me nest

meanest?  hard lee.  umm.  know.  fuck. lol.  4:36 pm [friday]

larger space, less optimized. different video streams accessible.  preferably muted, as you do.

ellen had the pie fucker.  now common is rapping in reddish pants and an off-white cardigan.  hugs.  people love the timequakes they can rememberize fondly, eh.  warm fuzzies again, huh.  yessiree.  typing from mom’s living room.  tv is evil.  it has poisoned my mother and keeps her locked in her poisoned useless religions.  she participates in this same farce, with elaine from sinefeld n wanda sykes.  poor people get the tv stuffs from a few years ago.  if they pay close attention, or money, they will be allowed to see the cutting edge, less censorated (slightedly). american tv is too many disappointed faces at each other.  this video series about employment law explains it well.  each of us is acting like a fucktard dictator fascist when we act like a bank.  it’s trained.  it’s re-acted.  i see you people do it all the time.  your animal instincts show themselves, too.  your facial expressions show how childish and godlike you really are, but your words sound like a dead lawyer forever sentenced to walk their former realm haunting everyone, possessing them and forcing them to speak its mean ol’ words.  werd. z

o’lookie hay, i’m still a writer.

sum thymez.

friends! is always on around here, it seems.  i would work with anyone on this cast.  seriously.  they play sociopaths for the man very talentedly.  they also pretty to look at.  especially misses.  all.  and they all have cruel, unnecessarily judgemental assertive sides, too.  ah, such is the gender unbalance.  i feel madly in love with courtney cox while i watched this in syndication, a dozen years ago.  poor lady.  or is she?  millions of people have watched her work.  that adds to one’s gravity.  do i have any of that?  i had some, but i gave it away.  give it away, now.  awkward children realizing how perfect they are for each other.  selfadmission is the first step.

there was a scene earlier between the daughter of married w’children and [jennifer esposito].  whoa.  way cute.  i like what’s in front of me.  really?  you don’t think there’s more datables in this empire beauty schools ad? ( the oxy-clean gots themelves a clear washy machine.  whoa.

i like rachel n joey.  porn idea: them.  i’d shave my head for a part in a flick, and i like short girls named jenny.  jennifer.  lady, you’re beautiful.

local weather is now a dude standing in front of a big fucking tv, just like you’re likely watching.  subway meta.  industrial steak terrifies me.  outback is owned by a huge republican contributor.  thawfice is nutty.  ray forces flip.  brb.

c-span gots Islamist Political Parties & Governing: Political Transition & Economic Challenges.  what a crock.  a lot of these people are forced to talk like a bank, and it makes them stupid, hollow, and dead.  like a bank.

i paid $9.99/lb for a 2-lb bag of cashew pieces.  i get the impression that that lady puts her thumb on the scale every time.  i put my backpack up on the counter to load up my three small bags (of yogurt pretzels, dried figs, and cashews).  she eyed [my bag] like an over-protective father (read, dismissive, sexist, ~evil), so i said, “checking out my branding?” she looked more closely, and pointed to the pierson shield.  i explained it.  she nodded.

“next > bullying in u.s. schools 7:20 pm et”

listening to this fellow nowthis should be watched by all, as well.

now watching the symptsums goes@ neww yorkels.  homer road raging, the betty forrd musical.  “checkin’ in”  lol.  homer gets biohazard splattered on his face.  i laughs.  ol bleu eyez sings ny,ny.  f.i.kin maykit dare, eye ken maickett an he-ware.  it’sup2u nuYrok, new youuuuurrrk!

9:31 pm. truck stop.  i guess we’re continuing the last entry.  i don’t seem to remember any objectionables in here.  few pages.  i can edit that.  fuck the facts is playing me along.  tea steeping.  lemon.  i wonder what i have in my bag.

member/owner/worker contracts (random un-tagged/sorted legalese):

land is valued by use, square footage, what else?  coverings?  insulation?  for certain times of year, that will definitely matter.

large-scale.  what do i need?  small.  tiny scale.  few hours here and there.  why would the amount of time change the equation?  if you have no interest in participating, the numbers will stay small.  otherwise, these things will be determined by percentage, no?

meaning?  meaning everyone gets paid in vegetables.  we better start with that.

cash only comes into the coop in as much as we require it for operation.  upon optimization, this should be minimal, no?  what?  property payments not already covered, healthful food and fuel.

i’m not much of a contract writer any more, am i?  not really.  i the undersigned.  un-designed.  [under-sign-ified, wuzzn’t shai’d]

this shall be a month-to-month contract.

3-car garage terms:

owner actions/responsibilities: turn on electricity, keep bill-paid/account in good standing, provide enough labor/projects, in writing, to ensure continuous flow of electricity, as long as required.

projects and designs shall be determined prior to contract.  landlord will abide by pre-arranged schedule and give requisite 24-hour notice before stepping foot on the property.

tenant actions/responsibilities:  complete tasks/repairs/projects, log hours.  if 10 hours are not completed within the first week, landlord may request cash.

what do you want, to not have to worry about it, or to have a place where you can get away from your family and employees and boss another poor person around?  that’s not happening.  this is not happening at all.  sure it is, this is boilerplate material. ugh, fine.

i __________________________ do enter into this membership agreement in full understanding/agreement to the terms of this contract.

fries forthcoming. 9:50 pm.

what it means to enter into this contract:

skyscaper permaculture (sp) is a survival cooperative.  this concept has not existed, that i have found, exactly as i imagine it will evolve here.  the idea is a mixture between a worker’s union and a tool library.  real property (estates, land) shall be logged and categorized in an online database, along with potential uses.  permanently held land will be farmed rather intensively, by many’s standards.  1) how else is it going to feed us and 2) excess food can be sold for cash, traded for labor, or composted right back into the richness of future generations.  when the ecosystem flourishes, we will flourish.

the database will have a variety of interacting modules.  projects shall be approved via consensus.  materials shall be shared.

how hours are allocated is going to be a combination of need, rating, and availability.  as most of our hours will be “redeemable” for rent, food, and eventually fuel/power, there may not be a lot of cash available upfront.  this means the most likely workers will be hungry, non-homeowners.  anyone paying rent now could better spend that rent money building cooperative equity, or quit their job (not recommended) and work off the debit.  [the plan/idea is to get {everyone} out from under debt, not to accumulate more of it]

the house communications/audit software will include one’s up-to-date hourly contribution and equity in the co-op.  this will constantly be in flux.  as workers draw food and rents, or as seasons demand, there will be conceivably less to do.  the art stores will also be in constant flux.  during slow growing times, when there aren’t repairs or maintenance to learn, permaculture projects to do, meals to cook or kids to watch/supervise, we can produce whatever kind of art we see fit.  the worth of art is the cost of production ($10/hr per person, plus expenses) if or until it sells (for cash) for a total which is more than that,  then, it becomes a cash-contribution, in whatever agreed percentage amongst the participants.  hours/in-kind default to tracking as hours.

it looked like the girl outside was talking to the reflection of a guy in here.  ghostly.

i don’t have more writing, huh.  project plan list?  paste it into excel once it’s ordered.  then we can add responsibilities.

erv (electric recreational vehicle), the half-grid permaculture kitchen/workstation

final vehicle will be an electric pick-up truck with integrated tool-boxes, attachments, and outlets.  the primary powerplant [multi-fuel (lp, kerosene?, gas) wankel/rotary] of the vehicle will drive an air/fuel compressor, a water pump, a pto (various swappable rotational-energy-leveraging tools, from a street-sweeping brush to farm harvest implements) and a supplemental electric generator.  energy storage will be a modular combination of traditional lead acid batteries, capacitors integrated into the frame, or other energy-storage devices (other batteries, flywheel, counter-weight lifted into a tree/silo, etc.).

i’m much more tired than i anticipated.  it’s 10:38 pm.  fox news is on.  finely coiffed assholes are reading scripts about what “the media” is doing.  as if they’re not.  misrespresenting facts.  why, these people only ever talk about the wars they wage.  i sound like a broken record, don’t i.  yup.

packing up already?  i guess, not quite yet.

there are pre-existing living spaces, but none will let them go without cash.  are you so sure?  we have to bring this to the local representatives of the banks.  these people are no different in their calculations that average Americans.  but, they own far more property, and they know how difficult it is to get cash money from them.  we’re going to have to do cash crops in addition to the home gardens.  we’re not going to start tilling land that wasn’t tilled before.  permaculture process.

i’m leaving.  see ya.  10:50 pm. / monday late follow-up.

erv features

  • water/air out, temp-controlled, front and rear
  • wifi sniffer/rebroadcaster
  • on-board computers (solar/pump/kitchen/water/air management)
  • removable/trailerable, self-leveling living quarters
  • solar/human-powered electric farm vehicle

i am hungry.  must eat.  i have most of the materials necessary for all of them.  the space is still red-taped up in com-mittee.  within the skulls of those who read these words.

think at me, humans.

i look forward to doing business with you,


p.s. i am hopelessly addicted to this girl/song/mix. & loving it

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