.  brb.  5:56 pm.

╚╬╝ these cells could be populated/measured by a pocket computer app.  why do we need to know this stuff?  do you want to help on future projects?  this data could save hundreds of hours of prep work.  the percentages it can be used to determine are more important, perhaps.  the devil’s in the details, really.  always has been, always will be.  the maps could be computer generated.  3d helps for planning purposes.  all these things are resources.  sun exposure, noise, notification, scheduling, use.  if i’m doing something away from my primary living structure and my items can be secured away, i have no problem with allowing other participants to use that space for whatever is needed.  from a last-minute nap to a quick change of clothes.  as long as i get to meet anyone who might want to use the space in person, as much ahead of time as is feasible.  once trusted, or allowed into the space, cooking/cleaning responsibilities will be allocated by proportion.  all will be instructed via db, and flagged/completed by the most natural party.  in a family home, by need, capability or tradition.  in a common home, more likely by business sub-contract.  we install lockable, wheeled desk/linen/storage and murphy beds wherever possible.  we hold meetings in sleeping rooms occupied by attendees parked within minutes after participants leave for scheduled tasks.  we hold healing sessions in the closest, most comfortable/healing environment possible.

to actually share, one must make that which they are sharing actually shared.  because we’re (most of us, anyway) addicted to acting like drama-addicted tv viewers, loudly demanding statistics from people is viewed as an acceptable means of social interaction.  i disagree.  i think we can learn a vast number of things about one another simply by allowing others into our spaces.  i have always felt a much greater empathy towards every human being who has allowed me into their living space, or immediately upon meeting other members of their family/friend circles.  to think of one another as human, we must see at least the existence of variables within each of us.  once you see these things merely as switches, as easy as on/off, we can coordinate who we encounter and why, in a healthy way.  i have no interest in pitting you against your neighbor.  when you tell me you bested your “friend,” i feel sad for the planet.

example house:

3 stories.  1st floor: non-certified kitchen, 2 sleep rooms, 1 bath. 2nd floor: non-certified kitchen, 1 sleep room, 1 common room, 1 foyer, 1 porch.  3rd floor: half-bath, 4 sleep rooms.

ok.  notifications now being served.



~ by LazyAssWasteoid on 2012-04-11 (Wednesday).

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